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  • Name: Sergei Galitsky ( Sergey Galitckiy )
  • Date of birth: 14 August 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Sochi
  • Activity: entrepreneur, founder of the retail chain «Magnit», the owner of FC «Krasnodar», member of the Supervisory Council of VTB Bank
  • Marital status: married

    Sergey Galitsky: biography

    It is unique both as a person and as a businessman. Billionaire from Krasnodar Sergey Galitsky is the name of his wife, and earned capital not natural resources, and food.

    Sergey Harutyunyan (name of the businessman at birth) was born 14 Aug 1967 in the resort village of Lazarevskoye, Krasnodar area. He grew up in an Armenian family of moderate means. Childhood Sergei loved to drive the ball in the yard, but at the age of 14 he became interested in chess. Two years later he passed the norm and became a candidate master of sports in chess. He later admitted that chess taught him logical thinking and helped in his career.

    At school he studied well, triples in the certificate was not, but as they say, «stars in the sky is not enough.» After high school, joined the army, served two years, and in 1987, after demobilization, he entered the economic faculty of the Kuban University. During his studies, Sergey Nikolaevich had to earn a loader.

    In the third year he wrote an analytical article in the specialized journal «Finance and credit». Calculations made by the student, struck the editor and not only him. After publishing an article promising student spotted the head of a commercial Bank and was invited for an interview. He made such an offer he could not refuse – the post of Deputy Manager. Since then, he has combined study and work at the Bank.

    In 1993 Sergey Galitskiy graduated from University, one year worked in a Bank and quit on their own. Your step, he explained the futility of development of the Bank. Over the years, the businessman compared it to the «exchange office».


    After leaving the Bank Galitsky decided to start their own businesses. In 1994 he founded the company TransAsia, which was engaged in the supply and sale of cosmetics from «Avon», «P&G», «Johnson & Johnson». The idea to do distribution appeared to him after a conversation with a friend who was earning in this business. Sergey took out a loan for 30 thousand dollars, purchased the goods from «Johnson & Johnson» and sold them wholesale. A year TransAsia has become the exclusive distributor of P&G in the southern region. But the entrepreneurial flair of the Galician forced to move on. He left the company to partners and plunged into the food business.

    In 1995, businessman founded the company «Tander», and after 3 years opened the first store in Krasnodar «Cash&Carry». He didn’t want to compete with the big retailers, so opened small shops in small towns. After a few years, he combined all the stores into a single network «Magnet». In 2001, the network consisted of 250 trading enterprises considered the largest in Russia.

    In 2007 we opened the first hypermarket «Magnet». After 5 years in the trade network «Magnet» has been 998 469 grocery and cosmetic stores. In 2012 Sergey Galitsky expanded the business, introducing a network of perfumery and cosmetics «Rouge». And next year, Magnit has become an absolute leader in Russia in the grocery segment.

    In early 2015, the businessman sold 1% of shares of «Magnet». The amount of the transaction amounted to almost 10 billion. The purpose of the sale – obtaining funds to Finance personal projects. Today, the beauty of the Galician Empire includes almost 14.5 thousand stores, of which nearly 2.4 thousand the businessman has opened in 2015.

    Sergey uncompromising, if he was trying to impose the rules of the game. He had several conflicts with suppliers, which was the intention of the businessman to reduce the range. In 2005, the brand «Mars» suggested the businessman conditions that did not suit him. Then he withdrew all products from this company from the range, and instead offered customers the counterparts of their own brands.

    Sergey Galitsky – owner of FC «Krasnodar». In 2008, he bought a provincial club and for 3 years brought him in command of the first division. The businessman built a stadium, children’s football Academy in Krasnodar. He did not think the club is a business project, rather it’s a lesson for the soul. Annually it invests in its development about $ 40 million, and another $ 3 million is funding football Academy, raising future Champions.

    Personal life

    With future wife Victoria Galicia he met in University. She studied to be an accountant. When they married is unknown, a businessman does not like to talk about family and personal life.

    After the wedding he took his wife’s surname. The journalists wrote that at the insistence of his father-in-law, saying that his daughter and grandchildren will not be wearing an Armenian surname. According to another version, the name Galicia is known, Prince. Whatever it was, but Sergey officially became Galicia.

    2 November 1995 and had a daughter Pauline. My wife is now not working – this is not necessary.

    The passion of a businessman’s luxury cars. Media reports that he loves Ferrari and he likes to drive a car.

    Sergey Galitsky is often compared to the founder of Wal-Mart Sam Waltons, although he does not consider himself so. He’s got incredible energy, crazy performance and a custom look at a lot of things. He often criticizes the government and the oligarchs, which badly tarnished the image of the business. Galitsky says he works 7 days a week, so the comparison with the thieves it offends.


    In 2011 Sergey Galitsky was in 24th place in all-Ukrainian and 185th place in Forbes world rating, his fortune was estimated at $ 5.5 billion. In 2015, it rose by 15 162 place ranking, and his fortune magazine estimated at 8.3 billion dollars.


    Sergey Galitsky

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