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  • Name: Stepan Demura ( Stepan Demura )
  • Date of birth: 12 August 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: analyst of stock markets, broadcaster, lecturer
  • Marital status: married

    Stepan Demura: biography

    Stepan G. Demura was born in Moscow. In school I was really good, spent a lot of time for books. The teachers observed him such as how confident stating an opinion. Similarly it behaved with peers who respected him for the lack of conflict and the ability to convey point of view.

    For the first time the structure of financial markets interested in high school. But after maturity Stepan is not in the economic University, and was admitted to the Moscow physical-technical Institute and began to study rocket science. Self-study English language, and continues to be interested in their passion – the world’s stock markets. Now Stepan G. argues that the first interesting ideas came to him in his student days, but was unable to implement them in practice.

    Institute Stepan Demura graduated with honors, receiving a diploma and the engineer-rocketeer. The relevance of the Capstone project, interested foreign partners Moscow Institute of physics and technology, and Demur invited to continue training in a magistracy of the private research University Chicago, Illinois. The young man first doubted the expediency of this trip as was not sure of the level of proficiency in a foreign language, but, in the end, solved and moved to the United States.

    Career in the United States

    After a year of study at the University of Chicago arranged demur in the company Sheridan Investments LLC, which after some time was able to lead a Department that is engaged in the research direction and analysis of the markets. In 1992 as an analyst Stepan G. first published in financial markets and has the ability to realize all his years of ideas and aspirations. In parallel, he is engaged in the development of modern systems of trade.

    After 2 years his efforts noticed, and he is invited to the state structure in charge of control and analysis of the market of State bonds of the USA. First, he held the position of private counselor, then became a leading trader and financial engineer, and after successful completion of the tasks in these positions, he was promoted to lead analyst of the securities market and other derivatives.

    In addition to working in organization «U.S. Government bonds» Stepan Demura taught the basics of the stock markets at the University of Chicago, which launched his American career. As demur was not only a good theorist but also a practicing professional, his lectures and seminars were very much appreciated by the students who asked him many difficult questions that the financier was able to answer quite competently.

    Having worked in the US for about 12 years, Stepan Demura decides to retire from «Government bonds and return home.

    Career in Russia

    After moving to Moscow he engaged in his favorite thing – the study of the Russian stock market. Knowledge and experience gained in America, helped him to feel confident among currency exchange rates and securities.

    Additionally, Stepan G. was one of the leaders of the company «Arlan» and later managed the assets of the financial company «Russian Investment Club». Demur involved not only securities, but also the expected directions for the extraction of gold.

    In 2006, demur first appeared on television where he tried to inform the public about the inevitable global financial crisis in the coming years. It sounded like something unnatural, because at that time the development of such industries as automotive, construction supermarkets and especially the primary real estate market peaked, and banks offered a huge range of credit loans.

    After 2 years, at the beginning of 2008 on the channel of RBC-TV demur reiterates the imminent crisis of American mortgages, which drags the global financial crisis and falling living standards in all countries. His words were not taken seriously, as the manner of comment from the expert was too strong, but predictions are quite radical. Within a few months the predictions Stepan Demur came true almost 100%.


    After such a phenomenal demonstration of knowledge of global market business channel «RBC-TV», owned by businessman Mikhail Prokhorov, invited Stefan Demur to conduct several financial programs, including «Markets» and «Dialogue». Many analysts came to pass in the future, but not all. Widely known case where a prediction about the index of the Moscow interbank currency exchange was a fiasco in no time.

    But over time, a professional expert on TV began to appear more shocking lead, often move away from the main topic of transfer and even to prevent scandals in the audience. In the end, got to go to the person, and Stepan Demura live allowed himself unflattering remarks about the competence of some financial experts RBC. After that, on 21 November 2012, the channel «RBC TV» has terminated the contract with their leading expert.

    After that, a financial analyst he organized his own transfer «Honest about everything with Stepan Demur,» which regularly aired on radio «Echo Moscow-Vologda». He also travels to different cities and countries, where he conducts financial seminars.

    Personal life

    Stepan G. demur conceals information about his family from the public. It is known that financial analyst and outrageous presenter is married and has two daughters.

    His work belongs demur as a hobby, so it devotes almost all his time to labor activities.


    Stepan Demura

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