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  • Name: Filippov Sergey ( Sergey Filippov )
  • Date of birth: 24 June 1912
  • Age: 77 years
  • Date of death: April 19, 1990
  • Place of birth: Saratov
  • Height: 184
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Sergey Filippov: biography

    «Is there life on Mars if there is life on Mars», «masik wants vodka» — these phrases, uttered from the screen Sergei Filippov, became winged. During his life he has played in 100 films and remembered by the audience as a brilliant comedic actor.

    Sergei was the only son in the family Filippov. He was born 24 Jun 1912 in one of settlements of the Saratov region. Dad worked in a factory machinist, mother kept house and took to sewing at home. Family interrupted from penny to penny.

    When Sergey was 5 years old, the revolution began. The plant shut, his father grief has washed down. One day he came home drunk and said that goes to war: father Sergei was not seen.

    The mother took any job, so the son had no time. And soon the house Filippov appeared stepfather. The actor remembered him as a powerful man who, even on the night he put a gun under the pillow.

    The nervous atmosphere affect learning and behavior of Sergei. He studied bad, once in chemistry class I almost blew up the school. Soon he was expelled. Then the mother took the son to work in a bakery, but even there he did not last long. Sergey Filippov was fired when he read out a novel by Jack London, forgot to add salt to bread. A German-maker guy, too bad he ruined an expensive antique wardrobe, by driving it ten nails. Do not get out of it, neither the mechanic nor a gardener, nor a porter.

    Sergei loved to dance, could rehearse for hours near the mirror, or observe rehearsals in the dance Studio. It took at dance class, even though he was tall and thin. Filippov wanted to become a ballet dancer, but late – set in a ballet school is over. Then the stubborn young man entered the pop-circus College. After he managed to join the troupe of the Theatre of Opera and ballet. However, at the fourth representation Sergey Filippov fainted right on the stage. The doctors diagnosed a heart attack about a career in ballet had to forget.


    After a failed career as a ballet dancer Filippov went to work in the Theater-Studio of pop. At one of the performances he was noticed by Nikolai Akimov, and offered to work at the Leningrad Comedy theatre. In this theater Sergei Filippov worked for 30 years, from 1935 to 1965. Here, he played his best roles in plays «masquerade», «Not all cat Shrovetide», «Actress», «Simple girl», «Inspector», and dozens of others.

    Filippov quickly became famous. In the prewar and postwar years, the film was shot not so much, so people willingly went to the theater. For the year of the Leningrad theatre of variety staged 16 performances – Sergey took part in all. He skillfully and subtly managed to play all the ugly and vulgar, in others, and it was always unexpected and masterful.

    In 1965, the actor was fired from the show. The last straw was obscene remarks, drunken Filippov served from behind the scenes. He was dismissed «at own will».


    Sergey Filippov began acting in films in 1937. He made his debut in the role of Finn in the movie «the Fall of Kimas-lake». Then there was the shooting of «Volochaevskaya days», «Member of the government,» «the New adventures of Svejk», «Restless economy», «Cinderella».

    In 40-ies of the Soviet cinema could not boast of a large number of comedic actors, so Directors often invited the talented Sergei Filippov. One of the highlights was the role of lecturer in the Comedy «carnival night». Another interesting work is the Casimir of Diamond in the film «tiger girl».

    In 1965, Philippi removed the brain tumor, but he continued acting. After serial movie «12 chairs», in which he played the Kisa Vorobyaninov, the actor was no longer able to walk freely on the street — passers-by recognized him, asked for an autograph.

    In the 80s Sergei Filippov did not appear on the screen because of health problems. One of the last work in film was a cameo role of a patient in the film «heart of a Dog» in 1988.

    Personal life

    Filippov was married twice. His first wife, Alevtina Gurinovich he met in College. They soon married, in 1936, Alevtina had a son George. Yura was 10 years old when his parents divorced. The first time Sergei had a relationship with his son, but then Alevtina Gurinovich immigrated to America. Departure ex-wife and son became the actor’s strike, he was unable to forgive them and not read mails from my son.

    Sergey Filippov was an ideological Communist, after the divorce, he always imagined a KGB agent and tracking. He was afraid for him to come, and waited.

    The actor met his second wife Antonina Golubeva in the restaurant. In the fight Filippova someone hit a fork, and Antonina helped to stop the bleeding, happy. So they began to live together. Golubev was older than her husband for 13 years, controlled his every move, friends, phone calls, terribly jealous of his colleagues and fans. Friends said that the actor feared the power of his wife. He never called her by name – only by the Mullet. They lived together for 40 years.

    Antonina Golubeva was there when Sergei Filippov was fired from the show when he removed the tumor, nursed, cared for, saved.


    Filippov survived his Mullet just for a year. His wife’s death had been a blow from which it could not recover: the cancer started to progress. Actor the last years of his life he suffered from loneliness. At the peak of fame he was soon for retirement money is not collected. Colleagues and friends looked to him only occasionally.

    He died 19 APR 1990 in his apartment, all alone. His body was discovered by neighbors two weeks after the death. They were struck by the miserable conditions in the apartment – there was the library, of expensive Antiques. Something the actor sold that shortly before his death, relatives took away the red mullet.

    The money for the funeral were collected for the familiar, the film Studio «Lenfilm» has not contributed a penny. Modest coffin, modest seeing the last path to the North cemetery in St. Petersburg. The actor was buried next to his second wife.


    • «Different destinies»
    • «The other side»
    • «The foreigner»
    • «Heart of a dog»
    • «The Comedy of bygone days»
    • «Different destinies»
    • «Incognito from Petersburg»
    • «Danger!»
    • «Tale of the amorous painter»
    • «How Ivan the fool went for a miracle»


    Sergey Filippov

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