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  • Name: Svetlana Antonova ( Svetlana Antonova )
  • Date of birth: 10 December 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 179
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Svetlana Antonova biography

    Svetlana Sergeevna Antonova – Muscovite. She was born in December 1979. In the family of Svetlana actors was not. Father – soldier, mother – teacher. Svetlana and her older sister Natalia had a very strict upbringing. Older of 5 years Natasha was fond of skating and soccer, and the World for 8 years, I went swimming. At first, the girls did not dream of becoming an actress. Natasha wanted to be a ballerina, and she planned to follow in her mother’s footsteps and learn to be a teacher.

    The first «on fire» acting Natalya Antonova. After her successful entry to drama school named Shchukin in the acting profession paid attention and younger sister. Svetlana started to attend drama club. She soon enjoyed playing in Amateur theatricals. Besides, Natasha is generously shared with her younger sister and the knowledge you bought to the «Pike». It prepared her for exams in a theater. And prepared so well that the younger sister came to 3 universities: the University «Schepkin» and «Shchukinskaya» school. Chose of course, «Pike», because that is where studied Natasha.

    In 2001, Svetlana Antonova received the diploma of the WTU them. . Shchukin, where she studied at the course of people’s artist of Russia Yuri V. Shlykova.


    One of the most authoritative teachers Svetlana Antonova in the «Pike» was Alexander Shirvindt. Magic, skill and charisma of the teacher in shaping the future of a young actress. Yes, and the teacher recommended Svetlana to choose the satire Theatre, where he worked as artistic Director. Thus, Antonov in 2001 he was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow academic theatre of satire.

    At this stage Svetlana has implemented many vivid images. The debut was the role in the play «Eight loving women». Soon the young actress has got a significant role in performances of «the Secretaries» and «lucky – the only significant innovation». But theater critics and the audience highly appreciated the work of Svetlana Antonova in the productions of «a penny less!», where she played Wilde, and «Apple thief» (Shura Thrush).

    Star theatrical role of Svetlana Antonova can be called Mirandolina in a production of «the Landlady». The premiere was held at the Theater of satire in 2008 and was greeted very warmly received many high marks from audiences. Here for the first time Antonov played the main character.


    A cinematic biography of Svetlana Antonova began with the work in the series. Last year Ashley, the actress received the offer to star in a TV melodrama «the Game of love.» Then there was a cameo role in the popular youth series «FM guys» and crime film «the citizen the chief». Remarkable was the work of Antonova in the movie «December 32» in which she played a Central role.

    A turning point in the film career of Svetlana Antonova was 2005. The actress received the offer to star in a stellar role in the melodrama «my Love». After the release of this film Svetlana woke up famous. From this period, the actress began to receive tempting offers of participation in various projects, not only in serials, but also feature films of various genres.

    In 2006 Svetlana Antonova played another stellar role. The famous Russian blockbuster «piranha» brought the young artist a new wave of popularity and recognition. In the same year was released the action-adventure film «the Bay of missing divers», where the actress appeared again in one of the Central images.

    After the painting «Bay of missing ships» Antonov was shot in new projects. Great attention was given to the draft «Detective Agency «Ivan da Marya», «Unloved», «the Imposter» and «Flowers of evil», where the actress played the main characters. But the greatest attention of the audience was attracted by the band under the name «Montecristo». This film is a modern interpretation of the famous novel of Dumas, a remake of a famous Argentine series. The tape was released in 2008.

    Now Svetlana Antonova, continues to work in theater and starred in the new popular television projects. It is widely known and recognizable actress of Russian cinema. Among the most popular works in the film’s last period film «Faith. Hope. Destiny», released in mid-2014. The picture was a huge success.

    Personal life

    The first husband of Svetlana Antonova was her colleague in the acting profession Oleg Dolin, the son of a famous Soviet singer, poet and bard Veronica Valley. To this marriage were born two daughters. In 2004 was born Maria, and in 2012-m – Taisa. But the further joint life Antonova and Valley did not happen.

    Personal life of Svetlana Antonova is husband Alexander Zhigalkin, a famous Russian Director. It is known that the couple are expecting a baby.


    • «My love»
    • «Piranha»
    • «The Bay of missing divers»
    • «Montecristo»
    • «Moscow fireworks»
    • «Detective Agency «Ivan da Marya»
    • «Unloved»
    • «The imposter»
    • «Flowers of evil»
    • «Faith. Hope. Destiny»
    • «My white and fluffy»


    Svetlana Antonova

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