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  • Name: Svetlana Svetikova ( Svetlana Svetikova )
  • Date of birth: 24 November 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: singer, actress
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Svetlana Svetikova: biography

    Biography Svetlana Holiday is closely connected with the Russian capital. Born Svetikova Svetlana Andreevna in the family of an engineer and a vocalist. Andrey, the father of Svetlana, changed his occupation and engaged in laying of Florentine mosaic. Mother, Maria Vladimirovna, to the birth of children was a singer, and then applied our skills in kindergarten, where he listed musician. Svetlana has a younger sister Natasha.

    Secondary education of Light received at school with profound studying of German language № 1269 until the eighth grade. Then moved to another school № 1113 with emphasis on musical direction and choreography. First vocal manifested at the age of four. Parents led maaliskuu Svetlana Svetikova in the group «the Cartoon» where she, along with the other children participated in theatrical productions. The debut release on theater stage took place in performances of «the Nutcracker» and «the Zoo.»

    In 6 years, Svetlana Svetikova has become a sports complex, where he was engaged in choreography. To 8 years the young actress has enlisted in the command structure of the Moscow children’s variety theatre, which pushed the girl to go for it. Mentor teenage team was St. Ovsyannikov. The walls of this theatre Svetikova repeatedly appeared on the scene in the room with a musical twist. Soon she has performed soloist in the pop musical group «the Band Papa Carlo», which not only toured the cities of his native country, but also in Germany, Ukraine.

    In addition to performances, the group created their version of the world famous rock bands, which in the end has recorded the album «Live in Rock». To 12 years a restless Svetlana Svetikova actively participated in vocal competitions. In 15 years won the «Crystal slipper», which aired on ORT channel. The prize winner has provided a certificate of training in Miami, USA.

    Musicals and songs

    Career did not give the girl the opportunity to get a profession. Rich creative biography Svetlana Svetikovoy always put the actress facing a dilemma: to learn or perform. In the States the singer never went, because I heard about a casting for the musical «Metro». Soon the Light was approved for the role of the orphanage girls, who ran away in search of a better life. Introduced in 1999 the musical was marked by success and brought its members new career opportunities.

    Another victim in favor of another musical touched on further education. This time Svetlana Svetikova has neglected the music faculty at the pedagogical Institute, and gave preference to the musical «Notre Dame de Paris», where she played the role of Esmeralda. Musical performance has gained immense popularity among the viewers.

    In 2003, Svetlana Svetikova appeared among the participants of the 3rd season of «American idol», where he took 4th place. Television project on the First channel has brought participants the love and support of millions of viewers. Career continued cooperation with «Musical Trade Company».

    In the productions of world classics Svetikova predominantly played a major role. One of the most striking performances was a show in the format of a rock Opera, where Svetlana played the role of Theresa in resolutions

  • ke «the Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta.» The year 2003 was marked not only by participation in the reality show, but also complements the filmography of the actress of serial film «Three against all-2». Followed by a series of different genres of films, including «Happy together», «new year SMS-ka», «gloss», and the interactive format of the series «Dreams of Alice» — here Holiday had to play a character, she starred in the role of herself, as well as other participants. Debut experience in the dubbing of the film was reflected in the animated production of «the little Mermaid».

    Also a fruitful year 2003 was marked by the participation and victory in the TV project «Fort Boyard». Svetikova played with the team from the musical «Notre Dame de Paris». Officers had to pass physical and mental tests. The discipline, team spirit, physical education and logical thinking has led colleagues to the scene to win.

    In 2005, before the Holiday there was a choice: the main role in the movie «not gonna get Us» or the sequel to the pop Department GITIS in which she joined shortly before. And again creative soul decided not to miss the chance for professional growth, even for higher education.

    Svetlana actively participated in the recording of soundtracks, including «Kamenskaya», «birthday Alisy». and a Year later starred in a filmed show «the Last hero», where he won 3rd place. In 2004-2005 together with Andrei Malakhov led the «Golden gramophone». Went numerous proposals for participation in the projects of entertainment and sports. Svetlana Svetikova noted in the «Heart of Africa», «Big races», and «dancing with the stars» were paired with Borovym. After the dance show appeared in TV project «Ice and flame».

    Svetlana Svetikova is actively involved in the advertising campaigns of cosmetic products, singing in duet with international stars, will present a staged photo and photo-novels, gives concerts, plays, films and musicals.

    Despite the active creative work, the singer has not released any of the author’s disk. Debut single «Not alone» was distributed to everyone, however, was not included in the number of albums for distribution for commercial purposes.

    In 2015, Svetlana Svetikova participated in the popular show «one to One».

    In 2016 Svetikova took part in the fourth season of the show «one to One. Battle of the seasons» where he was invited to the best parties out of all 3 editions.

    Personal life

    Personal life Svetlana Svetikovoy first became known to fans and the press, when it became known about her affair with Andrei Chadov. They met in 2005. The mutual sympathy was not a love at first sight, but the force of attraction pursued Svetikova and Chadova. They did not want to take their relationship on the show, but it turned out that they were invited to the same events, and it was difficult to resist the temptation to spend the evening in the company of each other.

    The growing sense escalated into the insane love which it was difficult to hide. Svetikova Chadov and no longer hid herself from the press and friends and began to live a civil marriage. Soon the love was literally strangle each of them. Svetlana a lot of time was dedicated careers that were oppressed of Andrew. After five years of a rift as a result, Andrey Chadov and Svetlana Svetikova broke up.

    In 2013 Svetikova presented to the public common – law husband skater Alexei Polishchuk, which is October 12 gave birth to her son Milan. Note that the man Holiday is known in Russia for figure skater-acrobat.


    • «Three against all — 2»
    • «Give me happiness»
    • «Not gonna get us»
    • «Gloss»
    • «Dreams Of Alice»
    • «Love — not show business»
    • «The photographer»
    • «Happy together»
    • «Operation Righteous»
    • «Christmas Smska»


    Svetlana Svetikova

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