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  • Name: Sophia The Great ( Sofya Velikaya )
  • Date of birth: 8 June 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 174
  • Activity: the Russian saber fencer, Olympic champion in 2016
  • Marital status: married

    Sophia the Great: a biography

    It seems that the family name given at birth Sophia – Large – left no chance to the athlete to another option but becoming an Olympic champion. She had a hard time going to win and in 2016 we reached the highest point of a sports Olympus.

    Sophia the Great childhood
    Sophia Great childhood | Junior Sport

    Sofya Aleksandrovna the Great was born in Alma-ATA in June 1985. To the sport has led his older brother Gregory. First, the young athlete has been training in the sport school of his native city. However, sabre fencing was not yet in sight. «Weapon» was a Large rapier. The first coach of the athletes was Mr Deakin, who «put the hand» (by the way, right) young rapiristki.

    Once came from Moscow brother, who was involved in the famous Chertanovskaya school, Alexander Filatov, told Sonya that she could become one of the pioneers in saber fencing. At the time, this sports discipline only «in Vogue» and has not yet acquired the official status.

    Fencing on swords

    Sofia took a chance and went with his brother to the capital. She got to the famous coach Dmitry Glotov. Under him a Large changed the rapier to the sabre and quickly mastered a new kind of fencing.

    In 2002 he took a Large part of the Russian fencing team. After a year, she managed to win the European championship in France. In 2003, the tournament was held in Bourges. To consolidate the success of the athlete are in a year, repeating the win in new York.

    2005 was the year of sablistka «silver». It is this color Great medals won at the world Championships in Leipzig and the European championship in the Hungarian Zalaegerszeg. In the awards added a silver in the team competition at the world championship.

    Sophia The Great
    Sophia The Great |

    The European championship in Turkish Izmir, which was held in 2006, brought the new Victoria fencer: sports biography of Sophia the great enriched a brilliant victory and in team and individual competitions. Thus, in its premium Treasury sablistka managed to put two more gold medals.

    The first Olympiad was attended by the best Russian sablistka, held in China in 2008. Sonya managed to rise only on the fourth line. But the Olympics in London, which was held in 2012, brought a much better result – «silver». Ahead of Russian Korean Kim JI Yeon. For a Large, focused on the main prize, the second place was a disappointing defeat, because to complete the victory, just a little.

    After the forced pause, which Sophie did Great for the birth of the child, the fencer returned to his team. To recover she managed quite quickly. Already in 2014 he won gold in the team competition at the European Championships. In 2015 a number of successful for the Big tournaments continued: Sofia brilliantly won the individual and team competitions. And it happened as the European championship and the world championship.

    Sophia the Great, victory in Rio
    Sophia the Great, victory in Rio | Sportekspress

    But ahead of the athlete waited for her major victory – «gold» the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. It was conquered by the great Sophia in the team competition. With his team fencer managed to defeat the Mexican, American and Ukrainian rivals.

    Big not going to retire after a major victory. She says that definitely not become a housewife. It is interesting to move forward and do what he likes. Sofia shared her plans to create its own school, and maybe even the school network.

    Personal life

    Not only sports, but also personal life of the great Sophia has developed well. Husband fencers is the Olympic champion of 2004 Alexey Mishin. He excelled in Greco-Roman wrestling.

    Their romance developed almost in front of the whole country: Sonia and Alex were members of the TV show «Cruel games». Think it was then that Misha won favorite male of his charisma and gentleman.

    Sophia is Great with my son and husband
    Sophia is Great with my son and husband

    In November 2013, this great couple had a child which they named Oleg. Today’s personal life Sofia Big is her little but happy family. The son has already felt the spirit and atmosphere of the competition because his parents often took him to different tournaments.


    Sophia The Great

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