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  • Name: Stas Baretsky ( Stas Bareckiy )
  • Date of birth: 8 March 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Lomonosov
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: poet, singer, actor, showman
  • Marital status: not married

    Stas Baretsky: biography

    A man of incredible size, shaved head and a crimson jacket unchanged – that the public learned, remembered, and accepted of Stas Beleckogo.

    The singer and showman he was born March 8, 1972 in the town of Lomonosov near St. Petersburg. Here passed his childhood, youth, this is where he lives now.

    Poems Stas began writing from an early age, says they climbed inside and rhymed. Once the lesson of the Russian language, he wrote an essay in verse, much to the surprise of the teacher. And then in the country began restructuring.

    Baretsky enrolled in a vocational school, received the profession of the driver. To work in the specialty he did not — at the age of 16 got a job as a gravedigger at the cemetery. Gang violence, stabbing, shooting – tombs in the time of troubles was missing. Baretsky admits that they paid the brigade a lot, and they divided the income equally. His boss at the time went on the white «Volga», and Stas dreamed of such. Then he got a job as a security guard in the store, he opened his own cafe, but went bankrupt in default. The next business was a grocery store, but he went bankrupt.

    All this time Stas Baretsky wrote poems and songs they decided to record only in 2002. His first admirers were Russian millionaires who have earned the capital in the 90s.


    In 2003-2004, Baretsky has recorded albums «Censorship» and «Censorship-2». Some songs from these albums have hit the radio «Chanson».

    In 2004 songs Stas Beleckogo interested in the duet «fur-Tree toys». The Duo invited him to record a few songs together and performing in St. Petersburg’s clubs. Baretsky agreed. During this period he released his third album «elecro style». Cooperation with the «Christmas toys» was short-lived. As explained later, the singer, they had a different view on music. The Duo loves experimenting, and Stas – chanson.

    In 2005, Stas Baretsky statusaction of the group «Leningrad». Collaboration with the team of Sergey Shnurov lasted three years. He is the author of the songs «Credit» and «tennis heaven».

    Just Baretsky in his career he has released 7 albums. In 2015 he released three solo album – «Die for pop music», «Crimson jacket», «Zero».

    The singer said he takes the chanson, because he is close and name, and the contents of such music. In his opinion, she male, and therefore men should sing. Demand for music today is not, therefore, Baretsky puts your music in the social network. Says that for the creativity he needed it, computer and several assistants, who circulate his work on the Internet.

    Personal life

    The family had not, he lives with an elderly mother. With women he is wrong, he believes, due to the fact that they are looking for handsome men. In an interview, Stas Baretsky has admitted that he found personal happiness in life and with age, the loneliness beginning to like him. The singer said that in recent years very loves himself, looks in the morning in the mirror, and the mood improves.

    Stas Baretsky loves to shock the audience. Publicly set fire to a foreign car and «in the framework of import substitution» is transplanted to the domestic car, it inspects the goods in supermarkets and destroys sanctions products, beats live on Central TV channels. Recently, the singer often appears on the popular television show. Says go on air from boredom. Tickets to Moscow and back him to buy, sometimes you pay extra for the scandal in the show.

    His hobby is workout in a gym, where there are no women and the coach is strict. To travel he doesn’t like to ride with the «Leningrad» in Europe, visited America but was not impressed.


    • «Zero»
    • «Censorship»
    • «Here on the box we were given»
    • «Elecro style»
    • «Disco»
    • «To die for pop music!»
    • «The nineties»
    • «Crimson jacket»


    Stas Baretsky

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