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  • Name: Sonia Kiperman ( Kiperman Sonya )
  • Date of birth: 30 March 2001
  • Age: 15 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: model, actress
  • Marital status:

    Sonia Kiperman: biography

    Sonia Kiperman is a Ukrainian model and actress, managed to 14 years not only to enter the catwalk during the fashion Week in Moscow, but also to debut in the American fantasy series «the vampire Diaries».

    Sonia was born in Kiev in 2001, the family of the famous singer Vera Brezhneva, former soloist of the female pop group «VIA Gra», and her civil husband Vitaly Voichenko. However, mother and father did not long remain together, and soon stepfather Sophia became a Ukrainian businessman Mikhail Kiperman, who not only adopted the child and gave her his name, but mom gave sister Sarah. By the way, the little model has an alias – it often appears under the name Sonya Cooper and it uses this nickname in social networks.

    Unlike many children of celebrities, Sonia Kiperman attends a normal, not elite, schools. However, she already had to change several schools because not all classmates respond normally to the girl from the star family. In addition to the Kyiv school, Sonia went to America, where she went to do acting with highly qualified teachers. Then did she pass the audition and starred in a small role in rating youth series «the vampire Diaries». A girl who appears in two episodes of the 6th season, but hopes to sign a contract for the next season of a TV movie.


    Take the first exit at rout, Sonia Kiperman was held in 2015, when she and her mother came on the evening of the awards ceremony, one of the Russian glossy magazines.

    For several years, the girl is studying at a modeling Agency, is studying the catwalk, psychology, etiquette and posing. As a fashion model she advertised one of the Ukrainian fashion brands — the manufacturer’s original hats, and in 2016, made his debut on the podium.

    In January in new York, Sonia has demonstrated a new collection of a renowned Ukrainian designer Anna Karenina, better known as Anna K. And recently signed an agreement with the advertising company Bella Potemkina and not only opened the fashion show at the fashion Week in Moscow, but also became the face of the autumn-winter collection of fashion brand.

    It is interesting that the very young beauty thinks that he has the model looks. «I just like to do it» — she says rather modestly.

    Personal life

    In 14 years, Sonia Kiperman already found with the boys, but, of course, serious this relationship does not call. All her thoughts are with the creative future. The girl sure will not go in her mother’s footsteps, as the singer’s career, it does not attract. Sonya dreams of becoming an actress, but also does not exclude such variant, that after the school will choose the faculty of journalism or hotel and restaurant business.

    In her free time Sonia hard studying English, attends a Boxing plays tennis and horse riding, and recently also enrolled in the ballet Studio.


    Sonia Kiperman

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