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  • Name: Svetlana Khorkina ( Svetlana Horkina )
  • Date of birth: 19 January 1979
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Belgorod
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: the Russian gymnast, Olympic champion in exercises on parallel bars
  • Marital status: married

    Svetlana Khorkina: a biography

    Future double world champion, the «Queen of bars» Svetlana Vasilyevna Khorkina born in Belgorod in January 1979. Her parents came from Mordovia. They came to Belgorod to work,but stayed here for a long time. Dad worked as a Builder, my mom got a job in a kindergarten as a nurse.

    Surprisingly, for the future Svetlana affected it is a stranger – roommate. She advised mother to take 4 year old daughter in school sports, advising the gymnastics section. My wife liked the idea, and the little Svetlana began to attend classes regularly. It is noteworthy that the physical qualities Khorkina is not very suitable to practice this sport. As it turned out, she was too tall, but physically weak.

    But coach Boris Pilkin, which led to future sports legend, after all, took Svetlana. He liked hard work and perseverance girls. She could repeat the exercise that it is difficult to give, endlessly. The desired result Khorkina is called, «take down». An indispensable quality in sports and activities.

    Career advancement of young athletes was rapid, except for a small hitch. Some time Svetlana Khorkina did not want to take in the youth team of the USSR, although in her age group she was the best. The athlete from «province» looked down, picking on some small errors in technique. But here Khorkina showed their iron perseverance and soon succeeded: in 1992, she joined the Russian national team in gymnastics.


    Sports biography of Svetlana Khorkina – it’s many victories, which were interspersed unfortunate downs. But they, according to the famous gymnast, was needed. First of all, because it gave invaluable experience and further strengthened the already steely character.

    In 1995, for 2 weeks before the biggest performance in the world Cup in Sabae (Japan), the gymnast jumped badly from uneven bars and injured his back. The pain was so strong that Khorkina was difficult even to walk, not to mention the exercise. After anesthetizing the injection Light was taken to the hospital. There she heard the sentence: she had a serious and long-term treatment. About the world Cup, which Svetlana Khorkina was preparing for many years, doctors have been advised to forget.

    16-year-old athlete took a resolute decision to treat and continue training. The health risk is enormous. But before Svetlana had to withstand the test exercise. If everything goes smoothly – then there will be a trip to Japan.

    Khorkina this whole ordeal is overcome. She managed so to take will in a fist and concentrate on the victory that has overcome more severe pain. And won the world Championship, bringing home several medals. It was her first big win. Just returned from Japan, Svetlana Khorkina, fell ill.

    After recovery, the gymnast continued its rapid ascent to Olympus. Now in the truest sense of the word: in 1996 she went to the Olympics in Atlanta. Here gymnast won gold in the uneven bars and 2nd place in the team competition. Svetlana Khorkina after this brilliant performance was called «Queen of the bars». This kind of exercise was a favorite among gymnasts and always gave her the highest scores.

    It would seem that after the Olympic gold 17-year-old girl may think that you have reached your dream and now will be able to relax and «rest on laurels». At first it did. After returning from Atlanta, Khorkina came to his native Belgorod and went to University, selecting the athletic Department. But very soon the athlete, who used to work hard and continuously to achieve the goal, got bored. She quickly gathered her things and returned to Moscow, at a sports base.

    In 2000, Svetlana Khorkina, the undisputed leader of the Patriotic exercises, went to the Sydney Olympics. At that time she turned 21. The athlete was well-prepared and determined to win. But in Australia she was expecting trouble. For an incorrectly placed projectile gymnast injured knees. The error was corrected, but the rhythm and mood of the athletes was «shot down». However, Svetlana Khorkina managed to reach the end of the competition and keep the title of Olympic champion on the uneven bars. And she decided to go to the next Olympics.

    In 2001, Khorkina became the absolute champion at the world Cup. Now in her Luggage 5 League titles and 2 Olympic. From 1995 to 2001 years, Svetlana has managed to win all the world Championships and Olympic games titles on his favorite apparatus – the uneven bars.

    In 2003, the Russian athlete managed to snatch the victory at the world championship held in Anaheim, and become an absolute champion for the 3rd time. To such a height was not able to take any women.

    The Olympics 2004 in Athens was the third and last for Svetlana. She reached the final in two categories – the all-around and on uneven bars, and was recognized as favorite games. After Athens gymnast announced that it is starting a different life and ends his athletic career.

    In 2007 in his native Belgorod legendary athlete and compatriot was a monument.


    After retiring from the sport, Svetlana Khorkina is not lost. It is quite a successful person. The former gymnast is often invited to take part in the popular television projects. The audience could see her in the show «Circus with stars» and «Dancing with the stars.» And beauty is one of the local athletes who agreed to pose for «Playboy».

    In December 2007, Svetlana Khorkina appears in the political arena: she was elected the Deputy of the State Duma of the 5th convocation. And she is Vice-President of Federation of sports gymnastics. A former athlete believes that in this way continues to help his country.

    In 2014, Khorkina becomes the Ambassador of the Winter Olympics held in Sochi. She continues to be at the forefront and in the spotlight. In February 2016, Svetlana Khorkina, which bears the title of Colonel, by decision of the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation was appointed the first Deputy chief of CSKA.

    Personal life

    In July 2005, Los Angeles Svetlana Khorkina gave birth to her son Svyatoslav. About this event all media. Some time paternity was attributed to the artist Levan Uchaneishvili. The kid got American citizenship. But soon, the press leaked rumors that the kid’s dad may be the husband of actress Vera Glagoleva, a well-known businessman Cyril shubsky. Themselves Khorkina and subsky not comment on these rumors. And patronymic of the boy’s parlor.

    Not so long ago released an autobiography athletes, entitled «Somersaults on high heels», which is not called the name of the businessman who became the father of Svyatoslav. But his name is Cyril – named.

    In 2011, the personal life of Svetlana Khorkina changed: she married Oleg Kochnev, General of the Federal security service.


    Svetlana Khorkina

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