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  • Name: Stanislav Doinikov ( Stanislav Duzhnikov )
  • Date of birth: 17 may 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Saransk
  • Height: 192
  • Activities: Actor
  • Marital status: civil marriage with Catherine of Volga

    Stanislav Doinikov: biography

    Stanislav Doinikov — an unusual actor, doesn’t exactly fit the image of movie star which emerged in the public consciousness. Stas does not fit the character of a courageous superhero, and more like a guy from a neighboring yard, the same as hundreds around. No Hollywood smile, nor the intense looking actor has not, but this image helped him to gain popularity and to catch the fancy of millions of viewers around the CIS.

    Stanislav was born on 17 may 1973 in Saransk — the capital of the Republic of Mordovia. The boy grew up in a family of doctors: his mother was a pediatrician and her father a surgeon. The actor recalls childhood as a happy time when it was possible to go for mushrooms in the woods, walk in the fresh air and enjoy freedom. Cloudless memories spoiled only by the fact that Stas’s parents divorced when he was a teenager.

    Since the seventh grade, the future actor lived in the village of Staroye Shaygovo, where his upbringing was engaged grandmother. Under the leadership of Anastasia Feodorovna Stas learned to cook and perform household tasks. On arrival in the village Doinikova almost immediately involved in a school theatrical circle, but not as an actor but as a labor force. After some time, the teenager was asked to play the role of the stepmother in the play «Cinderella.» The scene was so fascinated Doinikova that since he became obsessed with the idea of becoming a professional actor.

    First, Stanislav tried to enroll in the Kazan Institute of culture. However, the guy was not lucky, because in that year gained the target rate for the Kazan drama theatre. In order to pass the competition, you need to know the Tatar language, which the actor never studied. That is why Doinikova had to return home, where he easily entered the Saransk school of culture at the faculty of directing.

    After a year, Stas realized that in Mordovia for him, no prospects and space for creativity. The possibilities began about four hundred kilometers to the North, in Moscow, so Doinikov dropped out, Packed up and went to the capital.

    Goal by Stanislav was drama school named Shchukin, where to get was very difficult. On the way to the dream of the ambitious young man had to live in poverty, relying only on yourself. Incredible household savvy young man helped him in that period. Stanislav managed to find a room in the capital in exchange for help around the house. In spite of that, the young man was able to gain a foothold in the capital and send money back home.

    Get a few failures from the jury the Shchukin school, the young man entered the Moscow Institute of contemporary art, but trying to get into the desired University left. Fourth time with Stanislav still reached their goal. Then the actor came under the leadership of actor Evgeny Knyazev and graduated in 1998.

    Stanislav Doinikov: theatre

    Immediately after graduation Stanislav went to the Theatre named after Gogol, where from 1998 to 2000, played supporting roles in several performances. Doinikov played the role of a lawyer Zelko in the play «Get to Milan,» Andrew Likhutina in the play «Petersburg» and others. In 1999, the actor was invited to the newly created Michael Efremov and Mikhail Gorev theatre «Factory of theatrical events». This was the first but not last experience of the actor in the repertory company.

    In 2001 he was invited to the troupe under the direction of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. This collaboration, which lasted eight years, was a beneficial experience for the young actor, who was able during this time to gain experience and make useful contacts in the acting environment.

    Finally, in 2009 a dream come true Doinikova. The dramatic talent of the actor noticed and appreciated Oleg Tabakov invited Stanislav to work at the Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov. The actor himself said in an interview that working in a theatre — a great success for any artist, and the gracious offer of the meter he was very flattered.

    Stanislav perfectly accustomed to the way we are surprised from «Marriage» by Gogol, and Dr. Myers from the play «Diva». Now the actor continues to play at the Art theatre, in parallel acting in a movie.

    Stanislav Doinikov: movies

    Stanislav made his film debut in 1995, as a student of the Shchukin school. Stas has played a bit part guy in the red shirt in the film «mistress into maid», where he worked on the same site with a rising star Elena Korikova. After that, the actor starred in small roles in several films.

    The casting of the film «DMB», made famous by Stanislaw Doinikova, the young actor was completely random, coming for a company with colleagues from the Theater named Gogol. The image of the slut «Bomb» instantly memorable to the audience, and the film was a resounding success that in the same year it was decided to shoot its sequel.

    In 2001, Doinikov took part in the filming of the black Comedy «Down house», where he starred Ivan Okhlobystin and Fyodor Bondarchuk. The following year saw a new and significant role. Stanislav played detective Michael Dotsenko in the popular TV series «Kamenskaya 2» remember the Russian fans of the detective series.

    A new round of popularity Stanislaus Dudnikova came in 2007, when he published the first part of the film «Paragraph 78». In this movie Stas worked in tandem with Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Gosha Kutsenko. Unfortunately, despite the stellar cast, the film flopped at the box office, not repulsed and half of the time spent on its production assets.

    From 2010 to the present day, Stanislav Doinikov starred in the role of Laziness in the series «

  • Voroniny,» the adaptation of the American sitcom. For the role of a fat, ridiculous, but good COP actor has gained 20 kg in two months. In the words of Stas, no regrets for this reason he does not feel, because the way in which one had to get used to, he loved it. The role of Leonid Voronin and now remains the most recognizable in the repertoire of the actor. At the moment, the actor not only plays in the theater and in films, but also voiced roles in films and cartoons, both Russian and foreign production. In particular, his voice tells the character Ralph from the disney cartoon.

    Stanislav Doinikov: personal life

    His first wife

  • Kristina Babushkina actor met at a friend’s birthday. The young people immediately started talking, but after a year and a half after meeting broke out between them deep feelings. Soon the lovers were married, and in 2007 they had a daughter. The pair have long worked in the theatre, so the couple seemed to be a model acting family. However, in 2010, Kristina and Stas broke up. According to the former wife, was passion. It is unknown whether this is so, but in any case, the actors managed to maintain friendly relations and daughter they are raising together. Now Stanislav is in a relationship with a florist and a designer
  • Catherine Volga.

    Stanislav Doinikov: filmography

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    Stanislav Doinikov: photo

    Stanislav Doinikov

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