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  • Name: Stanislav Popov ( Stanislav Popov )
  • Date of birth: 4 August 1947
  • Age: 69 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: President of the Russian dance Union, Vice-President of the world Federation of dancing sports.
  • Marital status: married

    Stanislav Popov : biography

    In every art form there are iconic names which you can navigate, like the stars. When it comes to ballroom dancing, we have such a shining star in the person of Stanislav Popova. Looking ahead, I can say that the dance couple Stanislav and Ludmila Popov became a legend ballroom dance in the Soviet Union. Such popularity and such a sky-high level of skill, it seems, since they never managed to reach no one.

    Stanislav Popov was born in a cultured Moscow family. Was educated in the magnificent Metropolitan school of the Academy of pedagogical Sciences. Stanislav from early childhood was active and athletic guy. To dance he liked from a young age, but first of all the free time he gave to the sport. At the age of 17 Stanislav Popov achieved excellent results in triathlon, becoming the winner of Moscow championship. But on our laurels is not stopped and soon he was the master of sports in pentathlon.

    Ballroom dancing with Stanislav Popov met when he was 15. In dancing school, which was located in Sokolniki, his older brother led. He was fascinated by everything: the plasticity of dancing couples, proud of the greatness and extraordinary tenderness of the dance, classical music, atmosphere of the hall. He immediately fell in love with everything I saw and from that moment, as the brother began to attend classes.

    But the idea to link their future life with this wonderful art form came to Stanislav Popov much later. In 1972, the young man became a student of the Metropolitan energy of the University, choosing a fairly serious and prestigious specialty «industrial electronics». But only dancing, Stanislav felt true and all-embracing happiness. Soon the priests realized that the further life goes well only when he will do what he likes. Such as ballroom dancing.

    Dancing career

    To start ballroom dancing at the age of 15, hoping for great results, pretty safe. But we should not forget that Stanislav Popov has achieved success in the pentathlon, which includes such sports as jumping, swimming, running, shooting and fencing. Great physical training and plastic, which managed to achieve, swimming and fencing were helping the guy to achieve the same results as dancers with years of experience. And, of course, a huge desire to succeed, to catch up with peers and become the best did the trick.

    The first permanent partner in ballroom dancing came to Stanislav Popov, when he was 18 years old. It was then, in 1967, brother Stanislaus to Anne of Kushnareva. Popov’s first teacher was Bruno Belousov, the head of the Studio House of culture «Chemist». It is noteworthy that in the tournaments, which were awarded prizes. The incentive to improve was outstanding.

    The legendary couple Stanislav and Ludmila Popov was formed in 1968. However, the first pair was called a little differently: Stanislav Popov and Lyudmila Borodina. Only 6 years later, in 1974, when they married, began performances under the General name.

    With Amateur dance at the professional Stanislav and Ludmila moved in 1981. At the time dancer was 34 years old. In 80-ball Duo Popov became a legend. The first dance festival in Dresden was marked by the success of Soviet pair.

    Thanks to Ludmila and Stanislaw, the Soviet Union has long been «ahead of the rest» in the field of ballroom dancing. Popov has generally participated in more than a hundred tournaments. The most successful tournaments in the Baltic States: «Amber couple» in Kaunas, «Riga autumn», «Tallinn regatta» and «spring Tallinn», «Vilnius». Then the Duo began to win prizes in foreign countries: in the GDR, Finland, Austria, Bulgaria.

    A very good example of the popularity of ballroom Duo Popov can be called the case of the invitation pairs at the London dance world Cup. In the USSR at that time there was an unwritten rule: Western country not to go more than once every six months. Stanislav and Lyudmila performed wonderfully at the festival of Europe in England. They were immediately invited to the peace festival in London. In order to make a decision on this pair, the meeting gathered international Department of the CPSU Central Committee. Decided to let go.

    But in London again, Popov won a prize and they were again invited to the largest Winter festival which was a real event in the dance world. All participants arrived in Blackpool at the expense of his country: participation in this competition was considered the top recognition of the skill of the dancers, accordingly, increased the prestige of the participating countries. For the Soviet pair, the founders of the festival made an unprecedented exception: made a decision to pay all the costs of stay, including travel and expenses. But authorities showed extraordinary vigilance: a couple is not released from the Union. Moreover, Popov 3 years began to travel abroad.

    The last joint performance by Stanislav and Ludmila Popov was held in Tokyo in 1988. At the festival «All Stars World Champions» with the legendary Duo has arranged a special farewell ceremony. After a few months with his fans in his native country, the pair said goodbye at the first International ballroom dance competition, which was held in Moscow.

    In 1991 Stanislav and Ludmila Popov was invited to work in the United States. Stanislav Popov 5 years he taught ballroom dancing in Seattle. He was given a special green card. Prior to 1995, Popov as a mentor visited the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Germany.

    He returned home by himself. Ludmila Popova has remained to live and work in the United States.

    In our time

    In 1984, before his final return to Russia, Stanislav Popov was elected President of the Russian dance Union. Recently, RTS has received the right to participate in the work of international organizations – the world dance Council (WD&DSC).

    In 1988 Popov organized the first all-USSR ballroom dancing competition. It was held in capital USZ «Friendship».For many years, the famous choreographer took part in the world dance Council. For several years he was Vice-President of the WDC, which possessed special powers. Since 2001, under the leadership of Popov in Russia regularly hosts official WDC Championships for a variety of programs: Latin American, European, 10 dance.

    In 2013, Popov was awarded the title «honorary Vice-President of WDC». He is also a master and dancing master are held in Moscow, Viennese balls. In the same capacity, only «Russian points» he made in Alma ATA, Vienna, Baden-Baden, Palma de Mallorca and Montreux.

    Personal life

    First wife of Stanislav Popova, known to have been Ludmila Borodina. Together this lovely couple have lived for 20 years. They had a daughter Ksenia. But after moving to Russia, Stanislav G. the couple divorced. Lyudmila Popova stayed with her daughter in America. Ksenia did not follow the footsteps of their parents, but she is also a creative person – singer. In the 16 years she has managed to take 2nd place at the Washington competition, the soprano, and in 2 years he rose to the top step.

    The second wife of the famous dancer – Irina Ostroumova. To this marriage was born a son, Nikita. But some time after his son’s birth the couple separated. Now they have friendly relations.

    Personal life Stanislav Popov, in our days, is the third wife Tatiana Pechernikova. She also studied dance, but then found himself in another area: he graduated from the American University of Economics and business. She speaks fluently 5 languages. In his spare time helps her husband to prepare the debutantes at the Vienna balls.


    Stanislav Popov and Lyudmila Borodina

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