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  • Name: Stas Litvinov ( Litvinov Stanislav )
  • Date of birth: 14 November 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
  • Activity: dancer, participant of the show «everybody Dance», «Dance» and «Dancing on TNT»
  • Marital status: not married

    Stas Litvinov: biography

    Stas Litvinov – a talented young dancer, who was born 14 November 1990 in the Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk. Today he is best known for fans of ballet art as one of the artists of the troupe «Leningrad Center» and member of the TV show «Dance» and «Dancing on TNT». Biography of Stas Litvinov admits that in his childhood he had problems with excess weight and placing of the feet: the boy was literally clumsy. When Litvinov Stanislav was about seven years old, my mother decided that it’s time to deal with them, and was taken to children’s dance ensemble. First Stas to go there did not want to, but after the first class to persuade the boy that he missed practice, was impossible.

    Stas Litvinov in childhood
    Stanislav Litvinov in childhood | VK

    Stas Litvinov dance absorbed like a sponge. He suggests that talent to plastics, he was transferred from his mother, who at the time was engaged in aerobics. By the way, my mom sewed Stanislav, his first stage costumes. After graduation, the young man leaves his native city Kharkov, where he entered the State Academy of culture, Department of choreography. From the second year, he not only learns, but begins to teach himself, and in parallel is participating in various auditions and competitions.

    Stas Litvinov s mom
    Stanislav mom | VK

    Four years later, Stanislav Litvinov transferred to the correspondence Department and went to the capital of Ukraine. There he starred in music videos, has a TV show, working with stars of show business on stage. Among the celebrities collaborated with Litvinov, it can be noted Nyusha, Timati, Svetlana Loboda, Dmitry Montica, Vera Brezhnev, Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina and a few dozen popular artists.

    Also the young man became the winner of the championship «RedBull Beat Battle» in the team «Abzac Crew». After obtaining a diploma of higher education Stas Litvinov dance finally turns into his profession: he on a regular basis is a member of the company of Saint-Petersburg theatre «Leningrad Center» which now tours not only in Russian cities but also from neighboring countries.


    When Stanislav Litvinov was still living in Kiev, he took part in popular Ukrainian choreographic show «everybody dances!». However, in the third season he was unable to overcome even the first stage, but the fourth was in the TOP 50, but dropped out after an unsuccessful night of choreography. Subsequently, the guy once again attempted to overcome the bad barrier, but again did not get into the coveted «twenty».

    In 2015, their dances Stas Litvinov demonstrated in the Russian project «Dance», where he performed with Alexander Mogilev, the current choreographer of the show «Dancing on TNT». The young dancer reached the semi-finals and remembered by the audience as a very strong party. In the first season of «Dancing on TNT» Stanislav has successfully passed the casting, but the further development of his career on the project have not received. He returned two years later and this time was in command of Yegor Druzhinin, together with such talented dancers, as Keiko, the Movie Dasha and Irina Kononova.

    Interestingly, the casting of the third season for the young man remembered but well-executed rooms, and even the controversial conflict. Stas Litvinov and Olga Buzova not understand each other: a girl who was invited to be a member of the jury, very rapidly and emotionally commended the Ukrainian dancer, but Stanislav responded to her remark rather dry and asked «to speak of professionals,» referring to mentors Miguel and Yegor Druzhinin. The answer the star of «House-2» is considered an insult and even wanted to leave the set. Fortunately, this conflict had no impact on the fate of a young man in the project: dancing Stas Litvinov speak for themselves.

    Personal life

    About romantic adventures and personal life of Stas Litvinov, the public almost nothing is known, except that he has not changed his status as single. But very interesting information that Stas could not become a professional dancer. First, in his childhood he was also very keen on volleyball and seriously thought about the possibility to go down the sports path, and secondly, the biography of Stas Litvinov could prevent numerous injuries. Because of the huge load the guy tore ligaments in the feet, suffered a torn meniscus and even formed a tumor on the spine, the removal of which needed surgical intervention.

    Stas Litvinov
    Stanislav Litvinov | Official website

    In the life of Stanislav Litvinov in addition to dance is a place for other Hobbies: he plays guitar, and develops acting and oratory, she is fond of literature, travelling and cooking of the peoples of the world. In addition, the dancer has a passion for numismatics: Litvinov collects money from different countries, as well as commemorative coins dedicated to the regions of the Russian Federation.


    Stas Litvinov

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