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  • Name: Bjork ( Björk Gudmundsdóttir )
  • Date of birth: 21 November 1965.
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Reykjavik (Reykjavik)
  • Height: 163
  • Activity: Singer, songwriter, actress
  • Marital status: Married

    Björk: biography

    Björk – the iconic Icelandic singer, musician, composer, actress, winner of numerous awards. Her work belongs to several genres and styles: alternative rock, indie pop, IDM, trip-pop, electronic and modern classic.

    The present name of the star – björk Gudmundsdóttir. She was born in Reykjavik in November 1965, the son of a teacher of Aikido and an electrician. Bjork has repeatedly proven he is a true descendant of the Vikings of her evil temper, a complete lack of complexes, creative essence know it all. Internal «filling» and completes the external view: height of an elf, and slightly slanted eyes eskimo.

    Björk in childhood
    Baby photo of the singer | Tagpma

    That its music alone brings in a frenzy of admiration, the other makes to send her a parcel bomb, as it once made her «fan».

    Björk – Icelandic «birch» – could not grow the average person to easily blend in with the crowd. Her mother is a teacher of Aikido, and my father an electrician. They divorced when she was only 3 years old. My mother married a second time in person, significantly influenced the formation of björk as a person.

    The stories of the singer’s stepfather – a bright representative of the hippie culture – hated to work, denied any discipline and from morning till night to «feed» the girl entertained with stories and games.

    Bjork young
    Photos of the singer in his youth | kinotime

    Björk with mixed feelings recalls the hippie commune that lived through her childhood and teenage years. The usual case considered here to hear the calls: «let’s paint the house purple butterfly,» «Two days will only eat bananas». At first the girl thought that was funny, but then I got bored to death.

    However, the hippie culture is firmly established in the life of björk. The girl learned to survive outdoors, to hunt, to cook over a campfire game, share all their belongings with everyone and to live every day like the last. When she grew up and earned his first money, first of all, bought them a tent and a sleeping bag.

    Teenage years were spent in a hippie commune | Saag

    In 5 years thanks to my mother and stepfather she already knew how to play the flute and piano. In the school orchestra learned to sing and mastered the harp. Her amazing vocal leaves no one indifferent. When she was 11 years old, stepfather with teachers of the music school, where he studied Bjork, helped the young singer to release her first album, the cover of which was created by the father. Unexpectedly, the album became platinum. It was a tip girl, what would she do in the future.

    Perhaps the hippies taught björk to look at the world, including the music, how clean the page in which she can draw anything. So the girl did. She took to collecting the sound. In her collection there are records of cod from the working machine for popcorn, the roar of the earthquake in Los Angeles, snoring grandparents, and even the noise of the industrial Riversdale at the factory.


    Soon all of these amazing sounds bold and rejects all kinds of standards björk mixed in a wonderful mix of different genres – from techno and rock to jazz and classics. Came music. It is the descendant of the Vikings added his unique vocals and get a song that surprised many, shocked and brought to incredible awe.

    14 Bjork has dyed her hair orange poisonous and collected punk band «Spit and snot». To learn she was not interested, so the school girl left. She has long learned to earn money, combining education with spacing in homes books, cleaning fish in the factory and work in cafes and hotels.

    Creates impressive images | reoples

    With her friend Paris Bjork rented a room. Dressed girls at flea markets, buying for pennies worn clothes. And then made himself the same tattoo in the form of a compass which «helped them to find life guidance».

    But the main landmark Bjork found a long time is music. Gathered around her like-minded friends, with whom formed the band «Exodus». After 2 years she changed her name to quite obscene – «Tappi tikarrass». The group is quickly gaining an incredible popularity. In Britain, Bjork love, considering some merry elf. But in his native Iceland after every appearance of the singer on the screen edition of buzzing from calls of the indignant elderly. Which is not surprising. Because björk appeared on stage in rags, tied to the stomach with a pillow.

    Concert Bjork
    The concert |

    In 1980, the singer, the musician has created a new group, calling it «Witchcraft» («Kukl»). From the core of the group has a new team of «Sugar cubes» («The Sugarcubes»). The keyboardist Thor Eldon briefly became the husband of a young björk.

