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  • Name: Soso Pavliashvili ( Joseph Pavliashvili )
  • Date of birth: 29 June 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Tbilisi
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: singer, composer, actor
  • Marital status: married

    Soso Pavliashvili biography

    Soso Pavliashvili, whose full name is Joseph, a very popular Georgian and Russian singer and actor. The most famous of his songs are «Happy», «me and you», «Pray for parents». What only nicknames, epithets and titles he had received from the hot groupies! Pavliashvili is called the king of Eastern music, the knight of the mountains, a guardian angel, a tuning fork Georgia…

    Soso was born in the Georgian capital Tbilisi, in the family of architect Ramin I. and Housewives Basics Alexandrovna. Still a preschooler, the boy entered musical school, where he began to learn the violin. Hard work and many hours of classes were given quick result: very soon the little musician began performing at regional and Republican contests and festivals.

    The violin really captured Joseph, so after graduating from music and secondary school he entered the Tbilisi Conservatory, for the direction of violin playing. But during the mandatory military service Soso a little away from classical music and joined the stage. After completing his undergraduate degree, he settles into a vocal-instrumental ensemble «Iveria».

    Worked as a young man there for a year, because one day he had to postpone the tool aside and approach the microphone. It happened in Canada, as part of the concert, devoted to the Winter Olympic games in calgary. Soso presented to the public his performance of the legendary Georgian song «Suliko», and that statement literally shocked all those present.

    Soon he had as a solo artist received the Grand Prix at the vocal festival in Jurmala and is gradually gaining popularity. A notable feature of the repertoire Soso Pavliashvili is the fact that the vast majority of his hits he wrote music independently, only occasionally resorting to the services of famous Russian and Georgian composers.


    The success of the hits Soso Pavliashvili is that he belongs to the few artists capable of using singing to Express strong passion, tenderness, love from a male position. The first Studio artist album «Music of friends» was released in 1993 and immediately attracted the attention of the female audience. The next album «Sing with me» and «me and you» only strengthened his popularity.

    Just today Soso Pavliashvili has released 8 full-length albums, each of which there is love lyrics, sincere lyrics and romantic melodies. Hits such as «Please», «me and you», «beautiful», «Heaven on palm» «I don’t call out your name», became big hits. Incidentally, Soso often performs in duet with other stars.

    For example, together with Love the assumption he performed the song «Stronger than before», with Leonid Agutin hit «some thousand years», and in a pair with Larisa Dolina sang the spiritual song «I love you.»


    Tried Soso Pavliashvili your hand in the cinema. And it was not only participation in the format of the cameo that happens to many musicians. He played a full role in a Comedy sitcom «Daddy’s girls», an ironic series «Matchmakers», a crime film «Ice age.»

    But most of all on account of the singer’s festive music tales such as «the Latest adventures of Pinocchio», «the Kingdom of crooked mirrors», «the New adventures of Aladdin» and many others.

    Personal life

    Soso Pavliashvili is not a frequenter of the yellow pages. On the contrary, if you write about it, it was mostly about the work: as a Pro singer, composer and actor. The fact that the life of the Georgian singer was only three women, and no foreign novels.

    The first wife of the famous singer was Nino Uchaneishvili which Soso maintains a cordial relationship after a divorce. Moreover, these people share a common child, a son, Levan. The firstborn Pavliashvili, by the way, is not followed in the footsteps of his father. He graduated from the Suvorov military school and military University and became a serviceman.

    The second love of Joseph was a pop star Irina Ponarovskaya. Formal agreements they have entered into, and spent several years in a de facto marriage. And since 1997 Pavliashvili lives with singer Irina Patlakh, from which he has two beloved daughters Elizabeth and Sandra. Soso and Irina lived civil Union for 17 years, and in 2014 from the stage at which it is played, the singer made his beloved proposal to marry him.


    • 1993 — Music friends
    • 1996 — Sing with me
    • 1998 — me and you
    • 2001 — Oh my love
    • 2003 — Waiting for you Georgians!
    • 2005 — the Best songs for You
    • 2007 — Remember the Georgian
    • 2010 — Eastern songs


    • 1997 — the new adventures of Pinocchio
    • 2002 — Ice age
    • 2003 — at the corner At the Patriarchal—3
    • 2004 — Lost the sun
    • 2007 — Kingdom of crooked mirrors
    • 2007 — Daddy’s girls
    • 2009 — Golden key
    • 2010 — Christmas-laws
    • 2011 — Kiss through the wall
    • 2011 — the New adventures of Aladdin


    Soso Pavliashvili

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