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  • Name: Shastun Anton ( Anton Shastun )
  • Date of birth: 19 April 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Voronezh
  • Activity: comedian, entertainer
  • Marital status:

    Anton Shastun biography

    Anton Shastun young Russian comedian and entertainer, member of the new entertainment show «Improvisation».

    He hails from the capital of Chernozem region – the Voronezh, where he graduated from high school and entered the faculty of Economics and management of the State agrarian University of a name of Peter the great.

    Play Anton began to write during his school years, and as a student, decided to fulfill themselves in a humorous game KVN and became part of the University team, «BV», and later heading it as captain. A few years played in the city the student League, and then promptly entered the League of the heart of Russia «Start». In his first season at BV entered the final of the competition, and the following year became the Champions League.

    Anton Shastun tried to gain a foothold on the stage of «Comedy club». He twice came to the program «Comedy battle» in which participants compete against each other, trying to amuse the audience, and most importantly – the jury, which consisted of honored comedians Sergey Svetlakov, Seeds Slepakova and Garik Martirosjan. The first time Anton has not made much of an impression, and his performance is not even shown on TV, but in 2013, he handled it much better, went through several difficult rounds, although in the final stage to get still failed.

    Returning to his native Voronezh, the young man began to act as a showman at various Stand-up shows. The actor appeared on stage and in a very comical form, told the audience that he cares about. Monologues Anton was a success and attracted attention to it.

    Improvisation show

    About 6 years Shastun Anton participated in the improvisational show «Controversial issue», in which the actors along with the leading cast of the subjects proposed by the audience. For example, singing on the move invented songs, comment events, in a joking manner, respond to unexpected questions, and so forth. In total, the program involved seven artists, of which Anton is not only the youngest but also the tallest.

    For the Russian scene this show was truly unique, as the earlier domestic humor did not dare so close to let the fans in the creative process. Anton Shastun says that the complexity of this genre is that the artist has no opportunity in advance to rehearse the scene, as the main idea of improvisation is in feedback with the audience.

    In February 2016 on the TNT channel launched a new program «Improvisation» in the framework of the multidisciplinary production company «Comedy Club». Anton Shastun together with his colleagues in the «Controversial issue» Pozovem Dmitry and Stas by Semenovym was invited to become the stars of the show. «Improvisation» is the only television program in which there are no pre-prepared script. As in the Voronezh program Shastun other comedians don’t use pre-conceived jokes and have no idea where you will turn in sketches unfolding story in the next second. All the viewers see come on stage and never repeated.

    Personal life

    Anton Shastun is very dedicated to his creative profession, since she loves to live communication with people. But the social network he uses only to present their Comedy programs, almost revealing aspects of his personal life.

    Voronezh humorist an interesting rule — every birthday he meets, speaking on the stage.


    Anton Shastun

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