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  • Name: Stanislav Bondarenko ( Bondarenko Stanislav )
  • Date of birth: 2 July 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Unknown
  • Height: 190
  • Activities: Actor
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Stanislav Bondarenko: biography

    Russian theatre and film actor Stanislav Bondarenko G. was born 2 July 1985 in the city Dneprorudnoe Zaporozhye region (Ukraine). The actor has a big family: consolidated older brother and two sisters. Svetlana and Veronica were born, when Stas was nine years old. As for the parents, the father is engaged in construction and repair of cars, my mom works as an assistant stylist.

    His childhood he spent in his homeland. But when he was eleven years old, the family moved to Moscow. School Stas was a good student, was an active child with different Hobbies. He studied dancing, went to karate, at that time about acting as a profession, the boy not even thought of. After graduating from high school he wanted to enter the Moscow aviation University, but one case changed his mind.

    Stanislav Bondarenko in childhood
    Stanislav Bondarenko in childhood | stuki-druki

    Dance Studio, where he studied Stas invited to the evening concert GITIS. During the performance of a talented guy noticed one of the leaders of the school. He suggested Bondarenko audition, thus, Stas has entered GITIS. He worked in the workshop of Chomsky and Teplyakov. Bondarenko was a diligent student, so it quickly became one of the best on the course and received an enhanced mayor’s scholarship.


    To be in the movie, the young actor began in the third year. At the insistence of the agent, Stanislav went to audition for the TV series «Talisman of love», and, to his surprise, he gets a major role – womanizer Pavel Uvarov. Such roles often embody the actor and not only in movies but also on stage. Therefore, the main audience of actors – it’s the girls and women of all ages.

    After the «Talisman of love» Stanislav got a lot of interesting proposals. The next role was the role of Nikolai Martinov (the killer of Lermontov) in the movie «From the flame and light». The image of a bold, strong but a bit arrogant young man Bondarenko explicitly managed. These characters are usually inflammatory and often in conflict with other women. What actually happened to Lermontov.

    Later, it was such a picture «Trap», «Sin», «Captain’s children», etc

    Stanislav Bondarenko
    Stanislav Bondarenko | Filme

    In 2008, Bondarenko starred in the series «provincial», he plays Mark Gorin – a spoiled son of rich parents, which is changed after the appearance in his life girls from the province. This role cemented Bondarenko the status of a popular actor and an idol of the female audience.

    After the «Provincial» was still a lot of roles. Actor active in films, in a year with her participation coming out three or four paintings. About the theatre Bondarenko also tries not to forget.

    Since 2006, the artist performs on stage of the Mossovet Theatre, he was invited back immediately after graduation. As in the movie Stanislav mainly embodies the usual roles of hero-lover. In this way it feels natural, so the performance is very believable.

    Personal life

    Bondarenko happily married to the actress Julia Chiplevel. The actor met his future wife in the early years as a student. Young people are met in educational theatre. Julia attended the acting course, and Stanislav studied at GITIS.

    But a serious relationship began after the second chance meeting. When we first met, the actor has lost the girl’s number and met her quite by accident a few years for the celebration of the birthday of mutual friend. This time Bondarenko was not taken aback and began to care for Julia. The couple married in 2008. The couple first child was born — son mark.

    Julia Tsepliaeva son mark
    Julia Tsepliaeva with mark | Intermedia

    For years, the pair was considered to be one of the strongest, however, in the beginning of 2015, Stanislav Bondarenko and Yulia Tsepliaeva broke up. The reasons for the separation are unknown, the actor, as before, takes an active part in the upbringing of his son.


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    Stanislav Bondarenko

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