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  • Name: Svetlana Loboda ( Loboda )
  • Date of birth: 18 October 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: singer, fashion designer
  • Marital status: not married

    Svetlana Loboda biography

    One of the most distinctive stars of domestic show-business Svetlana Loboda was born in Kyiv on 18 October 1982. Passion for music, tells the singer she had in childhood: she constantly spoke to family and guests and family at a young age tore ovation.

    Development of musical abilities of girls was stimulated by the efforts of both parents and grandparents, in years past — an Opera singer. Lyudmila Loboda was really hoping her gifted granddaughter will be able to reach the heights, from which for the sake of the family declined a promising performer. She explained a little Light to continue his studies in the school of music even when it became boring.

    From the entire spectrum of educational institutions, where he taught vocal and stage skills, Loboda decided to Pop-circus Academy with jazz vocals. Svetlana quickly recognized the simple training too boring and in my first year joined the musical group «Cappuccino», which was led by Viktor Doroshenko.

    The band soon made a name for himself in the Ukrainian show-business, and the girls began touring across the country.After some time, Loboda has realized: it’s not the format that she likes. Singer shy a contract in which she two years was forced to work in «Cappuccino». Svetlana found an eccentric way. For it strongly changes the way and begins to sing in the role of «foreign stars» that never takes off his sunglasses and carefully hides his life on the stage. His «alter-ego» she would call Alicia Gorn. Svetlana gave some dozens of concerts in clubs, before the need to constantly hide beginning to bore him.

    Three days before the onset of 2004 was founded a new band called «the ketch». Loboda she thought over the repertoire, the stage images; she became the lead singer and producer of the group. At one these concerts Light said Konstantin Meladze. And then things flowed with breathtaking speed.

    «VIA Gra»

    Argue with a friend, Svetlana comes to the casting of the next Meladze project, where it passes easily in the top twenty finalists. Then the girls and reported that casting this difficult: we are talking about replacing one of the vocalists of the group «VIA Gra». Light won in this struggle, the first place took the last of Anna Sedokova.

    Life in the group was tense. Later Loboda admits that he felt like a cog in a huge machine. She saw how tired and Vera Brezhneva, Nadezhda Meyher, and understand that is only due to the huge domestic resource. Just a week all the songs are rewritten taking into account her voice, but this efficiency was not a consequence of attention performers, and the «flow» of what is happening, which practically excluded the rest. Loboda had to work within the framework of closer than ever: the terms of the contract were severely restricted as improvisation girls on the stage, and her behaviour in front of cameras.

    The producers grumbled that the Light starts too stand out against other participants. The girl gradually came to the idea that the grip in which it appeared, its too complicated, and so more can not continue. After the filming of the movie musical «Sorochinskaya fair» Loboda in November 2004, decided to leave the band. The producers agree that it would be better for all.

    Solo career

    The daring singer predicted a quick death, however, the expectations of criminals is not true: just a month after the departure of the team Svetlana introduced its first single, «Black and white winter», and later the video for this song, filmed by Alan Badoeva. A year later, goes the song «I’ll forget you», which opens up new facets of lyrical talent Loboda. For this composition of Light wins the first prize: video wins in the Portuguese competition of the best foreign videos.

    In late 2005, released the first album of the singer: «You will not forget.» She finally decided on the image of the performer, not limit ourselves to the pop classics with equal ease and it is erotic, and dramatic, and shocking.

    In 2006 Svetlana tries himself in the role of the presenter: she leads the program «Showmania» to «New channel». A year later in the same role Loboda joined the project «Miss CIS» on TV channel «TET». The singer continues to release singles one by one, and each becomes a hit; Loboda also actively involved in charity by staging an exhibition of his own photographs to help children with cancer.

    Svetlana Loboda represented Ukraine at «Eurovision-2009» in Moscow. It relies on the popular theme of crisis in his memorable and lively look. Unfortunately, the singer was not even in the top ten finalists.

    In 2010, Svetlana registered trademark and stage name LOBODA and under this pseudonym stands today. In 2011 she released her new solo album, some singles which the artist dedicated to his newborn daughter.

    In June 2013, Svetlana Loboda received the title of «Honored artist of Ukraine» — one of the highest proofs of the success of the contractor.

    The next period is a laborious and intense work on new songs, the release of new music videos, and of course work on yourself. As recognized herself Loboda, it is not going to stop there.

    Personal life

    Family boat Loboda crashed in 2014. Svetlana broke up with choreographer Andrei King, which in 2011 gave birth to daughter me, was really exciting. The pair lived in a civil marriage.

    Loboda says he wants to devote himself to the work, sister, parents and the education of her daughter.


    • You won’t forget
    • Black angel
    • Wait, mister
    • F*ck The Macho
    • Not macho
    • Anti-crisis girl


    Svetlana Loboda and Rudi kaehne

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