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  • Name: Svetlana Bondarchuk ( Svetlana Bondarchuk )
  • Date of birth: 17 December 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 176
  • Activity: model, TV presenter, editor, actress, entrepreneur
  • Marital status: Married Fyodor Bondarchuk

    Svetlana Bondarchuk: biography

    Svetlana Bondarchuk is not just talented, she managed to turn his talent into success.

    Svetlana was born 17 December 1968, lives in Moscow. Her childhood years were spent in the house at Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, now this is the territory of the mansion. The girl was surrounded by historical buildings, among which she so loved to walk.

    Svetlana Bondarchuk was growing up among the intelligentsia. Her parents met when he studied at the Kiev aviation Institute. Says the star, they harmoniously subtle mind and the officers ‘ restraint. The house had a lot of interesting people, but the Light was shy and closed. She was engaged in fencing, has passed the qualifying standard of candidate master of sports. Secrets the girl confided in her grandmother, her grandmother was the closest person.

    After school, Svetlana entered the Institute of culture and received the profession of the librarian, however, the profession did not work.

    Modeling career

    In the business model Svetlana got with my grandmother. The girl was ashamed of his appearance — tall and thin, it seemed to her that she has very long legs. When the «Burda Moden» organized a casting in Moscow, the grandmother persuaded her to go. Overcoming shyness, the applicant appeared before the jury and was selected. At the contest «Burda Moden» Svetlana Bondarchuk won the main prize.

    Work in the modeling business has helped her to believe in themselves. For several years, she traveled the world, worked as a model and has participated in prestigious fashion shows.

    Later in her career was a long break. Bondarchuk again become a model in 2007 when she was offered to become the face of cosmetic brand «Oriflame».

    In 2013, Svetlana Bondarchuk became the face of a series of photographs by Alexander Terekhov.


    During a break in the modeling career of Svetlana Bondarchuk switched on the TV. She participated in the talk show, often acted as a fashion expert. Moscow’s Beau Monde, and today considers her a woman with impeccable taste.

    Then he worked on the channel «Home», where she led the program «the Fashionable inoculation» and «take your girlfriend». When STS was planned the project «You — supermodel», Svetlana Bondarchuk was invited to conduct it, and soon she headed the jury of the show.


    Svetlana Bondarchuk was already popular when she was offered the position of chief editor of the magazine «Hello!». In this edition she works today.

    For two years, having got the hand in the publishing business, Bondarchuk decided on their own project. In 2008, she released the magazine «Icons», focused on a narrow audience. The magazine was in demand in the capital of the party, but the downturn in the economy made itself felt: the demand for luxurious style fell, Bondarchuk had to close the magazine.


    Svetlana Bondarchuk tried on the role and the actress. Her debut work is the short film «a Midsummer morning» (1989). The following picture with the participation of Svetlana appeared 17 years ago. This was the film «Heat», which is the producer Fyodor Bondarchuk. In this strip of Light was noted only in passing.

    Socialite played the main role in the film «Love with accent» Rezo Gigineishvili . The picture presented to the public in 2012, has collected a good cashier at the box office.

    Personal life

    My husband and Svetlana met when she was 16 years old. They met for the first time, when Fyodor Bondarchuk came with the liberation army and looked for a school friend to visit. A friend had Svetlana.

    They met a year and a half in the hospital, where Fedor got after drinking with colleagues alcohol. When he opened his eyes, saw a Svetlana. Over the years, the friendship grew into love, then had a wedding.

    Fedor and Svetlana lived together for more than 25 years. They have two children — a son Sergei and a daughter Barbara. Son decided to become a film Director, studied in the United States. Married, at the end of 2012 the Bondarchuk was born the granddaughter of Margaret, and two years later — granddaughter Faith.

    Fedor and Svetlana called the perfect couple. On every wedding anniversary he gave his wife a ring and her favorite orchids. The news that the couple divorced, was a complete surprise. On termination Bondarchuk announced publicly, issuing a statement on the website of «HELLO». In it, they thank each other for years, who have lived together, that this time was perfect.

    Today, they parted ways – they were no longer a couple but remain close friends and friends. In a civilized manner, without conflict and mutual resentment over this love story.


    Svetlana Bondarchuk

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