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  • Name: Svetlana Starikov ( Svetlana Starikova )
  • Date of birth: 15 December 1944.
  • Age: 72 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress of cinema and dubbing
  • Marital status: married

    Svetlana Starikov: biography

    Svetlana Starikov was born a year before the end of the great Patriotic war, in 1944, in Moscow. Her family survived all the hardships of war, but the girl grew a cheerful child. From childhood, she read a lot, loved to perform in school performances. In 1962, the young girl just graduating from school, enrolled in VGIK on the course to Yuri Pobedonostsev, a student of Sergei Gerasimov.

    Svetlana Starikov
    Svetlana Starikov

    Despite the fact that the Director had already a specific name among the filmmakers, the leadership of the Institute fired him for his scandalous escapade. The course, which were Gobzeva Olga, Oleg vidov, Alexander Yanvarev, Tamara Sovchi, moved to another master — Jacob Seguela, also a student of Sergei Gerasimov. But the Director soon was unlucky — he had an accident on the road and was badly damaged.

    Svetlana Starikov in his youth
    Svetlana Starikov in his youth | Kinodir

    The third and last master of the course was Boris Babochkin, the famous actor of the era who created movie image Chapaev. But despite such difficulties in learning, many students of the stream later became a popular film actors.

    First job in film

    Debut Svetlana Starikova in the domestic film industry was the film «Big and little» 1963 of release, where the actress had a cameo role. And the first significant painting by Svetlana Ivanovna began work in the film Marlena hutsieva «I am twenty years old» about the relationship between young people from different backgrounds.

    Svetlana Starikova in the film
    Svetlana Starikova in the film «I’m twenty years old» | Cinema-Theatre

    Together with Svetlana Starikova in the filming of the movie took part Svetlana Svetlichnaya, Oleg vidov, Nikolai Gubenko, Marianne Vertinskaya. A young student always looked younger than his years, evidenced by numerous photos. Due to this, she has always offered the role of young charming ladies.

    Best role

    After graduation, in the late 60’s actress receives a tempting offer from Director Mikhail Schweitzer to play in his film «the Golden calf» a young Komsomol member, Zosia Sinitsky, and fell in love with Bender. Svetlana gladly accepted this role, which later became her trademark. And in the eyes of moviegoers, it remained the best embodiment of the image of the young Communists of the time of the birth of Soviet society. In ‘ 68, was the one actress in the film Eldar Ryazanov «Zigzag luck» where she played an employee of teleatele.

    Svetlana Starikova in the film
    Svetlana Starikova in the movie «the Golden calf» | Movie-Theater

    In total the actress Svetlana Starikov’s career played a little less than 40 movies. The best works of the 70’s steel roles in the cult films of the era «You is Taimyr» and «Big break» directed by Aleksei Korenev, and «Gentlemen of fortune» by Alexander Gray. At the end of the Brezhnev era actress invites Danelia in his legendary painting «Mimino,» in which she played a cameo role of a flight attendant.

    A change of profession

    The eighties was marked by an event film career of the actress. In the latter era of the Soviet state Svetlana Starikov has only played in five films as an actress. To continue working in the film came about by accident. The artist met his classmate, Tamara Sauce, which by that time was Director of the Studio dubbing.

    Svetlana Starikova in the film
    Svetlana Starikova in the film «No room for error» | Movie-Theater

    Tamara suggested Starikova to try new things. Unexpectedly related profession was to bring joy and creativity the implementation of the already-forgotten actress. Fully she was able to realize themselves, remaining behind the scenes.

    Svetlana Starikova in the film
    Svetlana Starikova in the movie «You is Taimyr» | Movie-Theater

    To date, more than 300 characters of foreign and domestic films speak with the voice of Svetlana Ivanovna. The range of his works is wide: TV series, foreign, widescreen movies, advertising and television announcements. The most known films in which she participated as an actress of dubbing, became the series «Miss Marple» and the trilogy «the Matrix». At last she voiced the character of Gloria foster, the Oracle.

    Personal life

    Now the actress continues to work in the Studio sound, it lives in Moscow. Information about the biography and family of actress Svetlana Ivanovna Starikova quite stingy. Artist all my life preferred not to advertise in society and their personal lives. About her husband and children only know friends and family Svetlana Ivanovna.

    Filmography Of Svetlana Starikova

    • 1963 — Large and small
    • 1964 — I’m twenty years old
    • 1965 — Time, forward!
    • 1968 — the Golden calf
    • 1968 the Zigzag of success
    • 1969 — I am his bride
    • 1970 — You cause the Taimyr
    • 1971 — Rode the tram Ilf and Petrov
    • 1971 — Gentlemen of fortune
    • 1972 — Big change
    • 1973 — Mountain name
    • 1975 — No room for error
    • 1982 — take care of the men!
    • 1986 — was not was


    Svetlana Starikov

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