    «Sugar cubes» are wildly popular in Iceland. The voice is an amazing vocalist from a quiet whisper to a shrill scream – everyone will know. But the group was unable to survive long. Scandals and clashes between Bjork and Thor soon put an end to the joint work and the existence of the team. However, in 4 years, «The Sugarcubes» released 5 albums. In 1992, Bjork has gone, and the team disappeared.

    Bjork I group
    With the band «The Sugarcubes» | mediavida

    For the singer it is a time of reflection and creative solitude. She decided to leave his native Iceland and see the world. And to show themselves. To demonstrate she really was. Rather, it was something to stun. After all accumulated in it the music was unlike anything heard earlier music lovers.

    In 1993, in London released the single «Human behavior». It was the first sign solo the biography of Bjork. And the first experience of collaboration with a British producer Nellie Hooper. Experience as a debut, I liked it a lot. Therefore, björk recorded her solo album, calling it, as it should be – «Debut» («Debut»). The album sold out instantly, and a huge print run of 2.5 million copies. It became platinum in the U.S. and was named album of the year in Britain.

    Bjork Album
    The Album «Debut» | Funkysouls

    In 1994, björk moved to Spain. Here was published his new album «Post». The singer becomes a star of world size. The second disc also becomes platinum in America and takes 2nd place in the UK charts.

    The album «Homogenic,» which Bork has pleased his fans in 1997, is called a turning point in her work. The singer presented his new musical style. Critics and fans called the disc the best disc of all time. It differs from anything previously made by singer.

    World fame Bjork doubled after release in the same year, the paintings of Lars von Trier’s «Dancer in the dark». The main role in the film and the soundtrack stand the star on the top. Björk played a Czech immigrant Selma. With it starred the inimitable Catherine Deneuve. The film won the «Palme d’or» in Cannes.

    Björk in film
    In the movie «Dancer in the dark» | TheNational

    In 2001, the star has pleased fans with a new album, «Vespertine». Here are the chamber orchestra, choral chants and new electronics. With songs that became this CD, Bjork has performed in theaters and operas in Europe and America. Until the end of the year has sold 2 million copies of «Vespertine».

    New CD «Medulla» came out in 2004. It was based on vocals, which is the main emphasis. After 3 years, björk gave to the world his new creation – the album «Volta». For its promotion, the singer has made world tour.

    In 2005, björk has released a collection of remixes of the song «Army of me», calling it «Army of Mixes». The purpose of vocalist was to raise money to help victims of the terrible tsunami in the Indian ocean.

    Her highly anticipated 7th album, «Biophilia» was released in 2011 and again surprised everyone. Here björk enlisted the assistance of computer technology. This is the first disc, which included applications for mobile devices. New York’s Museum of modern art, 3 years later he added to this disc to their collection.

    In 2015, fans of björk waited for her new masterpiece album titled «Vulnicura».

    The singer says that music is one of the main things in her life. She was sure that the song heard at the right time, can solve the problem over which people fought long and unsuccessfully.

    Bjork got into the Guinness Book of records as the owner of three British Awards. And for his work in the film «Dancer in the dark» she received the award for best actress. And gave it to the girlfriend. Clips and music björk considered iconic.

    Personal life björk

    Short-lived marriage with musician and composer Thor Eldon björk gave birth to her firstborn, Sindri. He was born in 1986. But life with Thor went wrong. The pair were constantly fighting. The marriage has broken down after painting «Dancer in the dark».

    Björk with her son, Sindri
    Son of Sindri | afisha

    Personal life, björk has changed after a meeting with one of the most extraordinary artists of our time, Matthew Barney. I think she met the man who could be her mate, such as bright and unusual as the singer herself.

    The actress moved to her beloved new York. In the fall of 2002 they had a daughter who was named Isador. And in 2005, björk played a major role in the film «Drawing restraint-9», which gave her husband.

    Bjork family
    With husband and daughter | Strosedenver

    Bjork never plans in advance. She believes all decisions should be made spontaneously, on the wave of feelings, moods and intuition. However, the way she lives.


    • 1977 – «Björk»
    • 1993 – «Debut»
    • 1995 – «Post»
    • 1997 – «Homogenic»
    • 2001 – «Vespertine»
    • 2004 – «Medúlla»
    • 2007 – «Volta»
    • 2011 – «Biophilia»
    • 2015 – «Vulnicura»

    Photo Bjork


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