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  • Name: Sonya Esman ( Sonya Esman )
  • Date of birth: 6 June 1995.
  • Age: 21 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: model, popular beauty blogger on YouTube
  • Marital status: not married

    Sonya Esman: biography

    Among fans of social networks the person is a model, actress and fashion blogger Sonya Esman is quite famous. Adorable girl gives advice to his subscribers how to eat, dress, apply makeup. To travel the world.

    Sonya essman was born in June 1995 in St. Petersburg. But when she was 5 years old, the family emigrated to Canada and settled in Toronto. After a few years Sony parents divorced. The head of the family returned to Russia. Daughter quite upset by this difficult period. Relations with classmates were not. Girl got gained weight. Due to the lack of communication with their peers, Sonya Esman quit school, transferred to home learning. She wanted to return to Russia and has started to learn the language that is almost forgotten.

    Helped the girl get out of a prolonged depression mother. She managed to set her daughter on a positive Outlook on the world. Sonya began vigorously to study school subjects and managed to graduate six months earlier than her peers.

    In school, Sonya Esman began to dream of becoming an actress. Her mother was supportive and even accompanied acting classes, classes were held on weekends. The girl was quite capable, and soon she was invited to play in episodes of several movies.

    At that time Sonia was the figure of a model. She lost weight by forgoing meat. This happened as a result of strong shocks experienced by girl after watching about killing animals.

    One of the canadian modeling agencies invited 16-year-old Sonya Esman to star in a commercial. The girl was noticed and soon she was offered to sign a lucrative long-term contract with a major canadian Agency Plutino Models.


    At 17 years old started modeling biography Sonya Esman. After the release of her first commercial movie she decided to create a videoblog The first video of the model appeared in her blog in 2010. Their videos essman takes on the camera. Now subscribers of the popular videoblogger has more than one million people all over the world. Popular Sonia and Russia.

    The model encourages a healthy lifestyle. As you know, some period Sonya essman was a supporter of vegetarianism. But at some point started to feel poorly and returned to a normal diet. About it as about the risks of veganism, the blogger confessed on his channel.

    However, a healthy lifestyle model and did not think to refuse. She plays sports, does not smoke, does not drink alcohol. Do not consume fast food and meat, eat only boiled. Every morning starts with Jogging and developed a set of special exercises.

    But still she has own style in clothes, who loves her subscribers. They’re trying to imitate a favorite model. And she, in turn, gives them about this valuable advice.

    Is Sonya Esman page on Instagram, which is full of dozens of pictures from different countries. In his video blog girl shares valuable tips in this regard: it tells about the countries he visited, exposing the video with the most beautiful places. And tells, where you good and cheap to rest, what sights to see.

    Fashion is Central to the video blog essman. New styles and trends, practical advice to teenagers, what clothes are better to wear and how to combine it. How to apply makeup and what to do in order not to look vulgar. And Sonya shares her experience of how to overcome problems in communication with peers and believe in themselves.

    By the way, Sonya Esman was able to establish a relationship with his father thanks to his videoblog. Now she communicates with my dad, who strongly supports the daughter and proud of her success.

    Your friends and so the girl calls his followers to live, she advises, exuding radiance and positive emotions. Critics of the verdict answer, it’s easy to give advice on the positive, working with many modeling agencies and fashion publications that give the clothes and accessories of brands such as «Chanel», «Givenchy», «Dolce & Gabbana» and «Alexander Wang». Sonya Esman meets his opponents that her wardrobe is stuff from second-hand and vintage stores.

    Personal life

    On the body of the model and blogger has 4 tattoos. But they are all quite modest and small size. Most Sony supporters can see the pattern on her wrist, which serves as a decoration.

    Sonya Esman loves animals. On her blog and on the pages of social network a lot of funny pictures with animals and her favorite pet – a parrot Pasha.

    Another fascination of the girl – driving car. She has her own Mercedes.

    Judging from messages in social networks, personal life Sonya Esman is not a topic on which she communicates in her blog and openly with followers. Most likely, the beautiful model is not only supporters, but he’s the only man with whom she was romantically involved.


    Sonya Esman

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