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  • Name: Stephen King ( Stephen King )
  • Date of birth: 21 September 1947
  • Age: 69 years
  • Place of birth: Portland, United States
  • Height: 193
  • Activity: Writer
  • Marital status: Married

    Stephen king: biography

    Stephen Edwin king was born in the autumn of 1941 in the U.S. state of Maine, in Portland. The birth of a boy can be called a miracle. The fact that Nellie Ruth Pillsbury, the mother of the future writer – doctors have diagnosed with infertility. And when a woman married a second time for the captain of a merchant ship Donald Edward king, the couple decided to adopt the boy. Called adopted son, David Victor. Two years later Nellie became pregnant unexpectedly. The couple had a son Stephen Edwin.

    Stephen king in his childhood
    Stephen king in his childhood

    But the child could not make his parents ‘ marriage strong. The head of the family had a reputation as a womanizer. Being a seaman, he traveled all over the world. After the Second world war Donald retired from the Navy and got a job as a sales agent, offering customers vacuum cleaner. It weighed heavily on family life. When Stephen was 2 years old, his father disappeared from his life. The man got out of the house to buy cigarettes and disappeared. Mom announced to the sons that daddy was kidnapped by Martians. According to some sources, the woman knew that the «Martians» could be the pretty waitress from Connecticut.

    Looking ahead, we say that the crew of one of American television, working on a documentary about the biography of Stephen king in the 1990’s, found him a negligent father. As it turned out, he lived nearby, in neighboring Pennsylvania, with his wife, a Brazilian woman and four children.

    After the flight of her husband, Ruth – the pianist by training, had tight. She took whatever paid work to feed their sons. Worked as a clerk in a bakery or a maid in wealthy homes. Woman in search of good jobs moved from state to state. The family lived in Indiana, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Connecticut. In the end, stayed in the town of West Durham in Maine.

    Stephen king with mother Nellie and brother
    Stephen king with mother Nellie and brother |

    Stephen king saw how hard his mother, although she never complained. He’s still in his youth, realized that a society of equal opportunities is a myth for naive people. In fact, life is hard and unfair.

    As a child, Steve became an involuntary witness of a terrible tragedy: his eyes killed a peer, which fell under the wheels of a freight train. King has experienced a strong shock, after which his memory of the terrible shots of death for a time erased. They surfaced only a few years, when he was told about the tragedy. Biographers of the writer argue that this event influenced his work and inspired some works.

    Frequent moves have undermined the already poor health of Stephen king. Of measles he suffered especially hard. Then there was strep throat, which turned into one of the forms of ear infections, untreatable with antibiotics. Three times the boy was in a hell of pain when they punctured eardrum. Due to the illness of the king two years studying in the first grade.

    Stephen king in his youth |

    Perhaps, all these life difficulties and formed a gloomy perception of reality and tastes of the guy. He loved horror movies. Lasting impression on his psyche had paintings in the genre of horror «Creature from the Black Lagoon,» «Nuthouse,» «I was a teenage werewolf», «Palaces of Montezuma» and «Sands of Iwo Jima». Stephen king in his youth was so vulnerable that even watching the cartoon «Bambi» with a scene of a forest fire became a cause of painful nightmares.

    Among favorite books the guy went «Hulk», «Spiderman», «Superman», the stories of ray Bradbury, as well as comics about evil spirits «Tomb of horrors» and «Tales from the crypt». Later, Stephen king admitted that he liked the feeling of fear and the feeling of loss of control over feelings».

    Stephen King
    Stephen King |

    To distract from the permanent diseases of the boy, encouraged by my mother, started to write. Test flight happened in 7 years. Stephen king wrote a short story about the adventures of captain Casey. The inspiration was the comic about the brave captain. The boy just told read. Mom praised the work but noted that Steve could create something of their own. Soon, the future writer had presented in her court four small story about a white rabbit. For each mother paid him a «fee» in the amount of 25 cents.


    From this point on Stephen king did not stop. His first «bestseller» was a novel written on the basis of the movie «the pit and the pendulum». The guy launched his work in the amount of 40 copies in the hectograph.

