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  • Name: Stanislav Sadalsky ( Stanislav Sadalskij )
  • Date of birth: 8 August 1951
  • Age: 65 years
  • Place of birth: Sigurdas, Batyrevskiy district, Chuvash ASSR
  • Height: 190
  • Activities: actor, Honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Stanislav Sadalsky: biography

    Stanislav Y. Sadalsky was born on 8 August 1951 in the village of Chkalovsky Chuvash ASSR. And although the actor and considers himself a Russian artist, he has various roots: the Chuvash, Jewish, Polish, Ukrainian. Parents were teachers: his mother taught geography and the father of physical education.

    Like many comic actors, smiling on stage and on television, Sadalsky stores in the heart of the bitter moments of life. At age 12, he was left without a mother. In her death the actor accuses father who beat up his wife and children. With his father, made up of children in the Voronezh boarding school, Sadalsky has not since seen. The younger brother died in 1991, he is buried in St. Petersburg.

    As a young, Sadalsky was looking for loved ones, wanted to be closer to the roots. In 1976 to it from Germany arrives great aunt (from the father of the Jewish relatives). Stanislav is happy and describes that period, «fantastic.» They go in expensive Moscow restaurants, walk, communicate. But «upstairs» I think you care a 75-year-old cousin suspicious, and for communication with foreigners the name of the actor off the movie «Falling last year’s snow».

    Since participation in school performances, it is a strong and growing desire to become an actor. Sadalsky recalls the role of the lady of Tomato.

    Stanislav after school does not fall within one theatrical institution in Moscow. The Commission confuses malocclusion of the actor. In 1969, he still comes in GITIS. Prior to that, he worked as an assistant to Turner at the engine plant in Yaroslavl and occupied the free time of participation in the initiative at the local recreation center.

    After GITIS, in 1973, four theatres offer him a job. The choice fell on the theater im. Mayakovsky. However, there Sadalsky remained only two days. After a quarrel with Andrei Goncharov, Stanislav Y. goes to «Contemporary». The whole 8 years the artist has not received one lead. Resentful and misunderstood, he leaves the theater.

    Cinema and theatre

    «City first love». Zacharias and Would. Yashin — the first film that plays Stanislav Sadalsky in the days of the students. But the audience will love it later, in 1974, with the release of the film «Three days in Moscow». Critics praised his first big role.

    The most vivid and memorable can be called the role Sadalsky in «the meeting Place cannot be changed» Govorukhin and «About the poor hussar say a word» Ryazanov.

    More than 90 interesting roles listed in the record of the actor. Distinguishes itself Sadalsky of them work. Zaichikova in the film «To whom God would send.»

    It is so colorful and organic in comic roles, the famous «Jumble» was filmed as much as 9 times. No one has beaten this record.

    Today, the actor returned to theatrical activities. It is possible to enjoy the game in antrepriznyh performances of «Freaks», «the Naked truth», «Divorce in Moscow» and many others. The actor said:

    «I played brilliantly, even the enemies recognize. You come along and see how to play. Immodestly? Modesty will leave the losers and I’m happy»


    Sadalsky voice sounded on the radio «Silver rain», «RDV». He is the author of the program «Show a Lonely Clown». In the program together with Tina Kandelaki, and then with Nina Ruslanova he talked about an interesting, unusual people — mystics, artists, adventurers. And, of course, jokes Sadalsky graced the airwaves. We all remember funny jokes ever nezhdanchik» when he called famous people.

    Few people know that Stanislav Yurievich — member of the Union of journalists of Russia. Not only did he broadcast on the radio, but also published in «Komsomolskaya Pravda», «Express-newspaper», wrote several biographical books.

    Sadalsky in the blog in LiveJournal

    Stanislav Sadalsky has a blog in «LiveJournal» and does it brilliantly. This controversial blog is one of the most popular in Russia. In it, he wittily talks about the news from your life, about friends and people who he is interested in, dealing with political news.

    Public outcry causes Sadalsky attitude to Mikheil Saakashvili. In 2007 he was a Trustee policy and still enjoys his friendly disposition. Sadalsky supports Saakashvili, which is openly said in his blog.

    Personal life

    Officially Stanislav Y. married. However, the Finnish wife who became such in the 70-ies, has been living with her daughter in Helsinki. A daughter born in 1975, it was called, Perio. Unfortunately, she does not know Russian and dad saw each other only 2 times.

    Now Stanislav Sadalsky alone.


    • «The cat in the bag»
    • «The meeting place cannot be changed»
    • «Station for two»
    • «Lady with a parrot»
    • «About the poor hussar say a word»
    • «Confrontation»
    • «The imaginary invalid»
    • «The Temptation Of Don Juan»
    • «The smile of God or purely Odessa history»
    • «Happy New year, moms!»


    Stas Sadalsky with mom on the tree

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