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  • Name: Steve McQueen ( Terence Steven McQueen )
  • Date of birth: 24 March 1930
  • Age: 50 years
  • Date of death: 7 Nov 1980
  • Place of birth: beech grove, Indiana, USA
  • Height: 177
  • Activities: actor, racing driver
  • Marital status: married

    Steve McQueen: a biography

    Terence Steven McQueen — the legend of the Hollywood cinema. He brought glory to the images of ironic and cynical heroes, always fighting against injustice. Often his role was a «cool» lone wolf, who captured the audience. Among the many popular paintings stand out McQueen’s Western «the Magnificent seven», a Thriller «the Great escape», detective «Thomas crown affair» and the Thriller «the Hunter». In addition, Stephen was known as the auto — and motorcycle racer. And it should be noted that the activities on the set he was distinguished as a very disciplined person, which, alas, cannot be said about the real biography of Steve McQueen.

    Steve McQueen
    Photo of Steve McQueen in his youth

    He was born in 1930-m to year in the tiny town of beach grove, a suburb of the capital of Indiana. His father William McQueen was a pilot, but not military, and performed aerobatic stunts at festivals and fairs. The husband abandoned the family when his son was not yet six months. Whether because of this, or for any other reason, his mother, Julian, was the abuse of alcohol and the right to education of the kid passed grandparents. Steve was raised on a farm in Missouri and loved great-uncle Claude.

    Steve McQueen
    Photo of Steve McQueen in his youth | Royal Cheese

    To the mother of the boy returned at the age of eight years, but that period was one of the worst in the biography of Steve McQueen. In school he was diagnosed with «dyslexia», for ear infection Steve partially deaf in one ear, but most importantly he could not find a common language with his mother and her new husband. The boy began to run away from home several times and was caught for petty theft. Conflicted Steve McQueen and other stepfathers that he has changed a lot. As a result, the teenager joins a street gang and goes on the pencil police.

    Steve McQueen
    Photos Of Steven McQueen | Dramastyle

    Further education took over a reform school for teenagers in Chino hills. Gradually Steven McQueen began to change their attitude to life and releasing there in 16 years, never had a problem with the law, although until the end of his life remained a troublemaker and dissolute lover of fun. Interestingly, the actor subsequently many times come to this correctional facility, to serve as examples to show pupils that everything is in their hands. Upon completion of training, the boy became a sailor and made several flights to the Dominican Republic, and in 1947 enlisted in the army. He was assigned to the marine Corps, and Steve McQueen distinguished himself as a hero: during a training exercise in the Arctic he saved from the death of their colleagues, which was crushed by ice.

    Steve McQueen
    McQueen was not only an actor, but also the racer | Sportsor

    After demobilization in biography of Steve McQueen is added to the training at the faculty of engineering at the University of Carnegie Mellon, which he paid for with funds earned in the army. But here the rebellious character of the guy took up, and one day, after he rode my bike through the corridors of the academic building, he was expelled. Then Steve decided to study acting in the school of Sanford Meisner, and in parallel participate in motorcycle racing, that suddenly bring the young man a rather generous prize. McQueen later graduated from one of the best acting schools in the world — Studio of Lee Strasberg. Moreover, according to eyewitnesses, more than two thousand applicants for the course only took two: Steve and another future film legend Martin Landau.


    In the mid 50-ies of the actor and racer Steve McQueen’s debut on television screen in several projects, the most famous of which is the sports drama «somebody up there likes me.» The first notable work of Steve becoming a TV series-style Western «Wanted: dead or alive». The movie was on television for five years, in which McQueen first noticed Frank Sinatra, invited the actor for the role of Sergeant in the military Ring picture «never So few», and then the Director John Sturgess, who used him in has acquired unprecedented popularity in Western «the Magnificent seven».

    Steve McQueen in the film
    In the role of Wine in the movie «the Magnificent seven» | full Movie

    The films of Steve McQueen usually belonged to the genres of Thriller, Western or crime drama. He has appeared before the audience in the image of a tough guy who can easily punish a cruel and unjust negative characters. It is worth noting the military film «the war Lover», a Thriller «the Great escape» Western «Young Bonner», a disaster film, «a towering Inferno».

