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  • Name: Sergey Marchuk ( Sergey Varchuk )
  • Date of birth: 19 April 1956
  • Age: 60 years
  • Place of birth: Sverdlovsk
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian actor
  • Marital status: married

    Sergey Varchuk: biography

    Sergei Ivanovich, Marchuk familiar to most viewers at the wonderful romance «can’t say goodbye». It is noteworthy that this film became a «visiting card» of the actor, was his student work. Then came other roles, but this remained the star and chief.

    Biography of Sergey Barchukov closely associated with his hometown of Sverdlovsk. Here he was born in April 1956. Here, in the industrial city, where it was not close sea or ocean, began to dream of long sea voyages and ships.

    Sergey Varchuk
    The star of the melodrama «can’t say goodbye» |

    After graduating from secondary school, the Ural the guy went to Leningrad. Here he was planning to go to nautical engineering College named after Admiral S. Makarov. But failed: failed eyesight. Then Sergei decided that since he can’t become captain of a ship, could these ships be built, and then to test them, going to the sea. But here, a failure: Leningrad shipbuilding University, he failed the physics exam.

    Upset, Marchuk, returned to his hometown. He filed papers in the local University’s physics Department. Studied here for a year, without special desire and spark. But at the end of the year benchmarks Sergei lost completely. A guy once came to the award show sister, who studied at the Sverdlovsk theatre school. And suddenly realized that the scene is exactly what furiously reached his soul.

    Sergey Varchuk
    In the beginning | Cinema

    Passing the session, Sergey Varchuk went to serve. This break he needed to finally understand yourself, to determine where it pulls the most.

    After military service the young man already knew exactly which path you’ll take. He left the University and went to Moscow. As with any training he was not, to enroll in drama school at the first attempt failed. But to go with the chosen path, Varchuk not going to. In the end, he entered the School-Studio of MKHAT and has been accepted for the course for the talented artist and mentor, Oleg Efremov.

    Sergey Varchuk
    Photo By Sergei Master | Cinema

    Sergey and his classmates were extremely jealous. The guys watched as the already famous artists of the Moscow art Theater, which at that time was headed by Efremov. But for their mentor it was a difficult time. The theatre was torn apart by contradictions, marched his division. Oleg Yefremov came to the students tired. Here he had a rest soul and made plans. Efremov dreamed that together with their «actors» organized by the new youth theatre.

    Unfortunately, these plans were not realized. And after four years of study, classmates of Sergey Varchenko, and he himself, were faced with the prospect of being sent to rural areas.


    Between 3 and 4 course theatre of the University Sergey Varchenko lucky enough. He starred in the melodrama Boris Durov «can’t say goodbye». Just in time for the end of the School-Studio of MKHAT, the film was released yesterday and turned in the student of a famous actor. Aspiring actor in euphoria. It seemed to him that it «will tear off with hands» in any Metropolitan theatre, in which he will come.

    Sergey Varchuk and Anastasiya Ivanova
    In the movie «can’t say goodbye» |

    But the reality was different. Metropolitan theaters in the early 1980s was much less than now. And the time was difficult: in Moscow was in full swing. Retirement sent famous artists whose names are known all over the country. And that, to get a young actor, and is out of the question. To stay in the capital, needed a residence permit.

    The master was saved by the fact that Oleg Efremov has managed to achieve that diploma performance course introduced into the repertory of the Moscow art Theater. Staging was 4 times a month and brought in Sergei 16 rubles of income. To live for the money in the capital was not possible, but it gave the right to live in Moscow.

    Sergey Varchuk
    In the movie «ground» | full Movie

    The main source of income of the young actor was in a movie. After the melodrama Durov and played the lead role of a young Master know, and invite to play. In 1984 he appeared in the films «Good intentions», «How to become famous» and «Acceleration». Though these movies brought him fame, but the role was a cameo, but the young actor was busy.

    In 1985-86, the cinematic biography of Sergey Barchukov develops further. He was offered small roles in the films «Moscow speaking», «mystery walk,» «the Gorgon’s Head» and «Mikhail Lomonosov». The last historical tape he played Gryn. But the role commensurate Vataginu Sergei from the movie-rental leader, 1982’s «can’t say goodbye», which was watched by more than 34 million viewers, was not.

