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  • Name: Stanislav Malkov ( Stanislav Malkov )
  • Date of birth: 10 August 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: a Manager in logistics
  • Marital status: married

    Stanislav Fry: a biography

    Stanislav Malkov – professional in the field of logistics. Has a vast experience of management activities on organization of international transport.

    He was born August 10, 1972. He graduated in 1995, training at the famous school of Saint-Petersburg University of Economics and Finance, resulting in Fry defended a diploma in the field of commercial logistics. Later Stanislav successfully wrote the candidate’s paper on logistics and supply chain management in retail chains, and that was the reason for the degree of candidate of economic Sciences.


    First Fry Stanislav held one of the positions in the British trading house ED&FMan, which had a branch in Russia. This is a company with a long history, which began in 1783. Trading House became one of the leaders among the sugar giants.

    Stanislav later worked as a Manager in various companies, both Russian and foreign origin. Among them were such major corporations as Unilever Group, established by the entrepreneurs of the UK and the Netherlands and is known for its status as a world leader in the food market and the market of household chemicals and perfumes.

    Stanislav Malkov worked in Sigma Trans, domestic companies that provide logistics services. One of the stages of his career was the work in JSC «Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg», which was the company managing the port. JSC has provided services to more than 2000 enterprises from different countries for transshipment of cargo. The activities of this company contributed to the successful decision of problems of the Russian transport market.

    Stanislav Malkov

    In 2006-2014 Stanislav Malkov was one of the shareholders is known internationally logistics holding company ULS Global. A group of companies, whose activities cover many countries, including Russia, Turkey, Europe, and Asia. The holding company provides services of transport, logistics, services forwarding character. ULS Global is known for the fact that his work is based on the design of optimal schemes of cargo delivery routes, which allows to reduce the costs and time of transportation.

    2014 Stanislav Fry is the head of the Pulse Express. Is a company engaged in Express delivery across Russia, as well as handling Internet, with a special postal license. Pulse Express organizes its activities, offering their services at prices that are both flexible and ability to compete in cost with other companies. The staff consists of qualified professionals with experience in first-class service to every customer. All this has enabled the company headed by Stanislav Mashkovym, to take a position one of the leaders in the market of transport and forwarding services of international level.

    Personal life

    Fry Stanislaw married. Has two children


    Stanislav Malkov

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