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  • Name: Ryabova Svetlana ( Svetlana Ryabova )
  • Date of birth: 27 March 1961
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actress of theatre and cinema, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Svetlana Ryabova: biography

    Svetlana Ryabova is a Russian actress of theatre and cinema, people’s artist of Russia. She became famous thanks to such films as «My husband — the alien», «You have only one,» «do Not want to get married!», «Do not go, maids, in marriage», and many others.

    Svetlana was born and raised in the Belarusian capital Minsk. In elementary school a girl told classmates, teachers and parents that wants to become an actress. But in adolescence Light beginning to embarrass her a few tight figure, which could interfere with the exercise plan. Therefore, Ryabov was always on a diet, refused sweets in the morning and went on a daily run.

    After school she goes to Minsk theater Institute where she was responsible for only one course. At the insistence of his teachers, who saw in his student a great potential, Svetlana Ryabova goes to Moscow and tries to get into one of the capital’s universities. An interesting entrant drew the attention of the two educational establishments, Theatre school named after Boris Shchukin, and the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre. The girl chose the «Pike» and studied in the Studio of the honoured art worker of albert Burov all 5 years.

    After graduation the young actress gets to the troupe of Theatre of satire, which is still. The repertoire Svetlana mostly classical performances — «School for scandal», «the taming of the shrew», «Inspector», and many others. Says the artist, the work and classic works leaves a sense of belonging with Art with a capital letter.


    In the frame of Svetlana first appeared in 1983 in the television movie «Fathers and children». It was a small role Baubles, but after that, the actress noticed and began to offer cooperation. During the 80-ies she starred in 17 films which include the drama production «Wild hops» musical «do Not go, maids, in marriage», the melodrama «Two on the Isle of tears» and the Comedy «My husband – the alien».

    Almost from the very first works once and for all established roles Ryabova. Her heroines are always romantic and strong-willed are in search of love and willing to fight for their feelings.

    The most successful career of the actress there was a period in the early 90-ies. She starred in the melodramatic film «You at me one» sensual stories «the Desire of love», the historical drama «Summer people» and Comedy «We’re still funny.» Proved very popular and another comic strip – «don’t wanna get married!», in which Svetlana the role of milicionershi that has from birth a giant nose. The heroine meets a plastic surgeon who changes her appearance and then falls in love with her, like the Greek sculptor Pygmalion created the statue of Galatea.

    Svetlana Ryabova almost did not stop his career. Later, the audience could watch your favorite actress in the crime drama «Law,» the music series «Theatre of a merchant Epishkina», war drama, «Attention, Moscow speaking», the Comedy «We’re happy, my precious», the melodrama «the Right to Hope». While that last picture of the actress was another melodrama «forget-me-nots», released in 2013.

    Personal life

    After arriving in Moscow, Svetlana Ryabova was always surrounded by male attention. But she always was very serious about romantic relationships, so avoided close acquaintances, if not they felt that they could grow into something more than just a date or flirtation.

    She was looking for a great love once and for all and were able to realize that desire. In the mid-90s. got married. Her partner has his own business, but the spouse’s name is Svetlana Leonidovna still keeps in a strict secret.

    At 34, the actress gave birth to their first child – a daughter Alexandra, which in three years got a sister Catherine. The family lives very amicably, perhaps due to the fact that she is an incorrigible optimist. Her favorite phrase: «Do what you must, come what may.» Ryabova sincerely believes that everything that happens to us is only for the better.


    • 1984 — Parting
    • 1985 — Wild hops
    • 1986 — Two on the island of tears
    • 1989 — My husband — an alien
    • 1993 — don’t want to get married!
    • 1993 — You have only one
    • 1993 — Thy will, o Lord!
    • 2002 — Law
    • 2008 — the Right to Hope
    • 2013 — me-nots


    Svetlana Ryabova

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