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  • Name: Svetlana Surganova ( Svetlana Surganova )
  • Date of birth: 14 November 1968.
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: musician, singer, songwriter
  • Marital status: not married

    Svetlana Surganova: biography

    Surganova Svetlana Yakovlevna — Russian musician, singer, songwriter, violinist and former soloist of the musical group «Night snipers». He is currently the leader of the group «Surganova and Orchestra».

    Talented rock star was born in the cultural capital of Russia in 1968. After the birth of Svetlana her biological mother abandoned. A girl of 3 years was born and brought up in the orphanage until she was adopted. About her birth parents she knows nothing. Foster mother Amy was the candidate of biological Sciences Leah librarian Surganova.

    From childhood she was an unusual girl, and showed an interest in music. In school he had enrolled in a music school, where he studied singing and learned to play the violin. Since then it has already started to write his compositions.

    Surganova graduated from the local secondary school No. 163, entered at Pediatric Academy of St. Petersburg. But in the end he realized that he wanted to connect his life with medicine and with music.


    Music is an important part of the life of Svetlana Surganova. For fourteen years she was writing songs. The songs of this period include «Rain», «Music», «22 hours of separation», «Time».

    The first musical group «Kamerton» — Light created, being a student of ninth class. This group lasted only a few months. Soon she gathered a second musical group, called «the League». The band lasted a little longer first, and also participated in various musical contests and festivals of St. Petersburg.

    A more serious period in the work of the singer began after meeting a talented musician and teacher Peter Malachowski. Then the Light dissolved the «League» to create a new group «Something else». The group performed their own songs, and sometimes poems by various classic and contemporary poets. The team has given recitals and participated in festivals, concerts and promotions. Studio albums «Something else» is not recorded, the existence of the group say recording from the concerts, which were merged in the collections of «Lights» and «Walking on sidewalks».

    The real popularity came to Svetlana Surganova in 1993, when she and Diana have created the group «Night snipers». Svetlana was a vocalist and violinist. She took part in recording such albums as «a Drop of tar in a barrel of honey», «British Diamond», «sophomoric», «Canary», «Live», «Frontier», «Tsunami». A song by the rock group played on many Russian radio stations, the group has toured in many cities of the CIS. Despite the huge success, 17 Dec 2002 Surganova left the rock group «Night snipers». Most likely, the reason for this decision was the misunderstandings in a love relationship between the participants.

    A few months Svetlana along with guitarist Valery Them performed with various acoustic concerts. In April 2003, she created the group «Surganova and Orchestra», which became the leader. The group has a albums: «Is not I», «Ships», «World», «Chopin Lover», «Salt», «See you soon», «hopscotch».

    In spring 2009, Surganova has released the concert film «is time-Tested. Part I: the Perpetual motion».

    Personal life

    Surganova has never admitted being a bisexual. She often advocates for the protection of the rights of lesbians and gays.

    Recently it became known that the singer is Dating a young man named Nikita, Mezhevich. He’s younger than her by almost twenty years, but it does not bother the lovers. The guy is the keyboardist of the band Surganova. Rumor has it that the couple plan to legalize the relationship. In a recent interview, she admitted that she dreams to have children.

    At the age of 27 years Svetlana Surganova began to experience acute abdominal pain. The fear of hearing that something was wrong were forced to postpone the visit to the doctor. Two years later, when the health of the singer has sharply worsened, she underwent surgery and was diagnosed with cancer of the bowel the second stage. It got infected — had to do a second surgery. The disease was very painful and Surganova chained to the bed for a long time. She said that while preparing for death, helping family. In 2005, she made a last operation, after which she became better. The singer has managed to overcome the terrible disease.

    Today, it looks great, does not use makeup, leads a healthy lifestyle: do not smoke, and has been a special Tibetan gymnastics.


    • «Is not I»
    • «Around the world»
    • «Hopscotch»
    • «Salt»
    • «Ships»
    • «See you soon»
    • «Others as their»
    • «Live»


    Svetlana Surganova

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