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  • Name: Oleg Borisov ( Borisov Albert )
  • Date of birth: 8 November 1929
  • Age: 64 years
  • Date of death: April 28, 1994
  • Place of birth: Privolzhsk, Russia
  • Activities: actor, reciter, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married

    Oleg Borisov: a biography

    People’s artist of the Soviet Union, winner of numerous awards, actor age actor with a difficult character – remembered Oleg Borisov colleagues and fans.

    He was born November 8, 1929 in Privolzhsk, Ivanovo region. It seemed that fate plays with him since birth. First, in the hospital mixed up the children and gave parents Borisov instead of the boy girl. At home it turned out to be: mother of Oleg was worth the nerves to fix the mess.

    And Oleg is not it at all, and albert. Such a rare name for the Soviet people Borisov was in honor of the Belgian Prince, whose visit to Moscow made a strong impression on his mother. Relatives and friends of the family from childhood called him Alec, and the Institute became Alex Oleg, although the passport remained with albert.

    Molodi Oleg Borisov
    Young Oleg Borisov | Service guide-TV

    Family Borisova was not associated with art, the father directed an agricultural College, his mother worked as an agronomist. But Borisov still in their Teens decided that it would be an actor. A love of theatre instilled in him a mother who took his son with him to an Amateur club. Gradually he began to get up on stage and fell in love with this craft. For example Oleg went and his younger brother Lev Borisov, who later also managed to become internationally known and loved actor.

    Oleg Borisov grew up in a difficult war and postwar years, had started to work on the tractor, to somehow help the family. In 1947 he went to enroll in the School-Studio of MKHAT and unexpectedly easily passed the entrance exams and became a student. In 1951 he easily graduated from drama school.


    Immediately after graduation, Oleg Borisov came to work in the Kiev drama theater. Lesya Ukrainka and remained faithful to him for 12 years. In the first year he was involved in three productions – «the ordeal», «the dancing Master» and «Enemies». In subsequent years, with the participation of Borisov worked on 2-3 new play, but the roles he was getting, mainly the second plan.

    Oleg Borisov on the scene Academic drama theater them. M. Gorky | Movie-Theater

    Problems in the theatre it began after the release of the Comedy «chasing two hares» in which Borisov played the male lead: it was in 1961. Colleagues jealous, the leadership constantly find fault on trifles. In 1963 he was dismissed for a formal reason: allegedly, he summed up the theatre, without permission, went to Poland as part of the creative delegations (in fact, the actor had complied with the orders of the Ministry of culture).

    In the same year, Oleg Borisov began working in the Pushkin theater in Moscow, but left in less than a year in LBT, where he was invited by the then Director Georgy Tovstonogov. Sometimes failed to consider the depth of talent Borisov and open it. In LBT, the actor has worked for nearly twenty years and played in many iconic productions, including «Idiot», «the Quiet don», «Burgers» and other productions. Here Oleg Borisov formed its own style.

    Oleg Borisov in the performance
    Oleg Borisov in the performance «Gentle» | the Official website of the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov

    In 1983 Oleg Yefremov invited the actor to go to the theater, and promised a lot of prominent roles Borisov agreed. In this theater he worked until 1990 and went on stage even when he was terminally ill. The apotheosis of his work was the play «Meek» in which, according to critics and audience, he played «aortic rupture».

    In 1991, the actor founded his own theater «Entreprise Oleg Borisov». The last years of his life he dedicated to him.


    His film debut was in 1955 in the film «Mother», where he played a small role in the working of the underground. The role that made him famous, Borisov received in 1961 – he played brilliantly Golohvastov in the cult Comedy «For two hares». Comedic roles he was offered and after, for example, in the film «Marriage», but a hostage of one image, he did not and failed to realize himself as a talented dramatic actor. Bright work was the role of Vladimir Vengerov in the film «working village».

