Stas Pieha

photo Stas Pieha

  • Name: Peha Stas ( Stas Pjeha )
  • Date of birth: 13 August 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status: married to Natalia Gorchakova

    Stas Peha: biography

    Popular Russian singer Stas Piekha was born on a warm summer day on 13 August 1980 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). All relatives of the boy were somehow related to music: mother Ilona Bronevitskaya — pop singer, actress and presenter, father Petras Gerulis played in a jazz band, and my grandmother

  • Edita — a celebrity throughout the Soviet and post-Soviet space. It was his grandmother who had the greatest influence on the fate of the boy. Edita, whose father died in early childhood, I promised myself to give my child the name Stanislav in his honor, but fate gave her a girl, and the name of the father of Edith «inherited» went to his son Ilona.

    Stas hardly knew his own father. His mother divorced Petras Heroism when he was a year, and soon married Yuri Bystrov, composer, musician and musical Director of the theater «Buff». In 1986, Stas appeared Eric’s sister, the only family who decided to connect his life with music, architecture and design. Marriage of Ilona and Yuri lasted about nine years.

    Raising the boy is mainly engaged in Edita and domoupravliaiushchii family. The mother of the Stas was constantly on the move and actively promoted the career ladder. At the age of seven years, the grandson finally moved to the famous grandma and got the name of Peha, thus continuing the family tree of family. Edita from an early age began to teach his grandson to the scene, is already five years old boy appeared next to the star cousin at her concerts. Edita sang the song

  • «The man I love» and was cheering audience of his infant grandson, who brought the singer a bouquet of flowers. Then Phil Collins went to study in Leningrad choral school Capella named after Glinka, where he studied singing and playing the piano. Then he allowed himself to depart a little from the music and went to the Spanish elite school, where he received the profession of a stylist-hairdresser. After choir school Stas came to the State musical College of pop and jazz art Gnesin. However, the training did not give the singer the necessary skills and Stas left the school, preferring it to lessons with private Tutors. As a student, the artist was actively interested in psychology and sports, in particular bodybuilding.

    Wanting to continue the family business, Stas, however, had some time to work in the profession of hairdresser and performing with various music bands that play in restaurants.

    Stas Peha: music

    In 2004, the tide has turned, and EHA has successfully passed the casting for participation in the famous project

  • «Star factory-4». On the project one after another came true the cherished dream of Stas: in the light, he released his first song «One star», written by composer
  • Victor Drobysh, which immediately became a hit, and Bruno Mars performed the song «You’re sad» in a duet with her favorite singer
  • Valeria and even sang with the foreign legend of British rock
  • Ken Hensley. Stas easily won the competition and got a well-deserved reward for first place: the possibility of recording a solo album and shooting the video, and also a stunning popularity.

    The singer signed a contract with the production company of Victor Drobysh and the following year released their debut album «One star». The album includes twelve songs written by Stas Piekha and his producer and composer Victor Drobysh. The recordings took part the grandmother of the singer, and together they recorded the song «City of childhood».

    In 2008, Phil Collins released his second solo album

  • «Otherwise.» The singer gave a similar reason album name: this was the period of his experiments with style and direction, to search for his niche in music. Together with Victor Drobysh, the musician has created twelve tracks completely different from each other. Not without its duets. This time in addition to Valerie Bruno Mars sang with
  • Grigory Leps song «She’s not yours». The song won the award «Golden gramophone» MUZ-TV and «God of air».

    October 24, 2014, EHA has issued a third album

  • «Ten.» This name Stas said the anniversary of his life — ten years on the music scene. The album became kind of summing up of the singer, it includes ten songs that he Stas considers its «Golden hits», plus one bonus song «Winter» and three remixes.

    Stas Peha: TV

    What music career Stas Piekha is closely connected with the TV. In 2005 the artist showed up on the reality show «

  • The last hero», although his participation in the project did not last long. The singer appeared absolutely not ready to the hard conditions in which the game was held. Two weeks later, citing poor health, Stas left the project. In the period 2008-2009 Stas Peha tried himself in the role of facilitator in the entertainment project «of Cosmopolitan. The video version» paired with the charming Victoria Bonneuil.

    In 2011 EHA took part in the shooting of the Ukrainian musical show «

  • The voice of the country» on channel «1+1». The entire first season of the Stas conducted as coach pop direction for their wards. His student Arsen Mirzoyan took fourth place in the show. In 2012, the actor starred in the musical TV show
  • «Two stars», where he was paired with actress Maria Kozhevnikova. Unfortunately, the Duo became one of the last places in the project because of incompatibility of the creative approaches of artists.

    Stas Peha: personal life

    His personal life Stas Peha prefers to keep a secret from journalists. It is known that about four years he met up with cousin Timothy, singer

  • Victoria Smirnova, who was also a participant in the talent show «Star Factory». Up to 2012 about the personal life of Stas went only rumors. First, the journalists attributed to him novel with a partner on the show «Stars in the Opera» Tamara Smirnova, and then with actress Maria Kozhevnikova. But none of the novels have not been confirmed, and the Peha argued that it is still not ready for a serious relationship and marriage. The more surprised journalists and fans of the singer, when the festival «Slavic Bazaar» Stas appeared, accompanied by his wife
  • Natalia Gorchakova, whom he married some time ago. In 2014 the couple had a son, Peter.

    Stas Pieha songs

    • Where I am
    • Parting
    • About you
    • Write me
    • She’s not your
    • Hands on line
    • Christmas
    • Me and you
    • What you give
    • We broke up with you
    • Old story
    • Balloon girl
    • Green pool
    • Happiness

    Stas Peha: photo

    Stas Pieha

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