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  • Name: Spartak Mishulin ( Spartak Mishulin )
  • Date of birth: 22 Oct 1926
  • Age: 78 years
  • Date of death: July 17, 2005.
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: film and theater actor, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Spartak Mishulin: biography

    Spartak Mishulin was born in Moscow in a single-parent family. His mother, Anna, took a high position in the party nomenclature, gave birth to a son out of wedlock. Who was his father, Spartacus did not know, although with high probability they could be well-known Soviet writer Alexander Fadeev, with whom Anne of Mishulin was a long novel. By the way, your name the boy received from his own mother’s brother, Alexander Mishulina Professor of ancient history.

    When the child was only 10 years old, Anna was arrested as an enemy of the people exiled to Tashkent. Spartak remained in Moscow in the family of his uncle, and after evacuation during the great Patriotic war, he moved to Dzerzhinsk.

    Finished 7-year school, Mishulin, from an early age was fascinated by the theater, saw the announcement of the recruitment of boys in artsizsky in Anzhero-Sudzhensk. Why he decided that the acronym stands for special school artists, Spartacus himself could not explain. As if there was not, he spent several years instead of acting studied artillery tactics, although in this school he was able to do Amateur theatre.

    When preparing props for the next play Spartak Mishulin without the permission of the command have used light bulbs, for which he was charged with theft and received 3 years in prison. In prison he almost lost his life, when asleep in the furrow and did not hear that it comes over the tractor. Fortunately the young man survived and how the victim was transferred to less severe jobs.

    After the liberation of the camps Mishulin got the head of the club in the village Lumber and not been in touch with relatives, as not wanted at that difficult time putting their trouble. But uncle again played a significant role in the fate of his nephew. He not only tracked down Spartacus, but got that in Moscow, where the young man tried to get into GITIS. At the exam, he recited a poem by Alexei Apukhtin and received from the rector of the school of Boris Zahava hard verdict: in the opinion of the teacher, Mishulina can not be allowed close to the stage. Interestingly, after a few years, Zahava would write enthusiastic articles about the game a young actor and not realizing that they rejected an applicant.

    But while Spartak Mishulin moved to Kalinin and graduated from drama school at the local drama theater. In 1960, the year he was invited to the Metropolitan theatres, and the actor selects the Satire Theater, which will serve continuously for 45 years.

    In his repertoire there were plenty of great roles in classic comedies, but several generations of viewers he is remembered as one of the best performers of the role of Karlsson on the roof. Almost 40 years Mishulin played a man with a propeller and was very fond of this character, considering that, thanks to the performances, adults have the opportunity to return to childhood.


    Debut on the television screen Spartaka Mishulina immediately earned him all-Union popularity. In TV show «Tavern «13 chairs», he played the pan of the Director and next to Olga Aroseva and Valentina Sharykina became the people’s favorite, appearing in this role for 14 years.

    Even more familiar picture of the 1969 «the White sun of the desert», where Spartak played a courageous inhabitant of Central Asia Saida, who is looking for his blood enemy and helps the red army man Sukhov in the fight against local residents. After that Comedy of the Eastern Spartak Mishulin and Anatoly Kuznetsov became one of the most popular actors. The film itself is called a cult, and many of the phrases uttered by the actors, turned into aphorisms.

    In the future, the actor was very diverse role. He played Carlson in the TV production of the fairy tale «the Kid and Carlson who lives on the roof», being able to gain credibility not only for adults, but in children part of the audience. The Western-Comedy «the Man from Boulevard des Capucines» appeared before the audience in the image of an Indian chief, and in the film adaptation of the famous novel of Mikhail Bulgakov «Master and Margarita» showed their vision of the character of the Director of the restaurant Archibald Archibaldovich.

    Last time Mishulin starred in the movie before his death. It was a fantastic Saga «Aziris Nuna» in which he appeared in the role of caretaker.

    Personal life

    Because of the difficult childhood and the dramatic youth Spartak Mishulin was able to start a family until adulthood. To 40 years he avoided a serious relationship since noticed that girls are using it, seeing it as solely a celebrity. But in 1969, during the filming of the next series of «Tavern «13 chairs» he met in the Smoking room with the assistant Director of the program «Time» Valentina. They dated almost 6 years before you officially marry.

    The father of Spartak Mishulin has become in 54 years. His only daughter, Karina, who also became an actress, Spartacus loved and gave her all the free time.


    Special problems with health, despite his advanced age, Spartak Mishulin had. But he used to trust doctors, so did not refuse when doctors advised to conduct a coronary artery bypass grafting – a simple heart surgery.

    After surgery Spartak Vasilyevich lived only three days. July 17, 2005, he died from heart failure. He was buried in Moscow on Vagankovsky cemetery.


    • 1966-1980 — Zucchini «13 chairs»
    • 1969 — White sun of the desert
    • 1971 — property of the Republic
    • 1971 — the Kid and Carlson, who lives on the roof
    • 1987 — a Man from Boulevard des Capucines
    • 1989 — a Private detective, or Operation «Cooperation»
    • 1990 — Womanizer
    • 1992 — Shot in a coffin
    • 1994 — the Master and Margarita
    • 2003 — Kid in the milk


    Spartak Mishulin

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