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  • Name: Stas Kostyushkin ( Stas Kostyushkin )
  • Date of birth: 20 August 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Odessa
  • Height: 192
  • Activity: the Russian singer and poet
  • Marital status: married to Julia Klokova

    Stas Kostyushkin: biography

    Stanislav M. Kostyushkin, like his parents, a native of Odessa. He was born August 20, 1971 in the family of a jazz saxophonist Kadets and the former St. Petersburg fashion models Hope arkadevny Kostyushkina. And yet hometown Stas can rightfully be considered Saint Petersburg. Northern Palmyra took the family Kostyushkina just a year after the boy’s birth. Therefore, the childhood and teenage years were spent in the city on the Neva. Stas Kostyushkin was assigned by the Pope to a music school, where he began seriously studying music and singing. Soon Kostyushkin, Jr. has worked in the school choir. He had a wonderful singing voice, which was struck by all the teachers. But agile guy managed to not only sing and play but to go to judo lessons. In this sport, Stanislav began to seriously deal with the age of 14. But the sport was more of a hobby, because the main dream of the boy were associated with the scene: he saw himself as a dramatic actor.

    After school, Stanislav Kostyushkin took the documents to the local Institute of theatre, music and cinematography. But an accident on the way to the University, he met his friend, knew about the Opera voice Stas. The girl persuaded the guy to seem a familiar teacher from the Conservatory. Professor praised Kostyushkin, saying that he has a great dramatic baritone. But then Stas was only 16 years old. The Conservatory until he could not take, and in school he return is not wanted. Therefore, in order not to lose the year, Stanislav gave the documents to the music College named after Rimsky-Korsakov, selecting the vocal Department.

    In addition to singing lessons, the guy managed to continue to seriously pursue judo. But during training, the unavoidable happened: Stas received a fatal injury – a broken nose. For singing and voice, it had tragic consequences. In the second year of the school in the category of most promising vocalists Kostyushkin moved into the ranks of the incompetent. From the Conservatory Stas expelled.

    But this setback only strengthened the character of the guy. Promising himself that he will sing as before, Stas Kostyushkin went to the Netherlands. With the best teachers of the Conservatory of Amsterdam he went back to singing lessons. Soon the voice was restored. The guy came back to Peter, but not in the school, from which he was expelled. He got a job in children’s theatre. There he met Denis Klyaver. As it turned out during the meeting, father Stas is a favorite musician Denis, Ilya Oleynikov (father of Klyaver) — favorite actor Stas. Ambitious guys are thinking about their musical band.

    Stas Kostyushkin: «Tea for two»

    In 1994 the joint group Kostyushkina and Klyaver called «Tea for two». There were a good producer, who agreed to do the project. Debuted the duet at the concert with Laima Vaikule, who agreed to give them the opportunity to sing it between numbers at concerts. During this time, the partners gained experience and got the right connections into the previously unknown world of show business.

    Soon artists recorded his first solo album. It was a record called «I won’t forget…». She brought the young performers first and very considerable success. «Tea for two» began to actively touring. Soon the Duo started talking about everything.

    In the period from 1998 to 2012, the Duo Kostyushkina and Klyaver worked tirelessly and recorded nine albums. Now it was one of the most popular and exciting bands of the Russian stage. The boys had for the period of their collaborative work to record hundreds of songs. Hits «Laskovaya Moya», «White dress», «Welcome», «birthday» sang to millions of fans of the band.

    The group has given hundreds of concerts in Russia and abroad. Enjoy «Tea for two» listening in Belarus, Ukraine, Israel and in Europe. So for all fans of Kostyushkina and Klyaver was a complete surprise when in 2011, the artists announced that the Duo is no more.

    Stas Kostyushkin: «A-Dessa»

    In 2011, Stas Kostyushkin had surgery that completely removed his old problems with the vocal cords. This allowed the contractor to recall his childhood dream to study singing seriously. He originally planned a solo project. But life has disposed differently and instead of a solo career had a band called Stanley Schulman»s Band. The main repertoire of the children became popular songs of the 30-40-ies of XX century in new original arrangements, written Kostyushkin.

    In 2012, musician and singer presented his new project – a pop band whose name was inspired by his childhood: «A-Dessa». In a short time the group broke into the Russian charts, and has released several hit songs, among which «Fire» and «I can’t dance.»

    Stas Kostyushkin: personal life

    When Stas Kostyushkin after returning from Amsterdam, he worked in children’s theatre «Zazerkalie», he met his future wife

  • Marianne. Their marriage lasted 15 years. Then their relationship soured so much that the couple separated. The pair explained the gap to a busy schedule of touring Stas, to withstand which Marianne could not. The second wife of Stas Kostyushkin became a dancer
  • Olga. With a girl the artist met during a joint concert for the next tour. They married in 2003 and third year. A month after the ZAGS came their son Martin. But family happiness was short-lived: three years later the couple divorced. Personal life Stas Kostyushkin was adjusted in 2006-m year, when the singer met
  • Klokovo Julia, his third wife. In 2006-m to year from Stas and Julia had a son, Bohdan. Now the couple is expecting a second baby.

    Stas Kostyushkin: discography

    • I will not forget…
    • Companion
    • For you
    • Non-native
    • My affectionate…
    • 10 thousand words about love
    • Morning tea
    • Evening tea
    • I’m sorry…
    • Cover versions
    • White dress

    Stas Kostyushkin: photo

    Stas Kostyushkin

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