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  • Name: Stanislav Yarushina ( Stanislaus Whip )
  • Date of birth: 14 January 1981
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Chelyabinsk
  • Activities: entertainer, actor, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married to Elena Arsinoe

    Stanislav by Yarushina: biography

    The star of the Club of Cheerful and Resourceful, comedian, actor Stanislav by Yarushina was born in 1981 in Chelyabinsk. In this industrial town spent his childhood and youth of the future humorist, here he graduated from the local school No. 46.

    It is interesting that love to performances and KVN Stanislav inherited from his father. Yarushina Sr. led a school team of Club Cheerful and Resourceful. Perhaps thanks to his father, our hero has become a good comedian. After graduation Stanislav arrives in Chelyabinsk technical University on the specialty of farmer-engineer. The guy is not as interested in training as KVN team «Line of separation», here he spends most of his free time. The University team has not achieved great success, but a bright personality Stanislaus Yarushina noticed and invited to play for the team of «Compatriots», more commonly known as the «County town».

    Stanislav Yarushina by: KVN

    The first «Countrymen» was known, but after the unification with the guys from Magnitogorsk and renaming «

  • The County town» team reached the top of popularity. In 1999, the team becomes champion of the First League and are promoted to the Higher League of KVN. «County town» fast enough takes the leading position and won the respect of colleagues and popularity among viewers. The boys received awards one after another: «Small Kivinen», «Summer Cup», «Big kivin in light.» In 2002, the «County town» was awarded the title of Champions League.

    Unfortunately, after a series of victories the team has been disorder, and it disintegrated. Stanislav by Yarushina not going to throw KVN, he created his own team «

  • Moon» (Persons Of The Ural Nationality). The club performed very well and the guys had a lot of bright rooms, but the gold medal in the Highest League they failed to win. The highest achievement was second place in 2006.

    Stanislav by Yarushina: TV

    After such a successful career Kvnschiki Stanislav begins to master the TV. In 2008 Arosio offer to become the leading program «the color of the nation» on STS channel. It was his first successful experience on television. A year talented are invited to host a Comedy show musical character «All our way.» Next was the entertainment program «Yesterday live», «Big city» and others. Yarushina proved once again that a talented person is talented in everything.

    And when the artist was invited to try yourself in a new role as a Comedy actor, he readily agrees. Yarushina became the new star of the famous TV series «

  • Univer». It is noteworthy that Stanislav worked on the sitcom not only as an actor but as a screenwriter. Despite the fact that his hero is not very positive character, the audience liked it. So the actor not only starred in the sitcom, but also in the continuation of the series «Univer. The new Dorm» and in the new project «I». When the world Comedy series was fully developed, the actor decided to try something new, and accepts the new series «General Sobolev». At the moment, comedian and experienced actor active in films and tries his capabilities in a completely other areas. For example, he became the frontman for one of the basketball team «CSKA». In addition, Stanislav has mastered sound. Relatively recently, the artist was voiced by famous Hollywood cartoon «monsters University». However, this is only the beginning, the former KVN player, comedian, TV presenter and actor has a lot of plans that he is going to successfully bring to life.

    Stanislav by Yarushina: personal life

    Thanks to a successful career Kvnschiki Stanislav has always been the ultimate catch. So to win the heart of the daughter of the mayor of Kopeisk

  • Polina Biserova was not much difficulty. A couple of a long time met, after which the young people were married, but the couple has lived together for long. After the divorce by Yarushina especially not discouraged and quickly announced a new relationship. With his second wife
  • Alena Stanislav met on the set of the series «Univer». Novel lovers did not last long before they legalized their relationship. The wedding was small and modest, it was attended by only close relatives and friends. However, the happy couple, recently Elena and Stanislav was born second child – a son. The couple already growing up the eldest daughter Stefania.

    Stanislav Yarushina by: filmography

    • Univer
    • Univer. New Dorm
    • I
    • Yesterday live
    • All our
    • Big city
    • The color of the nation

    Stanislav by Yarushina: photo

    Stanislav Yarushina

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