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  • Name: Svetlana Sorokina ( Svetlana Sorokina )
  • Date of birth: 15 January 1957
  • Age: 60 years
  • Place of birth: Pushkin
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: a Russian journalist, member of the Russian television Academy
  • Marital status: divorced

    Svetlana Sorokina : biography

    For many young journalists Svetlana Sorokina I. – the standard of journalistic professionalism and integrity. In 2013 she was awarded the symbolic 10th level of journalistic toughness. She has a lot of awards, including most valuable Sorokin calls national recognition.

    Svetlana Sorokina (real name Surikova) was born in January 1957 in Pushkin, Leningrad region. Her parents were intelligent workers. Dad worked as a Builder, and her mother taught history in school. The family was dominated by the cult of education. The parents wanted the daughter grew up deeply erudite and intelligent person. She tried to match those dreams. It is well studied and graduated from school with a gold medal. To higher education she decided not leaving their hometown. Enrolled in a Forestry Academy, choosing landscape architecture.

    Habit everything she does, to do well, he said, and while training at the Academy. Svetlana Sorokina, one of the most successful students of the University, offered to enroll in graduate school.

    The idea of journalism came to her when she, like many students, worked as a tour guide. Showing tourists the local sights, which Pushkin had many, Svetlana noticed how carefully people listen to her. It was impossible to tell about all interesting and informative. Perhaps then Sorokina «Wake up» the journalist.

    All of a sudden Svetlana becomes a student at a special Studio speakers, created at the Leningrad television.


    A year later Svetlana Sorokina debuted on television. It took a freelance employee of the analytical program «Telecourier». Was 1 year, and in 1987 the existence of a talented journalist said Alexander Nevzorov. At his personal invitation Sorokin moved to the gaining popularity of the project Nevzorov «600 seconds».

    This program, according to Svetlana Innokentievna, was a real school of journalism. Here it is quickly becoming a true professional and gets their own handwriting. Sorokina had to cover the criminal chronicle, so she was constantly at the forefront of events, learn to respond quickly and appropriately.

    Soon Svetlana Sorokina becomes the main host of «600 seconds». This program remembers the average generation of the domestic spectators. When the transmission broadcast that was delayed all the cases. Stories and reports Sorokina and Nevzorov watched with bated breath and eyes wide open.

    Not surprisingly, in 1990, Svetlana Sorokin was invited to Moscow. She entrusted an important transmission, which was considered a symbol RTR – «Vesti». And journalist led her masterfully. After a few Sorokina managed so brilliantly to keep the attention of the audience. It is noteworthy that the S. I. not only led but also was the direct Creator of the project, developing it issues from «A» to «z».

    And the leading political columnist Sorokina worked until 1997. It was the peak of popularity of the journalist. She received the order «For personal courage» after the events of 1993. And in the Bank Svetlana Sorokina appeared figurine taffy.

    In 1997, a famous television journalist goes to «NTV». Here she becomes the Creator and host of a popular and poignant projects «hero of the day» and «the voice of the people». These programs immediately become top-rated.

    During this period Svetlana Sorokin made his debut as a documentary filmmaker. Her designs, released from 1997 to 2006 years, are in great interest. For the first time in many years and even decades, the cloak of secrecy began to slip from power. The people saw it, and not the representatives of the monumental statues, and ordinary beings of flesh and blood. Documentary Sorokina «Yeltsin’s Heart», told about the operation, which moved Boris Yeltsin. The film is «Purely Russian murder» opened the motives of the murder of Galina Starovoitova, and the tape «the First lady» told about the life of Raisa Maksimovna Gorbacheva.

    When the projects Svetlana Sorokina and already a significant number of awards has doubled. But sharp criticism of the government, which allows himself a well-known journalist, does not go unnoticed. In 2003 Svetlana I. started the talk show «the Basic instinct». But the program was soon closed.

    In 2005, Sorokin goes from TV on the radio «Echo of Moscow», where he leads the program «circle of light». Soon there is the TV version of this transfer on the channel «Home». But to go only managed 4 issues. In the past sharply criticized the Russian judicial system.

    In 2009, Svetlana Sorokina was appointed a member of the Council on human rights under the President of the Russian Federation. But in 2011, Svetlana I. leaves office. In this way she protested against the mass falsification of results of elections to the State Duma.

    Today Svetlana Sorokina working on a new series, and has lectured at the faculty of media communications of the Metropolitan Higher school of Economics.

    Personal life

    Svetlana Sorokina is the category of people who «burn» at work. Trying to do everything that they undertake, at its best, they devote their work themselves without reserve.

    Personal life Svetlana Sorokina is two marriages. Both ended pretty quickly. About the first wife of the journalist do not know anything, but it was his name she left.

    With her second husband – cameraman Vladimir Grechishkin came short family happiness and idyll. But TV did not gave the couple time for the two, taking away all forces. The couple broke up.

    In recent years, when the former intensity and employment did not, Svetlana Sorokina think about the family. In 2003, her life had an adopted daughter Antonina, the native people, which warmed the life of a wonderful woman with a warm light. Tonya Svetlana I. was taken from the orphanage and was able to replace her real mother.


    • «Yeltsin’s Heart»
    • «Purely Russian murder»
    • «Congress of losers?»
    • «First First lady»
    • «Shine and poverty of Gokhran»
    • «Victory. One for all»
    • «Not lifted a virgin»
    • «The Swan»
    • «Amber Ghost»
    • «Russian prisoner»


    Svetlana Sorokina

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