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  • Name: Svetlana Feofanova ( Svetlana Feofanova )
  • Date of birth: 16 July 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 163
  • Activity: athlete, vaulter, Olympic medalist, world champion
  • Marital status: married

    Svetlana Feofanova: the biography

    Svetlana Feofanova – Russian athlete, vaulter. She repeatedly became the champion of Europe and the world, has twice won medals in the Olympic games, beat the existing records in his sport. In 2016 Feofanova appeared in the popular television show «Without insurance».

    She was born in Moscow on the eve of the Olympic games 80-go year and jokingly said that the atmosphere of the capital competition impact on its future. First, the family was complete – parents, grandma, sister, but since childhood Svetlana fell on difficult times of Restructuring, financial instability has damaged relations mother and father, and he left home. In the future, the burden of raising two girls fell on the mother who was forced to work in several enterprises.

    Little Light was a real fidget and loved to play loud, time to end the fight. To direct the inexhaustible energy of the daughter in the good direction, my mother enrolled her in a gymnastics section, which Feofanova was engaged for 11 years, learning rails, rails and logs. As in sport, Svetlana began to show serious results, it had to be transferred from secondary schools to specialized Olympic reserve. It helped to relieve the already busy schedule of classes.

    Before the end of the school Svetlana Feofanova was part of the reserve of the Olympic team, but to Atlanta for the Olympic games did not get that was for athletes real disappointment. Then she decides to change the sport and try their hand at athletics.

    Sporting achievements

    Turning to athletics, Svetlana Feofanova have chosen the subject «pole vault» and began to train with coach Evgeny Bondarenko, which is not parted until now. The first major success of female athletes was the world championship 2001, which took place in the canadian city of Edmonton. At these competitions, the young athlete managed to make a strong competition to the main mistress, American Stacy Dragileva. In the end, the Light with dignity won a silver medal, and after 2 years in the French capital could become the world champion.

    The main stage in the career Feofanova was 2004, which according to her can be called phenomenal. Together with a colleague in the national team Yelena Isinbayeva she made a real vivid performances and unexpected world records. Twice Svetlana beat the best score Helena, in February and in July. Her own maximum achievement of 4.88 meter looks impressive, especially when you consider the highest growth women: 163 cm

    Dramatic was the final at the Olympic games 2004 in Athens. When Yelena Isinbayeva failed to take a height of 4.75 meters, all were convinced that Feofanova will become the new champion. But, alas, the girl failed to overcome the necessary barrier, and again she won a silver medal.

    In subsequent years, Svetlana Feofanova again won the world Cup, this time in Barcelona in 2010, and took bronze at the Beijing Olympics. The Olympic games 2012 in London ended on a sad note – the athlete did attempt to overcome the height with a strong headwind, and due to bad weather conditions during the second jump received a severe injury — a triple fracture of the ankle.

    Today, on account of Svetlana Russian 18, 15 European and 6 world records. But she is not going to end his professional career, preparing for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, so fans hope that these achievements will multiply.


    In 2016 on the First channel started showing the new reality show «Without a net» in which the public men paired with professional acrobats show the skill of juggling, gymnastics, circus arts.

    One of the participants of the project was Svetlana Feofanova, for which such experience is the first. Her partner — the master of sports on sports acrobatics in the pair-group exercises Victor Marchenko, with whom the girl showed probably one of the highlights of the show rooms today – dance gymnastic composition «Montagues and Capulets» in the discipline of «Floor exercises».

    Some viewers think that Feofanova, as a former athlete, this competition should be easier than movie stars. But the Light says that it is not so simple: you have to re-learn to do a somersault, artistic skill for her and it was quite a new concept. And many of the exercises that 10 years ago was executed with ease now given only after a large number of workouts.

    Anyway, Svetlana Feofanova, according to many spectators, coaches and other participants is one of the favorites of the project, as the live broadcast is among the leaders in scoring.

    Personal life

    Svetlana Feofanova have always been secrecy in matters of personal life. Everything that from it demanded the journalists was, «have a boyfriend» or «I am free». But during the taping of «Without insurance» the girl appeared with a wedding ring on his finger and announced that just the day before I got married.

    Her chosen name is Andrew, know him Svetlana rather long. Large-scale wedding, the young people to arrange did not become, having organized the celebration in the narrow circle of the closest people.


    Svetlana Feofanova

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