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  • Name: Stanley Kubrick ( Stanley Kubrick )
  • Date of birth: 26 July 1928
  • Age: 70 years
  • Date of death: March 7, 1999
  • Place of birth: new York
  • Height: 169
  • Activity: film Director, screenwriter, producer, editor, cinematographer
  • Marital status: married

    Stanley Kubrick: a biography

    Stanley Kubrick is a famous American film Director, screenwriter, producer and one of the most influential filmmakers of the twentieth century. Characteristics of his films are specific close-UPS, unusual panning, unusual use of classical music.

    Stanley Kubrick was born in new York in the summer of 1928. His ancestors were Jews from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Father Jacob Kubrick was a native of Eastern Galicia, with a degree he was a surgeon. Mother’s name was Gertrude, Perveler, she was a native of Bukovina, was a housewife. Stanley grew up in the Bronx. Kubrick was not religious, despite the fact that Gertrude and Jacob were married according to Jewish tradition. The father taught the son to play chess when he was twelve years old, and from that time, Stanley became obsessed with the game.

    Being a high school student, he became interested in music and even dreamed of becoming a jazz musician. Mother and father provided him with freedom, so Stanley always did what interested him.

    From 1941 to 1945, future filmmaker was in high school. William Howard Taft. In school he studied not very well, so after graduation to go to College, he failed. He says that in school he had. In 1946, Kubrick began attending evening classes at a local College, but soon left them and started looking for work. In 1946, Look magazine took him to work as a photographer, he soon became the staff photographer of the journal. Through this work, Stanley has traveled all over the country. Travel awakened in him a thirst for knowledge. The guy is moonlighting, playing chess at various chess clubs in Manhattan.


    A career in cinematography, Stanley Kubrick began in 1951. First, he filmed on their savings. His first film was the documentary short «Day of the fight» — about the boxer Walter Cartier. The work was successful, and Kubrick began filming a few more movies. In 1953 he produced the first feature film «Fear and desire». In 1955, the screens out the film «killer’s Kiss», which critics estimated positively.

    However, success came to him after the release of the drama «Paths of glory» (1957) with kirk Douglas in the title role. The film, which tells about the events of the First world war, was scandalous, he was even forbidden to show in France.

    In 1960 actor kirk Douglas, who was the Executive producer of the film «Spartacus», invited Stanley in place of the dismissed Director, hoping that the young will be more obedient. But Kubrick immediately replaced the actress performing the main role and made the film the way he wanted to. In hire the film has received 4 awards «Oscar».

    Next was the drama «Lolita» (1962). The film was nominated for seven awards. World fame awaited Stanley Kubrick after «Space Odyssey 2001», which received the award «Oscar» as the film with better special effects. Truly sensational was the painting «a Clockwork orange» (1971), filmed on the novel by Anthony Burgess. The film was banned in the UK due to the fact that there was a lot of sex and violence.

    In 1975, Kubrick filmed a drama, «Barry Lyndon». A movie about the Irish guy who killed the officer of the British army, was repeatedly nominated for «Oscar». In 1980 came the next successful picture — «the Shining». In it, the main role is played by the actor Jack Nicholson. In 1997, Kubrick began work on the drama «eyes wide shut», where he played actors Tom cruise and Nicole Kidman, who at that time was married. This film is his latest work.

    Personal life

    Stanley Kubrick was married three times. His first wife he met when he worked in the magazine Look. In 1948, the young people were married, but their marriage did not last long.

    The second wife of the Director was an American singer and actress Ruth Sobotka. They met on the set of the film «killer’s Kiss», where She played the role of dancer. But with her, he soon divorced.

    With his third wife, German singer Christina Harlan, Kubrick met during the filming of the movie «Paths of glory»: Christine sang in the movie. The couple married in 1958. At that moment, Harlan already had a daughter. Soon the couple had two daughters named Vivian and Anna. In 2009, Anne died of cancer. And Vivian was fascinated by Scientology, stopped to chat with the family.

    Stanley Kubrick didn’t like to talk about his personal life, so rumors and myths about it was more than the truth.


    March 7, 1999, four days after the completed installation of the film «eyes wide shut» Director died in his sleep of a heart attack. Talented Director buried in Hertfordshire (England).

    I think remained unrealized projects. For thirty years he collected materials to make a film about Napoleon Bonaparte, after his death, left a large library, which includes 18 thousand volumes on Napoleon. In 2001, Director Steven Spielberg has shot a fantastic drama «Artificial intelligence», thereby realizing a long dream of Stanley’s life: the first shots of the movie did it.


    • «The shining»
    • «Lolita»
    • «Killer’s kiss»
    • «Flying Padre»
    • «Fear and desire»
    • «A clockwork orange»
    • «Barry Lyndon»
    • «Spartak»
    • «Eyes wide shut»
    • «Destination»


    Stanley Kubrick

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