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  • Name: Stanislav Lyubshin ( Stanislav Lyubshin )
  • Date of birth: 6 April 1933
  • Age: 83 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Stanislav Lyubshin: biography

    Stanislav Lyubshin was born on 6 April 1933 in the suburbs. There, in the village of Vladykino, and he spent his childhood. His father was an agronomist and her mother was a cowgirl. The family lived modestly. Stanislav eldest of three children in the family. To help parents, it is 8 years already got used to heavy farm labor. At first the boy was removed from daws state farm trees in the garden, then worked as a watchman.

    Rural women used to get up at 4 in the morning and lay to rest close to midnight. No entertainment was not, so they organized an Amateur theatrical circle. On a makeshift stage put serious performances, and Lusina mom always sang them leading roles. Since then, the boy and became interested in theatre.

    In school years he began to attend the drama club, but after high school, enrolled in College, then served in the army. Specialty Stanislav did not work, although the Director of the College asked him to stay.

    Before entering the theater Institute the guy consulted with his parents. Stanislav Lyubshin recalls that her mother cried, father was silent, then agreed, but on condition that the son will be the leading actor. The boy entered the Schepkin drama school, and in 1959, has become a certified actor.


    His first role in the graduation performance «Optimistic tragedy» was a landmark in the destiny. Talented guy noticed Oleg Tabakov and recommended it to «Contemporary». Soon, the debut Lusina on the legendary stage. It so happened that urgently needed a replacement actor Oleg Tabakov busy in another show. Stanislav Lyubshin coped with the role of the Warblers in the play «Five evenings».

    In «Sovremennik» theatre, he worked for 4 years. During this time the Grouse has played in «Two colors» and Henry and Christian in «the Naked king». In 1964-67. Stanislav Lyubshin worked at the Taganka theater. He is remembered to the audience for the performances of «a Hero of our time» and «the Good person of Szechwan». Stanislav Lyubshin was working in the Theater. Yermolova Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya. In 1981 he moved to the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov, where he delighted the audience with their talent.

    The actor said that after long wanderings had found his stage, because he has the personality of a Chekhovian actor. Mat on stage, he played in productions of «Three sisters», «the Cherry orchard», «Ivanov», «Boris Godunov» and many others.


    Stanislaus Lusina invited to a movie shortly after graduating from College, but the popularity of the early roles did not bring him. The audience knew the actor after the film «Zastava Ilyich», filmed in 1963. Warbler Kostikov in his performance turned out to be real, authentic, and Directors noted intelligent game Lusina. The film was criticized by Khrushchev, after which it was returned for revision. Two years later, she came out with a different title «I’m twenty years» and received the award of the Venice film festival.

    In childhood Lyubshin wanted to fight against the Nazis even came to volunteer in the military – did not take. But in 1967 he was invited to the role of spy Alexander Belov in the series «Shield and sword». The serial film was successful, loved by millions of Soviet viewers, and Stanislav Lyubshin became a popular actor. His only concern was that the Directors offered him the same type of role. He refused and waited his time.

    In 1970 the film Director Vasily Orda suggested Lublino the role of Commissar Amelin in the drama «Red square». His character was a fanatic, obsessed with the idea of revolution. For the sake of ideas he is willing to sacrifice himself. Two years later Stanislav Lyubshin played the scientist in the film «Monologue», and two years later, audiences saw him in the role polublatnogo thief in the film, «Xenia, beloved wife of Theodore». He also played in the TV series «My life», the movie «Pechki-Lavochki», the drama «the Steppe».

    Stanislav Lyubshin was a long time before his directorial debut. In the 70s he had a chance to make a film based on the novel by Vasily Shukshin «Call me in a distance light», but officials of the state refused him. The film was released in 1977, three years after the death of Shukshin: this time the initiative came not from the actors and from the management of «Mosfilm». Stanislav Lyubshin was not only a Director but also played in the picture of her husband-loser, drunkard, and loses himself. For this work, the actor and Director received a prize at the International festival.

    One of the best roles Stanislaus Lusina was the role of Alexander Ilyin in the film by Nikita Mikhalkov’s «Five evenings». «Perhaps,» he began with the same play. Partner of the actor in the film was Lyudmila Gurchenko. After the release of «Five evenings» on the screens Lyubshin was the second time recognized as the best actor of the year.

    In 1980, Stanislav Andreevich played Woodward in the drama «do Not shoot in white swans». In the same year he directed his second film as a Director — it was the drama «Three years» in Anton Chekhov’s play. Among his acting works of the period should highlight the cult movie «kin-DZA-DZA».

    Today Stanislav Lyubshin rarely appears on television. He starred in the TV series «the Rider named Death» and the movie «the Manor».

    Personal life

    Stanislav Lyubshin was married twice. His first wife Svetlana he lived for 44 years. They met when he was a College student, and Svetlana, a student at Timiryazev Academy, came to the village to practice.

    24 Feb 1955, the couple had a son Yuri. Later he became a cameraman. October 5, 1964, was born the son of Vadim. He continued his father’s work.

    The second wife of Stanislav Lusina journalist Irina Korneeva. She’s younger than the actor almost 40 years. They met in Poland, where broke novel.

    Svetlana Lyushina grieved at the affair of her husband and the ensuing divorce. She now does not believe in the sincerity of feelings, said that Irina is the ability to appear in public next to a famous person. However, when Lyubshin was in intensive care with a stroke, Irina never left him. She was there and helped the actor to recover. Its 80-th anniversary of Stanislav Andreevich met with her.


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    Stanislav Lyubshin

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