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Shamil Khamatov

(biography, photos, videos) Shamil nail uly of Khamatov

photo by Shamil Khamatov

  • Name: Shamil Khamatov ( Shamil nail Khamatov of uly )
  • Date of birth: 29 January 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Kazan
  • Height: 186
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married to Daria Belousova

    Shamil Khamatov: biography

    Shamil Khamatov of nailyevich was born in a family where the parents were not related to creativity. Father and mother are engineers. And yet two of the three children — actors. Shamil – brother of the famous Russian actress of Tatar origin Chulpan Khamatova.

    In the family Khamatovich the birth of a son was seen as a real holiday, because before there were only girls. Shamil was an ordinary boy. As a child he showed no particular inclination for art. Loved football and played water Polo. And after school he planned to study to be a lawyer or historian.

    The dream of becoming an artist appeared at Shamil Khamatova after a trip to my sister’s Chulpan in Moscow. First interest in the profession developed after seeing the film «country of the deaf» by Valery Todorovsky, where sister appeared in the title role. But the day when Shamil saw Chulpan on the stage of Sovremennik theatre in a production of «Three sisters», was a turning point in his life. Impression of the game Chulpan and the General atmosphere of the theatre was so strong that the guy also decided it would be an artist.

    After graduating from the school of Khamatov went to the capital, where, how, and sister, studied at the Russian Academy of theatre arts on the course Borodin.

    Shamil Khamatov theater

    Biography of Shamil Khamatova began when he was still a student at the Academy. It was then that he made his debut on the stage of RATI. The novice actor involved in staging «the adventures of Tom Sawyer,» where he played the Boy in «Lord of the flies» (Roger and Sam). And graduation was the play «Dead souls», where Shamil appeared in the images manilow and Parsley.

    In 2005, the Khamatov he graduated from the rata. He was accepted into the troupe of the famous «Contemporary», where the artist debuted in the performance «the Naked pioneer». At the same stage Shamil soon played in many productions, the best of which is «jukebox», «Five evenings», «Three sisters» and «Antony&Cleopatra. Version.»

    Shamil Khamatov: movies

    Film debut Shamil Khamatova occurred in 2002. It was a Comedy parable of a Director Before Kabaevoy called «strange valley». In the same year the actor took on the role of the player in the TV series «the Team», and the following year appeared in the «Er-2».

    But the first popularity came to Shamil Khamatova after the melodrama

  • «The bride» in 2006. The film was very warmly received by audiences and critics. Shamil has played a courageous and very handsome Sasha Malyavkina who came to the Chechen war and almost died. Later Shamil had to appear in such roles in several films. He played in the drama «Dead field» Aravina and the series «still I love». Both of these films about the Chechen campaign. And everywhere Shamil is a brave and courageous hero, the noble and very attractive. After these paintings of the actor has an army of fans.

    Comedy under the name «M8» cemented the heroic image of Shamil. In the film, he played a fearless and resourceful programmer who gets into incredible adventures and hiding from his pursuers.

    In a slightly different role the artist saw in the Comedy film «Pickup: eat without rules». But in the melodrama with elements of Thriller «the Fifth group of blood», «the Bodyguard-3» and «Survive» the fans and especially fans of Shamil saw favorite artist, how he fell in love with: romantic and courageous hero.

    Chulpan Khamatova once said about his brother:

    «I appreciate Shamil in the bar, which has established for itself, and sometimes very biased towards him. Because I want, native was the best. I know it will be my humble, generous, kind, warm and a little stubborn brother and deal with all offenders and problems. I am happy that I have such a native person».

    One of the last works of Shamil Khamatova – role in the film

  • «Start-up» prototypes of the main heroes of which are the founders of «Yandex» Ilya Segalovich and Arkady Volozh. Paired with Hamatova the film starred the star of Teleostei about Bears jap, Eugene Tkachuk.

    Shamil Khamatov: personal life

    Personal life of Shamil Khamatova has long been hidden from prying eyes. The artist did not tell any details to reporters and did not appear with his chosen virtually anywhere. Especially interesting to the press, Shamil once said that with his chosen, he lives in a civil marriage. But to call his name did not, because «afraid to jinx it».

    Only after two years of marriage in 2010, Khamatov decided to open his colleagues that his fiancee – actress and colleague in the «Contemporary»

  • Darya Belousova. Dasha Shamil older than two years and is known to audiences for her role ridiculous seamstresses in the ribbon androna Konchalovsky’s «gloss». And yet – loving Mishina in the series «Sweet life 2». The couple celebrated their wedding on the birthday of Chulpan Khamatova.

    Shamil Khamatov: filmography

    • Team
    • Amazing valley
    • Emergency 2
    • Dead field
    • The bride
    • The yellow dragon
    • And all-taki I love…
    • M8
    • Zastava Zilina
    • Pickup: eat without rules
    • My heart
    • Startup

    Shamil Khamatov: photo

    Shamil Khamatov

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