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  • Name: Svetlana Kamynina ( Svetlana Kamynina )
  • Date of birth: 25 January 1979
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Druzhkovka, Donetsk region
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Svetlana Kamynina : biography

    Svetlana S. Kamynina, familiar to all for his role as the doctor Kisegach in many favorite TV series «Interns», was born in January 1979 in Ukraine, in the town of Druzhkivka in Donetsk region. But hometown Svetlana almost did not remember, because the parents moved her to a six-month age in Chelyabinsk, where she grew up.

    Family of Svetlana Kamynina had no points of contact with art. Mother was teacher, father was a banker. And indeed the Light was not very similar to the future actress. The girl was quite overweight, far from vitaniya perfect and very disciplined. She from a young age learned to provide for themselves and went to work. Light Kamynina knew English and earned this knowledge for life teaching children. And she worked as a waitress in a small cafe Chelyabinsk, cleaned the flat glass artist and worked in the newspaper ads.

    At the end of the 9th class of Svetlana Kamynina decided it was time to get in a normal form: she sat on a strict diet, and then much thinner. Then she went on to study at the Moscow banking school under the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and studied quite successfully. This is evidenced by the fact that after the second year of training she was accepted immediately to the third year of the all-Russian correspondence financial and economic University. But Kamynin was a secret childhood dream of becoming an actress. Having worked in a Bank for three boring years, Light decided in 1999 to give the documents to the international Slavic Institute in the acting Department.

    Svetlana Kamynina: movies and theatre

    In high school teachers Kamynina steel Gennady Frolov and Ivan Moskvin-Tarkhanov. Light studied with pleasure, but the student plays an aspiring actress was not playing the main characters as wanted, and their mothers. She was the oldest in her year. After graduating from the Institute, Svetlana long time looking for work. And while looking, worked in a hotel at the reception. For life in Moscow needed a lot of money.

    A cinematic biography of Svetlana Kamynina started in 2004, when the budding artist began to appear in small and often almost invisible small roles. The first job she got in the film «Airport».

    In 2005-2006 Kamynin went on stage of the Moscow youth theater. According to the artist, her first job in the theatre was the role of the hut on chicken legs. Actually, actress and was not visible: only the legs sticking out from under the hut, and voice.

    In 2006, in the biography of Svetlana Kamynina have been some changes. She came into the troupe of the theatre «Practice». At the same time, Kamynina got a small role in the movies. In 2005, a Light flashed in the TV series «Balzac age, or all men are bast…». The actress says that her life from twenty to thirty years there have been as if she not lived, and wrote the draft. At the end of this period Kamynina, so long dreamed of home, or at least a prominent role, the spirit fell, and even plunged into a depression.

    Faith in itself, the actress returned to the role in the «Boomer», where Light has played the character of Lena. Work in the film though was small, but after her Svetlana Kamynin said the Director Alexei Popogrebsky, who picked the cast for his movie «

  • Simple things». Svetlana Kamynina was asked to play Katya Maslova. And she, of course, agreed, although 26 had to portray a very Mature woman. For this work the artist undertook with such zeal and dedication that within a year was nominated for «nick». And still Svetlana Kamynina for most of the audience remained unknown. Directors although often invited her, but it was offers second roles. In 2007, finally came to the bright line. It was a truly global event in the life of the artist. She met the French Director joël Pommerat. He put in Moscow a show called «child». That game Svetlana Kamynina – bright and expressive – made this production memorable. The theater was just «Kamynin». And it was a breakthrough.

    A major victory in the movie was waiting for her ahead. In the summer of 2008 the artist came to the casting of the sitcom «

  • Interns». I must say that the role of Anastasia Konstantinovna Kisegach there were many contenders, and chose Kamynin. This role was originally conceived as a checkpoint and not very noticeable. But was loved by the audience the game is Svetlana, that role has significantly expanded. Now it is difficult to imagine in the place of Anastasia Kisegach someone else. On the set of «Interns» Svetlana Kamynina not only found the long-awaited popularity, but a lot of friends. Outside the set she with pleasure communicates with Vadim Demcom and Ivan Okhlobystin.

    In 2010, joël Pommerat remembered Kamynina, when took place on the stage of the Meyerhold centre your play «Pinocchio». By the way, our French colleagues Kamynin was very surprised that an actress of such invoices for a long time remained unclaimed in the homeland. Svetlana even compared with the famous Fanny Ardant aware of the resemblance and the similarities in style of play.

    2011 brought Svetlana Kamynina role in the film «the Case of Gastronome №1». The actress brilliantly played Zara. In the same year she received the «Golden Rhino» for the game in the «Intern».

    In our days Kamynina continues to work in theatre Practice.

    Svetlana Kamynina: personal life

    Personal life of Svetlana Kamynina — yet unwritten book. The actress is not married, has no children. She says in this regard that similar to Lyudmila Prokofievna Kalugin in «the Service novel». Previously, Svetlana was very worried that one, or even spent a lot of time to fix this situation. But now she has released.

    A great influence on the artist a little journey to India, which dramatically changed her Outlook. On the advice of Vadim Demchog, the artist joined the spiritual practices of the East, meditating and not eating meat.

    Svetlana Kamynina: filmography

    • Airport
    • Balzac age, or all men are bast…
    • Boomer. The second film
    • Simple things
    • Moscow. Central district
    • And the day lasts more than
    • Churchill
    • Interns
    • The deli case number 1
    • Anyutino happiness

    Svetlana Kamynina: photo

    Svetlana Kamynina in childhood with parents

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