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  • Name: Semyon Furman ( Furman Semen )
  • Date of birth: 9 January 1951
  • Age: 66 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Simon Furman: a biography

    Simon Furman — Soviet and Russian theater and film actor with a difficult creative destiny. During the film career he mainly played supporting roles, but it became a real master of short episodes that can in a matter of minutes to fully realize the character.

    Simon was born and raised in Saint Petersburg, into a Jewish family. His nationality he never hid, although at the initial stage of career it is quite prevented his progress on the «ladder.» Interestingly, the father planned to call the boy Solomon in honor of the biblical king, but the mother insisted on a more simple name Simon.

    Another very unusual fact from childhood Furman: from an early age looked much older than his age. For example, when a teenager with peers did not have time to enter the tram, the passengers shouted that he opened the door «husband and child». When in high school semen was transferred to another school and first came to the class teacher, the teacher decided that talking with the father of a new student.

    With the future profession Simon Furman decided quite early and clearly: he wanted to be on the stage. But non-appearance did not allow him to enter the acting Department, even the school-Studio at the Leningrad youth Theatre. But the young man to retreat before difficulties are not accustomed to. He chose a slightly less in demand by the Director of the choreography Department of the Leningrad Institute of culture, although the Director’s profession, and especially the choreographer, he was not interested. So Simon managed to get backstage of the theater.

    The distribution was sent to Turkmenistan, the Ashgabat youth theatre, where Furman has served for two years, after which he returned to his native St. Petersburg. There Simon was assistant Director at the «Lenfilm» studios, and performed with vaudeville monologues in city parks, he served in the theater of fashion. In parallel, he received a second education in the Creative workshop of pop art and was finally able to call myself an artist. Since 1990 Furman as an actor is in the Theater of drama and Comedy «At the Foundry» where he played, in his own opinion, his best role on stage in Millerovskiy of the play «the Miser» and the play «the Caretaker» in the works of Harold Pinter.


    The first film role of Semyon Furman was a member of the club of bachelors in the Comedy «My dearly beloved detective». And then he played a man nicknamed the Asian in the musical fantasy film «the Isle of lost ships». Interestingly, the actor himself came to the Director Evgeny Ginzburg and said that he really wants to take part in the filming.

    After a brilliant performance in this musical, Furman began to offer many roles, but most of the secondary characters. Mostly his heroes did not even have a screen name, and in the credits classified as «Maitre d'», «collector tapes» or «alien». But Semyon Aleksandrovich learned so perfectly to convey the emotion that for a few moments managed to show the audience everything needed to know about the character.

    Was in the filmography of the actor and the main role. Notably the crime drama «the bridge,» in which he played a former felon, and now a prominent businessman, as well as surreal painting «the Passion movie: Jaws», where Furman portrayed escaped from the mental hospital lunatic who imagines himself as a private detective. Also fans of the Comedy series «Matchmakers» certainly drew attention to his hero Yevgeny Borisovich Zhuk — rural oligarch.

    Personal life

    About his family Simon Furman says very little. He is one of those public figures who believe that the public should know on the creative side of the artist, not his private life. The only information that is dedicated to the public regarding the marital status of the Seeds Alexandrovich, is that the actor married and raised a son.

    In addition to the theatre and filming a movie, Fuhrman also appeared on stage together with the musical team of Sergey Kuryokhin «Pop-mechanics» and led the entertainment program «Mir dendy». One of the Hobbies we have Seeds nachitka of audio books, including those for which no other person is taken, for example, he voiced an obscene poem, the anonymous author of «Luke mudischev».


    • 1987 — Island of lost ships
    • 1993 — the Captives good luck
    • 2000 — the Alchemists
    • 2003 — Dancer
    • 2004 — Ivanov and Rabinovich
    • 2006 — the Passion movie: Jaws
    • 2007 — On the bridge
    • 2009-2013 — Matchmakers
    • 2013 — Peter Leshchenko. All that was needed…
    • 2016 — the Family album


    Semyon Furman in FLM

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