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  • Name: Svetlana Ivanova ( Svetlana Ivanova )
  • Date of birth: 26 September 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: theater and film Actress
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Svetlana Ivanova: a biography

    Svetlana Ivanova is a Russian theater and film actress, star of TV series «pregnancy Test», «How I became Russian», «Chesnochnitsy» and many others. In addition, in recent years, Ivanov has become one of the leading Actresses of the theater «Contemporary».

    She was born in Moscow into a family of engineers. When she was seven years old, and she only has a little sister Olga, my parents divorced. But for Svetlana, this event was not a tragedy. As she says, she never felt the absence of his father in his life and even perfectly found common language with his new family.

    Svetlana Ivanova and her mother
    Svetlana Ivanova and her mother | 7days

    Light studied in the economic class of a prestigious gymnasium №1515, and before that in physico-mathematical class. Father and mother were preparing to Ivanov a serious profession that requires knowledge of the exact Sciences.

    But despite this, the girl dreamed exclusively of a theatrical career. From the very childhood in love with theatre, she often visited with her performances in the theater «Nikitsky gate», and at age 14 he joined the drama club. The first children’s rehearsal, role performances convinced Svetlana to connect his life with theatre.

    Svetlana Ivanova
    Svetlana Ivanova | Fraufluger

    And it would not have dissuaded the parents, she signed up for training in the prestigious School of the Moscow art theatre. The girl really wanted to study at this University, but in the final choice test examiners fell to the other entrants. However, Ivanov did not give up and in the same year managed to jump on the latest bandwagon: became a student of the Studio of people’s artist of Russia Igor Yasulovich VGIK.

    Svetlana Ivanova in the theater

    Even during his studies at the Institute of cinematography Svetlana Ivanova played in several diploma works of their future comrades in the theatre workshop. So, her first roles were the characters of the plays «Vermouth» Slender, «Christmas at the home of Mrs. Cupello» de Filippo, military drama, «When the war is over» and the classic drama of Leo Tolstoy’s «the Power of Darkness».

    Svetlana Ivanova in the play
    Svetlana Ivanova in the play «Three comrades» | Contemporary

    In 2011 the actress was invited for the role of Patricia Holman in the legendary play «Three comrades» theater Galina Volchek, the «Sovremennik». After a successful debut Svetlana received an offer to join the troupe on a permanent basis, and now she plays on one stage with such stars as Valentin Gaft, Marina Neyolova, Konstantin Raikin, Liya Akhedzhakova, and many others.

    In the «contemporary» Ivanov takes part mainly in academic productions: now not only is she Patricia Holman in the play based on the novel by Erich Maria Remarque, but Stool from the plays of Nikolai Ostrovsky «warm heart», as well as Irina, the youngest of three sisters in the eponymous play by Anton Chekhov.

    Movies with Svetlana Ivanova

    Debuted in the film Svetlana Ivanova immediately with large roles in such films as «godson» and «Farewell echo.» Also on account of its image of a girl Olya in music war drama «9th company» directed by Fedor Bondarchuk.

    Most popular actress brought military melodrama «Franz + Polina». This film was very popular at film festivals, in particular, was marked by perfect game Ivanova, which gave her the opportunity to become the winner of the film festival «Baltic debuts», «Kinoshok» in Anapa, a «Reflection» in Zelenograd, a military movie name Ozerova and «Constellation».

    Svetlana Ivanova and Adrian Topol in the film
    Svetlana Ivanova and Adrian Topol in the film «Franz+Polina» | Movie-Theater

    After that career went up sharply. As her role was formed by military movies, the first artist was invited to the shooting similar topics paintings, «Father», «Last confession», «Mines in the fairway,» «the Scouts». But gradually, Svetlana Ivanova caught the fancy of the audience as the heroine of soap operas. She drew attention as the heroine of such films as «pregnancy Test» «And all-taki I love» «From love to love», «One night of love», «palm Sunday».

    Svetlana Ivanova in the TV series
    Svetlana Ivanova in the TV series «palm Sunday» | Movie-Theater

    Ivanov also took part in the filming of the debut Director’s work of doing «house of the Sun», filmed on the novel by Ivan Okhlobystin. In this film the actress played the role of a romantic student Sasha, who falls in love with a hippie nicknamed «the Sun.»

    In addition, on account of its romantic Comedy «a Little off», the mystery Thriller «the Dark world», melodrama «Putinka forest,» military painting «August. Eighth,» children’s Comedy «Private pioneer», the sitcom «How I became Russian» and many other tapes. The last published work of Ivanova today is the social drama «Chesnochnitsy».

    Svetlana Ivanova in the TV series
    Svetlana Ivanova in the TV series «Chesnochnitsy» | Movie-Theater

    Besides working in movies, Svetlana starred in music videos. Director Mikhail Segal took with her video for «Polly» to group «ZNakI» and made an adaptation of the song «Radio» of group «the CASTE». She also appeared in the video for the song «You light the» group «prologue» and the soundtrack «August. The eighth» band «Tone.»

    In early 2015, Svetlana Ivanova took part in the project «dancing with the stars», where her partner was titled Eugene Papinashvili, and managed to take third place, behind only actress Irina Pegova and figure skater Adelina Sotnikova.

    Personal life of Svetlana Ivanova

    Recalls Svetlana Ivanova in an interview, her first childhood love was Hollywood actor johnny Depp. The girl had a dream that he divorced Vanessa Paradis and started Dating her. But when American still have their freedom, Svetlana was already an adult and most importantly – love with another man.

    In 2006 on the set of the television series, she met with the operator Vyacheslav Lisnevskiy. As she says, it wasn’t love at first sight. Moreover, they didn’t even have some romantic dates: young people talked a lot at work and realized that they together very well.

    Svetlana Ivanov and Vyacheslav Lisnevsky
    Svetlana Ivanov and Vyacheslav Lisnevsky | the most beautiful

    The relationship of Svetlana and Vyacheslav lasted a little less than four years. They lived in a civil marriage, although during a holiday in the Maldives held a colorful ceremony, which in Russia, however, cannot be considered official.

    Two years after breaking up with Lisnevskiy actress gave birth to a daughter Pauline. The name of the girl Svetlana gave in honor of his first star role in the military drama «Franz+Polina». Interestingly, though Ivanov claims that the birth of a child had no impact on her life, but in fact it applies only to professional activities. Indeed, the actress continues to perform stunts in the movie, and two months after childbirth have come on the scene. However, Svetlana for your daughter learned to cook, became more organized and is now trying to carve out more free time for Polina.

    About who was the father of her daughter, Svetlana Ivanova is very long concealed. In 2015, the public learned first hand about the affair of the actress with a Russian-Uzbek Director Janik Fayzieva. The fact that the man was married to actress Lina Aspli, who bore him two children, and Svetlana didn’t want to embarrass the beloved.

    Svetlana Ivanova and dzhanik Faiziev
    Svetlana Ivanova and dzhanik Faiziev | Fashiony

    Hurry with the registration of the official marriage Ivanov does not intend to. She likes that she lives, how and with whom you want. And I’m sure that there is no stamp in the passport will not be able to change the situation, if the family has no love.

    Filmography Of Svetlana Ivanova

    • 2006 — The Real Santa Claus
    • 2007 — And still I love…
    • 2008 — Side effect
    • 2009 — palm Sunday
    • 2010 — Cool guys
    • 2011 — Gossamer Indian summer
    • 2013 — Legend No. 17
    • 2014 — the pregnancy Test
    • 2015 How I became Russian
    • 2016 — Chesnochnitsy

    Photo Svetlana Ivanova

    Svetlana Ivanova

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