    In 1959, 18-year-old Stephen king, along with his brother David began to publish a news Bulletin, which was called «a Piece of Dave». Guys spread it using an old mimeograph and 5 cents sold to friends, neighbors and relatives. David wrote local news and Steve – reviews films and his own short stories. At the same time Stephen king first read the works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. It has become a favorite author of the guy. According to his confession, after meeting with a sinister collection of stories «Lurking in the shadows,» he had the feeling of «returning home».

    Stephen King
    Stephen King |

    In high school Stephen king could not decide what to do next: to go to University or to volunteer to Vietnam to gather interesting facts for the future of creativity. That would make a career with writing, he was sure of it. Mom convinced son, from whom everything else had vision problems, to cancel the trip to Vietnam.

    King went to College, where he began to prepare for University admission. And he got a job at a textile factory. The work was required to earn training. Steve adhesives packaging for a product, and putting them in containers. In between work drove away the clouds of aggressive rats, which were found in the basement. Later these experiences became the basis for the story «Night shift.»

    Stephen King
    Stephen King | The Universe Of Stephen King

    In August 1966 Stephen king enrolled at the University of Maine, by the faculty of English literature. Simultaneously, he studied at the pedagogical College. Steve and Dave had a rough time, because my mother sent sons for only $ 5 a week pocket money, while she was starving.

    The University of the future «King of terrors» married. After graduation, bachelor’s degree, he decided to earn a living literary work. But it did not bring income. So Stephen king and his young family survived on his modest earnings in the Laundry, student loan wife and small fees for the stories of writer who publish magazines.

    In the fall of 1971, Stephen king worked as a teacher of English in one of the schools Hampden in Maine. He continued to write, but, it seems, began to lose confidence in his literary abilities. One day the wife found in a dumpster discarded by Steve the manuscript of the novel «Carrie». He threw out the draft, and did not finish work until the end. My wife read the novel and persuaded her husband to finish it.

    A Novel By Stephen King
    A Novel By Stephen King «Carrie» |

    In the winter of 1973, my mother died of Stephen king. The woman did not live up to the first year success of her son. In 1974, one of the publishers undertook the publication of the novel «Carrie» and paid a writer’s fee size of $ 2,500. Suddenly, Steve liked the novel readers. Publishing house «Doubleday» has sold the copyright in a work to another, larger publishing house «NAL» for 400 thousand dollars. Half of the amount received by Stephen king.

    The writer left teaching and moved to the neighboring state of Colorado. Here in boulder, has created his second successful novel «the Shining».

    A Novel By Stephen King «The Shining» |

    In the late 1970s Stephen king was writing under the pseudonym Richard Bachman. Some biographers of the writer’s claim that the publishing of books under a false name was dictated by the uncertainty of the novelist himself. It seemed to him that success is random. Repeating it under a different name, king wanted to see the opposite. Under the pseudonym Richard Bachman he published a book «Rage». But the king withdrew it from sale after a minor criminal who shot classmates in Kansas, found his novel.

    The name Richard Bachman has appeared in several king novels: «the Long walk», «roadwork», «Running» and «losing weight». It is noteworthy that the name of Bachman was taken by the writer on «weapons» because he was an avid fan of famous musical band «Bachman Turner Overdrive».

    A novel by Stephen king «the Long walk» | Library fb2

    To abandon the alias Stephen king had after he was exposed careful the seller of one of the bookstores of Washington. Then the novelist has announced that Bachman had died of cancer.

    In the 1980s and ‘ 90s appear the best Stephen king book. First of all, this novel, «Arrows», which became the first in the series «the Dark Tower». In the same 1982 for a record 10 days, he wrote a 300-page novel «the Running man».

    In 1996 was born the book «the Green mile». This is one of the most beloved novels of Stephen king. Within a year, the writer signed a contract with the publishing house «Simon & Schuster», which paid him an advance in size $ 8 million for his novel «Bag of bones», and pledged to give 50% of sales revenues.

    Many of the works of the «King of terrors» were filmed. In 1998, Stephen king appeared as the writer of one of the most popular sitcoms of those years, the project of «Secret materials», in which his star role was played by Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny.

