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  • Name: Stanislav Cherchesov ( Stanislav Cherchesov )
  • Date of birth: 2 September 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Alagir, North Ossetia
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: football coach, former goalkeeper, a player of team Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Stanislav Cherchesov: biography

    Stanislav Cherchesov is a Russian football coach, as a player, defended the gates of different clubs and national teams of the USSR and Russia. He was born in North Ossetia, in a large family. His father, who worked as a bus driver, except Stanislaus had four daughters. The boy loved the game of millions. In children’s sports school, he was immediately put on the gate, but the top almost to the end of school ran into the field as a striker.

    In 18 years the young man got into the main part of the club «Spartak» from Ordzhonikidze, and three years later, proved to be excellent in the «frame», moved to Moscow team-mates. There Stanislav became the understudy of the legendary goalkeeper Rinat Dasaev, however, he the moment held the number one position is quite rare. A major player Cherchesov was only in 1989, after a year of renting in the Moscow «Locomotive».

    Later the footballer played for the German club Dynamo Dresden and the team of the Austrian Tyrol, where he completed his professional performances. If early in his career, Stanislav Cherchesov could prevent annoying mistakes, in the 90 years he was characterized by such qualities as instant decision, great response and analyzing their own mistakes.

    In addition, the goalkeeper was different incredible will and belief in yourself. During a speech in Tyrol Cherchesov had to leave the pitch with an injury. Match aggravated damage, and in the end the player had a surgery to replace the cartilage. All doctors in one voice saying that after such medical intervention, it is impossible to return to the sport. Written off Stanislaus and in the Austrian team.

    But he began to train hard, gritting his teeth and ignoring the pain. In the end Cherchesov not only regained his place in goal, but with the club lifted the Cup champion. For the shown will of the Russian goalkeeper was awarded a special prize «the Return of the season.»

    Long acted Stanislav Cherchesov and for the national team of his country. Moreover, he is still considered the record as the oldest player that ever took the field in the shirt of the home team Russia. His last match he played at the age of 36 years and 174 days. Was the goalkeeper is included in the application and at the 2002 world Cup, when he was already 38 years old, but on the pitch in any match of the tournament did not.

    Coaching career

    After a career football player and passing the necessary courses, which allow to obtain a license coach, Stanislav Cherchesov has headed the Austrian club «Kufstein», then a team from the same country «Vakker-Tirol».

    In 2006, the coach returned to Russia to stand at the helm of Spartak Moscow. Working there turned out to be ambiguous. On the one hand, Cherchesov statistically became the most successful coach after retiring from the post of the legend of «Spartacus» Oleg Romantsev and won silver medals of the championship. And with another – under his leadership, the Moscow team suffered two historical devastating defeat from CSKA and Kiev «Dynamo». In addition, Stanislav Salamovich sent to reserve two favorites Spartak fans, the Russian Egor Titov and Maxim Kalinichenko, Ukrainian. It is also not added to the popularity of the Ossetian coach.

    Later Cherchesov coached Sochi «the Pearl», the Grozny «Terek» in Perm «Amkar» and Moscow «Dynamo». With many of these clubs he achieved historic victories and occupied the highest places on the results of the tournaments. In the fall of 2015 Stanislav Cherchesov was appointed head coach of Polish team Legia. In just one season, Russian coach was able to return to the Warsaw club leaders and make a Golden double, that is to win the first place in the League and win the Cup of Poland.

    But on 1 June 2016, the management of «Legia» and coach Stanislav Cherchesov made a joint decision about the termination of cooperation. The cause was a divergence in vision for the further development of the flagship of Polish football. And in August it became known that the ambitious professional approved for the post of chief coach of the Russian team was unable to overcome the group stage of the European Championship in France. Now Cherchesov will prepare a soccer wife to a home World Championships to be held in the Russian cities in 2018.

    Personal life

    Stanislav Cherchesov married years. His chosen name is Alla in education, she is an English teacher. In their family were born two children – daughter Madina and son Stanislav. Cherchesov, Jr. is not only the namesake of his father, but decided to continue his work. Now we can talk about the goalkeeping dynasty Cherchesova. The young man who protects the gate of the Moscow «Dynamo».

    By the way, as the children of Alla and Stanislav grew up abroad, and even in the family of a teacher of foreign languages, they know not only native Russian and Ossetian, but also fluent in German, English, French and Italian.

    Stanislav Cherchesov did not smoke or abuse alcohol. He is very calm and never yells nor in training or during matches. Moreover, all his friends know that the anger he shows just the opposite way: if a man lowers his voice to a whisper, so he is on edge. And the most soothing thing for Stanislav Salamovich is solving puzzles of all types. Especially often he enlists their assistance during air travel.


    Stanislav Cherchesov

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