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  • Name: Mikhail Gluzsky ( Mikhail Gluzskiy )
  • Date of birth: 21 November 1918.
  • Age: 82 years
  • Date of death: 15 Jun 2001
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Activities: actor, drama teacher, reader, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married

    Mikhail Gluzsky: biography

    People’s artist of USSR, theater and film actor Mikhail Gluzsky was born on 21 Nov 1918 in Kiev. His father is a farmer, a staunch revolutionary, Andrey Mikhailovich, who later became a journalist and poet. In Kiev father moved in 1917, built a house, planted an orchard. His father died when Michael was four years old. In 1922 Gluzsky he moved to Moscow and lived in a communal apartment. And soon Michael’s mother, Euphrosyne kondratyevna, remarried and moved to her husband in Baku. There Michael and went to school. In Moscow, they came back when Mike was 11 years old. Mother worked as a salesman in the toy Department of a Department store, but the son was sitting under the counter, because to leave it was not with anyone.

    Mikhail Gluzsky grew up a bully, fighting, beat street lights and even got on the account in militia. His antics could have ended badly, but opened a circle of Amateur. Gluzsky once looked back out of curiosity and was so fascinated that he decided to become an artist. In the circle he was doing for several years.

    At school, he quickly became the mod, did not respond to the comments of the teachers. But the patience of the administration was not unlimited – when Michael appeared in protest to school with bright burdock oil hair, he was expelled. Such a turn he never expected and asked for forgiveness, forgave. After school, Michael worked as an electrician in the Department store and went to night school for working youth. His attempts to enter the theater school was unsuccessful. In 1936, he learned that at «Mosfilm» opened an acting school and decided to go there. He was accepted, but several times almost expelled. As said Gluzsky he was antisocial – not a member of the Komsomol, nor the party member and not even a pioneer.

    Malody, Michael Gluzsky
    Young Mikhail Gluzsky | Maksart

    In 1940 he graduated from the acting school and went to serve in the army, and when the war began, participated in front-line teams.


    After the war, in 1946, Mikhail Gluzsky came to work in the Theater-Studio movie actor, and remained faithful to him for almost 40 years. On the stage he played brilliantly Karandyshev in the front row, Alex Zaitsev in «Old friends,» George Miloslavsky in «Ivan Vasilyevich» and many other roles.

    Sometimes Gluzsky was invited to the Theater «Sovremennik» Theatre Ermolayeva.

    Mikhail Gluzsky on stage
    Mikhail Gluzsky on stage | Entertainment blog

    In 1995, the actor went to work in the Theater «School of modern play». Here he was involved in productions of «the Seagull», «Went the old man from the old woman» and other outstanding productions. In this theater he worked for 7 years, until his death.


    His career as a film actor began with small roles in the film «Minin and Pozharsky» and «the Girl with character», which appeared on the screen in 1939. The following year, had two small roles, thanks to which Mikhail Gluzsky in the «Mosfilm».

    In the 50s, the Directors offered him a mostly negative characters. In the adventure film «Secret of two oceans» Gluzsky was convincing in the role of a spy Ivashov, and «Quiet flows the Don» he brilliantly played the captain Kalmykov.

    Mikhail Gluzsky in movie
    Mikhail Gluzsky in movie «Monologue» | Around TV

    After the «quiet flows the don», the actor did not sit without work. «Monologue», «the Last victim», «Mission in Kabul» and dozens of diverse roles – in each he was convincing. In total, Mikhail Gluzsky played more than 150 roles.

    In the biography of Mikhail Gluzsky was a lot of trophies, prizes and awards. He was a knight of the order of the red banner and «For merits before Fatherland».

    Personal life

    His future wife Ekaterina Peregudova he first saw in April 1949. Michael came to the performance of students of GITIS and saw a pretty girl in the hall.

    Katya studied at the faculty of theatre studies and was married to a classmate. But Michael is not confused – he said she would become his wife. And soon left for three years to work in Germany. During this time, she divorced her husband, and Michael after his return he moved from communal communal wife. Soon Michael and Catherine had a son, Andrew, later a daughter, Mary.

    Family Of Mikhail Gluzsky
    Family Of Mikhail Gluzsky | LiveInternet

    Their marriage lasted almost 50 years and was happy.


    In April 2001, the Michael and Catherine visited with friends in America, and in may, he has sharply raised the temperature under 40. May 13, Mikhail Gluzsky was supposed to play in the play «the Seagull» and decided that he would take the stage. His decision was motivated by the fact that in theatre the audience will come configured to meet him.

    Grave of Mikhail Gluzsky, his wife and son
    Grave of Mikhail Gluzsky, his wife and son | Photoobjective

    The actor strong enough to play the show, but the theatre he was taken to the hospital. The next day his leg was amputated. But the disease progressed – Mikhail Gluzsky refused to light, the actor hooked up to a respirator. For two weeks he is in serious condition, and by the end of the month as Gluzsky has improved. The improvement was only temporary – June 15, 2001, the actor died of a heart attack.

    Mikhail Gluzsky was buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow.


    • «The grasshopper»
    • «The law of life»
    • «Swallow»
    • «People and animals»
    • «The night visitor»
    • «Lull»
    • «The voice»
    • «Without the sun»
    • «Black square»
    • «Halfway to Paris»


    Of Mikhail Gluzsky

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