    Frame from the show
    Frame from the series «Secret materials» | EX-FS

    In the summer of 1999 walks with the dog writer was hit by a van. Stephen king was diagnosed with multiple fractures of the right leg, fractured hip, head injury and lungs. The foot was barely saved from amputation. Long time novelist could not sit more than 40 minutes, after which the pain in the broken hip was becoming unbearable. This event formed the basis of the 7th part of the series of novels «the Dark tower», and was also reflected in one of the films of the series «Kingdom hospital».

    In 2002, Stephen king has disappointed his fans with news that stops writing career. He still found it difficult to sit, which does not allow to focus on another masterpiece. But to the great delight of fans of the novelist broke a promise to stop writing.

    In 2004 came the last part of the epic «the Dark Tower». And after 2 years the novelist has presented a new work entitled «the Story of Lizzie».

    The Stephen king book «the Story of Lizzie» | Laboratory of creative writing

    In 2006, a lover of hoaxes Stephen king announced that he had found unpublished Bachman novel «blaze». In fact, it was found the manuscript of his own student days, which all the time kept in the University.

    From 2008 to 2016 Stephen king has pleased readers with a collection of short stories «just After sunset» and the novels «Duma-Ki», «Under the dome», «Doctor Sleep», «Mr. Mercedes» and «Rebirth». In the summer of 2016 the «King of terrors» presented the third part of the novel, «Mr. Mercedes,» which called «Post pass».

    In the same year the fans of «King of horror» with pleasure looked at the screens a literary evening with the participation of two famous writers – Stephen king and George RR Martin. The meeting was held in the city of Albuquerque.

    Personal life

    As mentioned above, with his future wife Tabitha Spruce novelist met at University. In those hard years they had a son Joseph and a daughter Naomi. Later had a second son, Owen. Tabitha is not alien to the literary work – the woman also tried to do, but her nine novels special demand did not use.

    Stephen king with wife Tabitha
    Stephen king with wife Tabitha | Stephen

    Personal life Stephen king with his beloved wife, he had a happy. Together they went through a lot of testing. At the beginning of family life through poverty. Later alcoholism and drug addiction novelist. In 1999, one of the satirical newspaper published a letter allegedly written by Stephen king, in which he admitted that the period of the writing of the novel «Tomminokery» fell out of her memory.

    Stephen and Tabitha and son Owen
    Stephen and Tabitha and son Owen |

    As it turned out, the 1980s really was marred by the king’s passion for drink and drugs. To convince was denying the addiction of a writer to go to the doctors, relatives of the «collected» evidence: they laid out before him, found in debris, beer cans, packaging of valium, cocaine and marijuana. Only then, with horror he saw on the carpet all this «wealth», Stephen king recognized illness and asked for the help of specialists.

    The first work, written after his recovery, was the novel «needful Things».

    A novel by Stephen king «needful Things» | Library fb2

    Along with his wife, Stephen king owns three estates: Bangor, Lovell and Sarasota. The last family visits in the winter. It is located on the shores of the warm Gulf of Mexico in Florida.

    Today the writer and his wife have four grandchildren.

    The sons of Stephen king also made the first steps in writing. Daughter Naomi is not interested in writing. It is known that is in a relationship with a teacher of theology Tendekai.

    Stephen King
    Stephen King | LiveLib

    In his spare time Stephen king attends game of your favorite baseball team «Boston Red SOx». In the 1990s the couple sponsored the construction of the stadium, «Mansfield», and in 2014, the writer took part in raising funds for sufferers of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.


    • 1974 – Carrie
    • 1977 – the Shining
    • 1982 – «Shooter»
    • 1983 – «pet Sematary»
    • 1987 – «Extraction of three»
    • 1991 – «Badlands»
    • 1996 – «the Green mile»
    • 1997 – «the Sorcerer and crystal»
    • 2003 – «Wolves Of The Calla»
    • 2004 – «Song Of Susannah»
    • 2004 – «The Dark Tower»
    • 2012 – «the Wind through the keyhole»


    Stephen King

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