    Oleg Borisov in the film
    Oleg Borisov in a film «For two hares» | Around TV

    Borisov often got the role of the second plan, but managed to make them Central. It was in the film «Baltic sky», in which he played a pilot Tatarenko, and in the film «Let complaint book» in which he appeared in the form of Nikita. Best of all he managed to do movies in which his heroes were ordinary people, as in «Stop that train», «Parade of planets» and others.

    Negative characters from Borisov came out no worse – a visual confirmation of his role in the film «Check on roads», «Rafferty», «Crash of engineer Garina».

    Oleg Borisov in the film
    Oleg Borisov in a film «On main street with an orchestra» | TVC

    Actor scandal refused to shoot in the role of your favorite author F. M. Dostoevsky in the movie «26 days in the life of Dostoevsky». He resented the treatment directed by A. G. Zarkhi: and not finding a compromise on the image of the Russian writer, he left the platform in the midst of the shooting process. As a result, the Oleg Borisov was excommunicated from cinema for two years. During this period he was also forbidden to act in tragic and comic film «Relatives» by Nikita Mikhalkov.

    In the filmography of the actor — more than a dozen different roles. His last work was the painting «I’m bored, the devil,» in which he played God and Mephistopheles. The film was released in 1993.


    Oleg Borisov worked in radio from 1975 to 1990. He read literary works and participated in the auditions. The poetry of Nikolai Rubtsov, Chekhov’s «Ward No. 6», «Pedagogical poem» Makarenko, and even «history of the Russian state» by Karamzin in his performance sounded soulful and new, collecting radio at the tens of thousands of listeners.

    Personal life

    Oleg Borisov was a perfectionist not only in profession, but in life. For more than 40 years he has lived with only one woman, his wife Alla Latinskoi.

    Oleg Borisov with his wife and son
    Oleg Borisov with his wife and son | LiveInternet

    They met when Boris began working in the theater. Lesya Ukrainka in Kiev. He achieved a beautiful journalist Alla three years until, in 1954, she agreed to become his wife. Since that time, their wedding day was a major holiday, they celebrated it every year in a circle of close people.

    Oleg Borisov and son Yuri
    Oleg Borisov with his son Yuri | Movie-Theater

    In 1956, Oleg and Alla Borisovich son Yury was born. He didn’t become an actor, as a father, but also linked the life with a cinema. The film «I’m scared, the devil» was filmed Yuri Borisov. Unfortunately, Yuri is no longer alive. He died in 2007 from a heart attack, but a few years before his death, managed to publish their father’s diary. The diary, which the parents led for almost 20 years. The book’s release is timed to the 70th anniversary from the birthday of Oleg Borisov.

    The actor’s wife remembers him as a modest man, unpretentious in life. He ate, what you ate, wore comfy sweaters and jeans, a tie was worn only for ceremonial events, loved animals.


    The last few years Oleg Borisov and his wife lived at the dacha outside Moscow at Ilyinka street. He worked in theater and starred in the movie, even though he had health problems. Doctors diagnosed actor chronic lymphocytic leukemia back in the 80s. This disease became the cause of death. His son recalled how his father was taken to the intensive care unit of the Institute of blood transfusion. He was conscious, but relatives were forbidden. Died actor quickly it happened April 28, 1994, on Maundy Thursday.

    The grave of actor Oleg Borisov, and his son Yuri
    The grave of actor Oleg Borisov, and his son Yuri | Kinosozvezdie

    It was buried on Easter Twas the priest who baptized Oleg Borisov in adulthood and crowned him with his wife for several years before death. The actor is buried in the Novodevichy cemetery in Moscow, next to his grave is buried the son of Yuri.

    The last entry he made in his diary, says: «keshk, apparently, does not wait for host». Dog keshk survived his master for a month in June he was gone.


    • «Luna Park»
    • «The boys»
    • «The gardener»
    • «Breakthrough»
    • «Marriage»
    • «Servant»
    • «I’m bored, the devil»
    • «Parade of planets»
    • «Parents»
    • «Young Russia»


    Oleg Borisov

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