    Sergey Varchuk in the film
    In the movie «the Grey mouse» | Movie-Theater

    In the second half of the 1980s, he removed much more. In his filmography there are such significant works as the adventure film «the Gorgon’s Head» and the melodrama «love…». A fresh wave of fame brought work in the blockbuster «Scorched Kandahar».

    «Dashing 90-e» for an artist was difficult, like most of his colleagues. Muscovites were surprised when they met a famous artist with a broom or shovel, cleans the yard. Sergei Varchuk really had for two years to work as a janitor in one of the capital Zhekov, after all, people of this profession were allowed to service housing, and after 5 years residence in the capital. The actor wasn’t shy of work, but he was tired every time to respond to questions and the surprised looks of people who recognized him. He tried to work early in the morning or late in the evening, especially as the day went on the stage.

    To honor the artist I must say that the theater didn’t throw another minute in the hardest times. Today Sergey Marchuk too, comes on stage: he’s an actor of the Theater named after K. S. Stanislavsky. Performances with his participation are also coming out in the Theater of the moon.

    Sergey Varchuk
    In The Theater Of The Moon |

    Dark band and engagement in cinema took place with the advent of the new century. Viewers saw favorite actor in the historical drama «Russian revolt», based on Alexander Pushkin’s story «captain’s daughter». He got a small but vivid role of the cavalryman Zurina.

    You can see Sergei and Master in the series. The most popular of them is «turn the key», «Secret sign» and «the Gold of Yugra». The latest project almost cost actor life. When boarding the helicopter in which there were the actors who fell off the rear propeller. From disaster saved only by the fact that the wheels of the helicopter stuck in the shifting sand.

    Sergey Varchuk in the film
    In the film «Gold of Yugra» |

    From the latest movies and TV shows, which have appeared Sergey Varchuk, it should be noted the rating project «the Countess de Monsoreau», «Impostors», «Thief», «Drongo», «Five minutes to metro», «Detective Agency «Ivan da Marya» a» and «Page».

    Many viewers remember Sergey Master at his work as the leader. For a long time he led the program «rescue Service».

    Personal life

    It is known that the personal life of Sergey Barchukov he had a happy. But it was not always so. His first marriage ended in divorce. After the release of their mega-popular melodrama the actor woke up famous. But mainly it was the attention that he finally turned beautiful Helen. Prior to this, the girl that Sergei was given all courtesies, wasn’t even looking in his direction.

    Sergey Varchuk with his wife Olga
    With his beloved wife Olga |

    Helen married him and gave birth to a daughter Sasha. But the real love of this couple, most likely, was not. Because soon his wife left for the United States, where he found work. The man remained alone with my daughter. Elena came home less and less. Marriage has outlived its usefulness.

    When the actor was already over 40, he met his current wife, Olga. In the life of Sergey Barchukov played a huge role in Director Boris Durov. He not only opened the audience of this artist, removing it in the title role, in his wonderful film, but also gave a meeting with the love of my life – Olga. With her family Durov became friends in Vietnam, where Olga was on a business trip. The woman was the same sad story – her husband left for work to Europe and stayed there.

    Sergey Varchuk with his wife Olga
    With his beloved wife Olga |

    Durov, a long time friend of the family Sergey, decided to introduce two single friends. This creates a beautiful and strong couple. Olga managed to find common ground not only with the adult daughter of Sergei, Alexandra, but even with his ex-wife.

    Today the family has a teenage son of actor – Vanya. It is noteworthy that the birth of a son with this name long before they dreamed of meeting Sergei, and Olga. Therefore, the decision to call the boy Ivan was unanimous.

    Sergey Varchuk with his son and wife
    With wife and son |

    The daughter of Sergei Master Alexander is a grown man. She has her own family. Sasha works as a designer. With the father and his family she has a great relationship.

    Sergey Varchuk loves animals. He claims that every time he sees a stray dog or cat, barely held not to take the animal home. Because he already has two dogs and four cats. And all previously homeless.


    • «Can’t say goodbye
    • «Good intentions»
    • «Moscow Says»
    • «The Gorgon’s Head»
    • «Mikhail Lomonosov»
    • «The Countess de Monsoreau»
    • «Thief»
    • «Drongo»
    • «Five minutes to metro»
    • «The village»


    Sergey Varchuk

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