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  • Name: Steve Carell ( Steve Carell )
  • Date of birth: 16 August 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Concord, mA, USA
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actor, comedian, producer, writer
  • Marital status: married

    Steve Carell: biography

    Steven John Carell that appears in the credits under the abbreviated name Steve Carell, American actor and comedian, best known for playing promiscuous Manager Michael Scott in the comic series «the Office.» Also world-famous Steve Carell brought such movies as «Bruce Almighty», «the Forty year old virgin», «Evan Almighty,» «Dan in real life brother», «Alexander and the terrible, horrible, very bad day» and many others. According to the authoritative magazine «Life», it is the most fun person in the USA.

    Steve Carell in childhood
    Steve Carell in childhood | Relaxation!

    Steve Carell was born in the small town of Concord, located in Massachusetts. His dad, Edwin Carell, was an electrical engineer, and mother Harriet Theresa Koch worked as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital. Steve was the fourth child in the family: he has three elder brothers. I wonder what Edwin at birth I had the Italian surname «Caroselli», as he is a native of the Italian kind. But as the father of Steve Carell shortened the surname to the more usual to the American ear.

    Steve Carell
    Steve Carell | Kinopoisk

    Stephen received a Roman Catholic upbringing and studied in schools, «Nashoba Brooks», «Fenn» and «Middlesex». Teenager Steve Carell was very fond of hockey, stood on the gate for the school, and later for its student team from Denison University in Ohio, where the young man studied the history of the United States. In addition, Carell played a sport like lacrosse, and also was part of the team of their University.

    Steve Carell
    Steve Carell | GlowPopJigglyJam

    After graduation, Steve Carell was planning to attend law school, but the interview could not explain why he wants to become a lawyer, so it was not accepted. The young man worked as a mailman in Littleton, then there was a DJ on the radio, and when he decided that he wants to be an actor, which was included in the reserve team of one of Chicago’s dead. It was there that he was first spotted and invited to the set.


    From the stage Steve Carell was in movies and on TV. The first time was in 1991, when he played Tesio in the family Comedy «Curly sue.» But the next invitation to the cinema, the actor had to wait for 12 years. And while he has made a career of comedian in a TV show. It can be seen in the sketches «Show This Karvey» and «fashion Magazine». For a sitcom «Vengeance» Steve Carell starred in a couple dozen episodes, but they released only three of them.

    Steve Carell in the movie
    Steve Carell in the film «Bruce Almighty» | VK

    Much greater success was expecting an American satirical television program «the Daily show» which is a parody of news programmes. Steve Carell in the next five years depicted in her special correspondent. In 2005 he was invited to new sitcom «the Office», where he got the image of the shiftless Manager Michael Scott. The first season has completely failed, and the owners of the TV station stopped the shooting continue.

    Steve Carell in the movie
    Steve Carell in «the Office» | VK

    But just at that moment, the screens out Comedy «the Forty year old virgin», which earned great fame Steve Carell, and it was decided to try to launch the second season of «the Office». This time the Comedy was a resounding success and over time turned into a 9-season TV series. However, the Carell left the show in 2011, did not renew the contract.

    Steve Carell in the movie
    Steve Carell in «the Forty year old virgin» | VK

    During the filming of the sitcom actor in parallel has worked with Nicole Kidman in the Comedy «Bewitched», with Jim Carrey in the movie «Bruce Almighty», Morgan Freeman in its sequel «Evan Almighty» with Seth Rogen in Comedy film «knocked up». In addition, Steve Carell became a star of such comedies as «This — stupid — love», «Dinner for schmucks», «date night» and «Fall in love with the bride of the brother».

    Steve Carell and Tina fey in the movie
    Steve Carell and Tina fey in the movie date night | VK

    Action another humorous movie, «Get smart» is not only in America but also in Russia, so the Carell in 2007 for a shooting was in Moscow. In connection with the talk about the coming end of the world sparked the interest of the audience a fantastic Comedy «Seeking a friend for the end of the world», where Steve is working with keira Knightley. A lot of cash collected and the magician Comedy «the Incredible Burt Wonderstone» and the romance «way, Way back home,» in which Carell plays in addition to annasophia Robb.

    Steve Carell in the movie
    Steve Carell in the film «the Hunter on Fox» | VK

    There are in the filmography of Steve Carell and the project does not belong to the Comedy genre, the historical sports drama «the Hunter on Fox». It is interesting that this work has brought the actor the only nomination for the Academy award «Oscar». Of the latest projects of Carell also worth noting is the family Comedy «Alexander and the terrible, horrible, very bad day» drama with brad pitt «shorting», social picture with Julianne Moore, «All I have» and the romantic story of Director woody Allen’s «the high life».

    Personal life

    In the 90-ies of the Steve Carell had experience teaching acting courses improvisation. One of the lessons he met student Nancy walls, whom he was to meet. In 1995 they got married, and the wife of Steve Carell took her husband’s name. As Nancy Carell, she appeared with her husband in «the Daily show» and the sitcom «the Office», as well as in several films where her husband played a major role.

    Steve Carell and Nancy walls before the wedding
    Steve Carell and Nancy walls to the wedding | Like Success

    Steve and Nancy have two children: daughter Elizabeth Ann, who was born at the end of may 2001, and a son John, who is a younger sister of three years. The family lives in Los Angeles. At one time they belonged to the well-known Massachusetts historical Department store «Marshfield hills», but in 2009, Steve Carell resold it to other hands.

    Steve Carell and his wife Nancy
    Steve Carell and his wife Nancy | Zimbio

    Actor Steve Carell quite a skilled skater. Moreover, he still kept the children’s passion for the game of hockey. Husband plays in an Amateur team, which plays in Amateur League in Los Angeles. The Carell as before, protect hockey goals flying them washers.


    • 2005 — the Forty year old virgin
    • 2007 — Dan in real life brother
    • 2008 — Get smart
    • 2010 — date night
    • 2011 — This — stupid — love
    • 2012 — Seeking a friend for the end of the world
    • 2013 The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
    • 2014 — Hunter on Fox
    • 2014 — Alexander and the terrible, horrible, very bad day
    • 2016 — the high life


    Steve Carell

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