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  • Name: Sigmund Freud ( Sigmund Freud )
  • Date of birth: 6 may 1856
  • Age: 83 years
  • Date of death: 23 Sep 1939
  • Place of birth: Freiberg
  • Activity: psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, neurologist
  • Marital status: was married on Martha Freud

    Sigmund Freud: biography

    Sigmund Freud was born in the difficult post-war time in Freiberg on may 6 1856, becoming the third child in the family. Sigmund’s mother was the second wife of Jacob Freud, who already had two sons from his first marriage. Small business, textile trade, brought the family income, which was quite enough to life. But fell revolution trampled even not so important compared to other undertakings, and the family had to leave home. First, the Freud family moved to Leipzig, and a year in Vienna. Poor area, dirt, noise and unpleasant neighbors did not contribute to a good atmosphere in the family. Sigmund himself is not very fond of remembering early childhood, considering the years are unworthy of attention.

    Parents are very loved son, pinning great hopes on it. Passion for literature and philosophical works, only encouraged. A reading of Sigmund Freud unusually serious literature. In his personal library were Shakespeare, Kant, Nietzsche and Hegel. In addition, he was fond of studying foreign languages, and even complex Latin was given to the young genius is surprisingly easy. Reinforced learning at home allowed the boy to come to school earlier than was expected. In school Sigmund was created all the conditions to smoothly execute the task to read and solve problems. This love of parents is completely justified, and the gymnasium, Freud was brilliantly done.

    After school Sigmund spent many hours pondering what to do next. Strict and unjust laws gave not so great selection of Jewish boy. The available professions were medicine, law, Commerce and industry. All options, except the first, were rejected as unsuitable for such an educated person. But for medicine, Freud did not have much interest. In the end, the choice was stopped on it.

    The impetus for the final solution was the lecture, which was read a work by Goethe called «Nature». Medicine the philosopher studied without the usual zeal and interest. Being engaged in student’s years in the laboratory of Brücke, Freud published several interesting and informative articles about the nervous system of some animals. After graduation, Sigmund had planned to pursue an academic career, but the environment demanded the ability to earn a living. So, after working several years under the tutelage of several famous therapists of the time, in 1885, Sigmund Freud has applied for opening of a personal account of neuropathology. Through the recommendations he received permission.

    A year earlier, Sigmund tried cocaine. The effect of the drug struck the philosopher, and he wrote many papers in which revealed the destructive properties of the powder. One of the closest friends of Freud in the treatment of cocaine died, but enthusiastic discoverer of mental peace drew on this fact the appropriate attention. In the end, Sigmund Freud himself suffered from cocaine addiction. Over the years a lot of efforts of the Professor still have recovered from addiction. All this time, Freud did not leave the classroom philosophy, attending various lectures and taking your own notes.

    Sigmund Freud: psychoanalysis

    In 1885 thanks to the support of friends, influential luminaries of medicine, Sigmund Freud had an internship for the French psychiatrist Jean Charcot. Practice opened my eyes to the future psychoanalyst at the difference between nervous diseases, of different severity and intensity of hot flashes. From Charcot Freud learned the use in the treatment hypnosis, and, if not a cure, it is much easier for illnesses.

    Sigmund Freud began to apply in their treatment discussions with patients, allowing them to speak out and to ease your mind. This technique is called «the Method of free Association». These conversations with random thoughts and phrases allowed the astute psychiatrist to more deeply understand the problems of their patients and seek solutions to their problems. The method helped to completely abandon the use of hypnosis and encouraged to communicate with patients in a complete and pure consciousness.

    Freud revealed to the world that any psychosis is a consequence of a person’s memories, which are very difficult to get rid of. Then he brought the theory that the majority of psychoses based on the Oedipus complex and infantile of infantile sexuality. This statement caused the scandals and disagreements between psychiatrists-colleagues of Freud. Many said that Sigmund nonsense, and he himself became a victim of psychosis.

    The publication of the book «Interpretation of dreams» first brought him due recognition. However, subsequently leading psychoanalysts and psychiatrists have acknowledged the importance of dreams in the treatment of patients. After the release of the book of Professor Freud was invited to lecture at universities in Germany and the United States, which he considered a great achievement.

    In 1910 there was a split in the ranks of the disciples and followers of Freud. The main reason was the opposition of the disciples with the fact that any psychosis and hysteria associated with the suppression of sexual energy of man, namely, that this theory is adhered to Freud. Disagreements and disputes were tired of the great psychiatrist. He decided to surround himself with only those who adhered to the fundamentals of his theory. So, in 1913 appeared secretive and almost a secret society «the Committee».

    Sigmund Freud: personal life

    For decades, Sigmund Freud did not pay attention on the female gender. Frankly, he was afraid of women. This fact has caused a lot of jokes and gossip that quite confused psychiatrist. He tried to convince himself that it will be able to get along just fine all his life without the interference of women in private space. But the circumstances were such that the great scientist has succumbed to the charm of the fair sex.

    Once on the way to the printer, Freud almost got under the wheels of the carriage. Perfect fare, sincerely sagalevicha about the incident, in a sign of reconciliation and apology sent the scholar an invitation to the ball. Already in the West, Sigmund Freud met his future wife Martha Bernays and her sister Minna. After some time held a magnificent engagement and after the wedding. Married life was marred by frequent scandals, jealous Martha insisted that her husband had interrupted all communication with the Mine. Not wishing to quarrel with his wife, Freud did.

    In 8 years of marriage, Martha gave her husband six children. After the birth of youngest daughter Anna Freud decided to completely abandon sexual life. Judging by the fact that Anna was the last child of the great psychoanalyst kept his word. Is the youngest daughter courted Freud in the last years of his life. In addition, Anna is the only one of the children of a scientist who continued his work. The name of Anna Freud called the children’s psychotherapy center in London.

    Sigmund Freud: death

    Intensive study of various writings, a busy daily routine and the hard work of the thinker left on the health of Sigmund Freud’s heavy imprint. The famous psychoanalyst, had cancer.

    Moving many operations and not getting the desired result, Freud asked the doctor to do him a favour and help to die, getting rid of the pain. In September 1939, the dose of morphine was interrupted by the scientist’s life, betraying his body’s ashes.

    Sigmund Freud: bibliography

    • The interpretation of dreams
    • Three essays on the theory of sexuality
    • Totem and taboo
    • Group psychology and the analysis human «I»
    • The future of an illusion
    • Beyond the pleasure principle
    • I it

    Sigmund Freud: photo

    Sigmund Freud with his daughter Sophie

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