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  • Name: Stephen Lang ( Stephen Lang )
  • Date of birth: 11 July 1952
  • Age: 64 years
  • Place of birth: new York, USA
  • Height: 179
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Steven lang: biography

    Stephen lang is an American actor who became famous for participating in the film. Of his most famous roles is to provide Colonel miles Quaritch from fantasy «Avatar», of IKE Clanton in the Western «Tombstone» and Harry black in the drama «Last exit to Brooklyn».

    Stephen was born in new York, the son of renowned businessman and philanthropist, Eugene lang and his wife Theresa Folmer. The boy has an older sister Jane, who became a lawyer, and brother David, who led one of the companies of the father. Lang-senior has become famous all over the world that by will all of her 150 million fortune left to charity, depriving children of the inheritance. He had one aim – Jane, David and Steven have to do to make a living.

    The future actor first studied in the free government school in Jamaica, and in high school was in boarding school «in Newtown Pennsylvania. In the same state he did in high school, in a prestigious private Swarthmore College, from which he graduated with a master’s degree in the field of English literature.

    Stephen lang in his youth
    Stephen lang in his youth

    By the way, many years later, the College awarded Lang the degree in recognition of outstanding theatrical and cinematic career. Also, the actor is an honorary doctor of Humanities at the University of Jacksonville. But all this is only after 30 years, and while the newly minted graduate decides what to do, and chooses for himself to his liking – he goes on stage. Stephen gradually becomes bright and popular actor.

    For his role in the play «Speed of darkness» he received the honorary theatrical prize «Tony» followed by about a dozen awards for other performances. The skill of theatre performance LEng shared with the audience the actors Studio in new York. This was the same school, where he taught Grant and Carlin Glynn, one of the leading educators of the United States. From 2004 to 2006, Stephen lang not only taught students and was the artistic Director of the Studio.


    In the movie Stephen lang began to emerge in the mid 80-ies. He appeared quite regularly, for example, in such films as the psychological drama «death of a salesman» and crime Thriller «manhunter». But well-known, at least to the extent of America, the actor became after the execution of the main roles in the social drama «Last exit to Brooklyn». He even got to the expanded list of the award «Oscar», but was not nominated.

    Such strong works was a family story about drug addicts-parents «Darkness before dawn», the action-Thriller «Fire down below» and the military Comedy «the men who stare at goats».

    Stephen lang in the film
    Stephen lang in the movie «Avatar» | Infinite Nites

    Worldwide talking about Stephen Lang in 2009 when he released science fiction film James Cameron’s «Avatar» which has broken all cash records. In this tape the actor played Colonel miles Quaritch.

    Another way a military commander Nathaniel Taylor Stephen sang the fantastic «Terra Nova» and the action fantasy «Conan the barbarian» he got a negative character Khalar ZIM. Latest today job Lenga role of a blind war veteran in the Thriller «don’t breathe», which also plays Jane levy.

    Personal life

    Stephen lang belongs to the category of men-family men. In 1980, the year he married the painter, costume designer and teacher of fashion design Christine Watson, and since then lives happily with the woman. Never the actor was not seen in any of the pieces on the side and therefore contrasts with many Hollywood colleagues.

    Steven lang and his wife Christina Watson
    Steven lang and his wife Christina Watson | Broadway Tickets

    In the family of Stephen and Christina had four children – daughters Lucy and grace, and sons Daniel and Noah.

    Despite the fact that Stephen Lang is already 60 years old, he continues to regularly visit the gym. The actor is engaged through a carefully planned complex training exercises for which he has developed independently.


    • 1989 — Last exit to Brooklyn
    • 1993 — Gettysburg
    • 1993 — Darkness before dawn
    • 1997 — Fire down below
    • 2009 — Avatar
    • 2011 — Terra Nova
    • 2011 — Conan the barbarian
    • 2014 — Double play
    • 2015 — Reverse 666
    • 2016 — don’t breathe


    Stephen Lang

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