    Steve McQueen in the film
    In the role of Thomas crown in «the Thomas crown affair» | Movie-theater

    Was the actor and the romantic Comedy, for example, the «Cincinnati kid» and «Love with the perfect stranger.» But a special place in the filmography of Steve McQueen is a Thriller «Bullitt», for which he was nominated for the award «Oscar», the action-crime film «the Thomas crown affair» that started a whole direction of Heist movies from the perspective of the criminals, and the sports drama «Le Mans» — the only attempt of a racer, Steve McQueen, show your driving skills on the screen.

    Steve McQueen in the film
    In the role of Lieutenant Frank Bullitt in «Bullitt» | Movie-theater

    Recent works McQueen became the biographical Thriller about a private detective «Hunter» and the Western «Tom horn». I should add that Stephen, despite his difficult character, wanted to work virtually all the star Directors. Steven Spielberg even wrote for him the script of the sci-Fi film «Close encounters of the third kind». But the actor was forced to withdraw because of the need to show tears in the frame, but for him it was taboo.

    Personal life

    In his personal life, Steve McQueen, had three wives and countless love Affairs. He first married in 1956 to actress Neil Adams, who bore him a daughter, Terry Leslie and son Chad. One of the grandsons, Steven R. McQueen, today is a very famous actor, who starred in the TV series «the vampire Diaries».

    Steve McQueen and Neil Adams
    His first wife Neil Adams | Celebrities lists

    Steve and Neil have been together for about 16 years, after which Steve McQueen has officially left his wife to his partner in the movie «getaway» with Ali McGraw. This woman was the main love Stephen even after their divorce in 1978. Less than a year before his death, McQueen married a third and last time. His choice was an American fashion model Barbara minty, who would later write a book about her husband.

    Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw
    With his second wife Ali McGraw | Richest Celebrities

    In addition to the wives in his personal life, Steve McQueen had a few dozen star novels with Actresses and model, popular in 60-70 years. Thanks to one of Dating the actor even kept their lives. He was invited to a secular party, but decided to «skip» her for the sake of meeting with the beautiful. And just that day at the party raided an armed gang of Charles Manson to kill Stephen, they brought in their «black list celebrity».

    Steve McQueen and Barbara minty
    Third wife Barbara minty | Men’s magazine GQ

    The actor was always interested in sport, not just racing. He mastered martial arts, close friends with Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee. At the funeral last McQueen carried his coffin. It is interesting that Stephen, despite the millions in royalties, was considered to be a stingy person. From the leadership of each new pattern, in addition to an excellent salary, he demanded for himself new clothes: suits, electric shavers, perfumes. In fact, all this «wealth» a man was sent to reform school «Boys Republic» in which he once studied.


    Around 1978, Steve McQueen said that his health is deteriorating. Being a smoker, he quit, but was too late. In 1980 he was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in the pleural region. The actor fought to the last. When conventional medicine has had nothing to do, he went to Mexico and was treated with coffee enemas. However, no relief was brought. In the autumn of that year, he underwent surgery to remove metastases in the throat, but the next day, November 7, 1980, the actor died at the age of 50 years.

    The body of Terence Steven McQueen was cremated, and the ashes on his orders, scattered over the Pacific ocean. In memory of Hollywood legend was filmed many movies, for example, «I am Steve McQueen», «Man on the edge», «Steve McQueen: the man and the rider.» And the singer Sheryl crow gave him the song, which was included in her album «C’mon C’mon».


    • 1958-1961 — Wanted: dead or alive
    • 1960 — the Magnificent seven
    • 1962 — the war Lover
    • 1963 — the Great escape
    • 1963 Love with the perfect stranger
    • 1963 Soldier in the rain
    • 1965 — The Cincinnati Kid
    • 1968 — The Thomas Crown Affair
    • 1972 — Young Bonner
    • 1980 — the Hunter


    Steve McQueen

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