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  • Name: Danko ( Alexander Fadeev )
  • Date of birth: 20 March 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: singer, actor
  • Marital status: married

    Danko biography

    Danko – the stage name of singer Alexander Fadeev. He was born 20 Mar 1969 in intelligent Moscow family. Alexander’s father is a scientist, studying physics, his mother – a vocal coach.

    Danko childhood dream of becoming a singer, apparently, the genes of the mother affected. By the way, parents didn’t mind — 5 years the boy had worked in the choir and at home singing with my mom. After 6 years, singing was added choreography workshop: at the age of 11 Danko entered the ballet school at the Bolshoi theater. In 1995 at the competition, held in San Francisco, he received a Silver award.

    At the age of 19 has already received the Central and leading roles in productions of the Bolshoi theatre. Alexander took lessons from outstanding teachers of choreography, it was called a promising dancer, he was loved by the audience. But he himself was not enough. Danko raved about the music and the scene and sought to realize his dream.

    In 2000 he entered the correspondence Department of RATI (formerly GITIS), and after 5 years received the diploma of the Manager-producer. This period was most successful in his artistic career.


    His singing career began with a visit to the recitals organized by the stepfather Danko. There were his first solo performances. After one of them to the newcomer approached producer Leonid Gutkin and offered cooperation. First hit Danko «Moscow night», was released in 1999 and immediately topped the Russian charts. Less than a year the first album came out, «Alexandria 2000».

    Early 2000s was the best period of his work. At this time, Danko had many solo and combined concerts, interviews, tours. Soon he pleased the audience with new hits «Baby», «First snow of December.»

    The singer offered cooperation brands Diesel and Hugo Boss, he became the face of the advertising campaign of the brand Naf Naf.

    Until 2004, the popularity of Danko peaked. His asset was supplemented by two more solo albums. Then it started to decline. The new songs did not meet expectations, listeners perceived them cool.

    In 2010, Danko has recorded a collection of the best songs and «Album No. 5». And again unsuccessfully. Criticized the album, calling it «Forgot» the only good song.

    Acting career

    Alexander Fadeev works in the theater «the BRIDGE». At the time, it invited the Director Yevgeny Slavutin. Danko had been involved in lead roles in productions of «Airport» and «I will meet with her». With the success of the musical «Mata Hari,» in which he also participated.

    There is in the acting career of Danko and several television projects. He starred in the television series «Classmates» and «Bullet fool», and then Dmitry Fiks invited him to one of the leading roles in the movie «Moscow gigolo». Partners in the set were Olesya Sudzilovskaya and Sergey Gorobchenko. And all would be good, but the frame is not brought him the satisfaction. Then Danko decided to quit filming and concentrate on theatre.

    Personal life

    Alexander Fadeev had an affair with Tatiana Vorobyeva. They met more than three years, but never legalized the relationship. Soon the couple broke up.

    Such serious attitude of the singer was with model Natalia Ustimenko. In 2003, media reported that Danko will soon be a dad. In January 2004, the date of birth of daughter Sofia. Birth Natalia was difficult, but the girl was born healthy.

    19 APR 2014 they had a second daughter Agatha. Doctors put her diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Danko told about the tragedy in the program Andrei Malakhov «Let them talk». According to him, on the eve of Easter Natalia was bleeding. She was immediately hospitalized. The child was born with multiple brain injuries. The doctors advised me to leave baby girl in the hospital, but the parents did not agree to this.

    Natalia Danko was supported by many pop stars. The singer says that her daughter is alive and happy, despite health problems. Rehabilitation does not go to waste – Agata showing a positive trend, it looks almost indistinguishable from healthy children.

    To money for treatment daughter has always lacked, Danko was engaged in business – was organized by one production of sausages and meat products. Not so long ago the singer in collaboration with Dr. Natalia Pykhtino that treated agate, opened a rehabilitation center for children with special needs.


    • «Danko»
    • «Album No. 5»
    • «Don Juan DE LuX»
    • «When a man is in love»
    • «My talisman»


    Singer Danko

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