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  • Name: Spartak Sumchenko ( Spartak Sumchenko )
  • Date of birth: 16 may 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married Olesya Zheleznyak

    Spartak Sumchenko: biography

    Spartak V., Samchenko – actor of Russian cinema, has played in 41 film. Born Spartak Sumchenko in the capital on 16 may 1973. His father, whom the actor owes its outstanding physical characteristics, it is considered one of the most active distributors of bodybuilding in Russia. Mother – a teacher-psychologist. Early in his career he successfully taught at the Moscow pedagogical College. Later he became Director of an elite private school.

    Spartak Sumchenko
    Spartak Sumchenko | Cinemania

    Despite the fact that Spartacus was reared in teaching family behavior, he often «lame». Active boy was even expelled from their home school for inappropriate behaviour and constant missing lessons. To finish the rebel had in another school. But in spite of this, the average score of the certificate allowed Sumchenko to enroll in College and subsequently to receive the diploma of teacher of primary classes.

    The intention of the parents, the next stage of training was supposed to be pedagogical Institute. But, not long after working in the school, their son went into the army. When he returned, flatly refused this idea.

    Spartak Sumchenko
    Spartak Sumchenko | Cinemania

    First steps on stage were made while in College – Spartak took an active part in student productions. At the same time he discovered his talent for music and joined the Department of classical guitar children’s music school.

    Proved very useful and preparatory courses of the Institute of Cinematography, where Sumchenko got the advice of his friend – actor Valery Belyaev. All this was a good base for a promising artist and let him without problems to enter the theater Institute. Schukin.

    Theatrical career

    The first job of the newly minted actor was Ramtha. On the stage, Sumchenko performed several minor roles. Among them Signor Capulet («Romeo and Juliet»), soldier in the «Captain’s daughter» and Alfredo in «Orpheus».

    However, late in the youth theatre of the Spartak V. long – in 1999 the Director Mirzoyev invited him to the theater of Stanislavsky.

    Spartak Sumchenko
    Spartak Sumchenko | Rating actors

    Further theatrical career of the actor was not very successful. On account of his three starring roles in the theater of Stanislavsky and five secondary in the Vakhtangov theatre, where Spartacus worked from 2001 to 2006. But on the silver screen talent, Sumchenko revealed more clearly.


    Tall and a decent weight, Sumchenko defined its role for years to come. Police officers, security guards, criminal elements, colorful fairy – tale characters- here is a brief list of played by them images.

    Popularity brought Sumchenko and the role of the former criminal in the action-Packed TV series «the Game», where the main role was played by Pavel Barshak.

    Personal life

    Wife, Sumchenko was a famous Russian actress Olesya Zheleznyak. The couple are raising three sons and a beautiful daughter. It is noteworthy that all the children in this family have old Russian names: Sam, Thomas, Prokhorov and Agatha.

    Spartak Sumchenko I Olesya Zheleznyak
    Spartak Sumchenko and Olesya Zheleznyak | Seven days

    Photos and stories of the kids ore and Sumchenko appear very rarely – this principle is followed, and Spartacus, and Olesya. Even your own wedding, the couple kept in the strictest confidence — at ceremony was not present, neither friends, nor family members of the newlyweds.

    Interesting facts

    A few facts about the actor:

    • When giving the preference to the guitar, Spartacus V. simultaneously learned two more instruments: the double bass and balalaika;
    • As a schoolboy, was seriously engaged in judo and karate. Today the actor is no stranger to a wrestling club called FIGHT BAZA;
    • Height, weight, physical fitness did the trick and the allocation of the military to serve, Sumchenko went to the airborne special forces;
    • In childhood dreamed of becoming a pop star.
    • In recent years, Spartak played in the role of facilitator. The first test was the performance at the concert «the First alternative» channel. And then he successfully held several international tournaments on karate seiwakai.


    In General, the Spartak V. participated in the 41 picture. Among them:

    • «Midlife crisis»;
    • «Black room»;
    • «Turkish March»;
    • «Silver Lily»;
    • «Heat of passion»;
    • «Night wolves»;
    • «Code of honor»;
    • «Antikiller»;
    • «Balzac age»;
    • «Love in the big city – 2»;
    • «Voroniny» (episode 253 series).


    Spartak Sumchenko

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