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  • Name: Sergey Druzyak ( Sergey Druzyak )
  • Date of birth: 30 April 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
  • Height: 169
  • Activity: the Russian theatre and cinema actor, TV presenter
  • Marital status: not married

    Sergey Druzyak: biography

    Recognition to the actor Sergei Druzyaka came after a historical detective «1814», and the popular TV series «the Kremlin cadets», «Ship» and «Tree».

    Sergey was born in 1985 in Slovak town of Banska Bystrica in a military family. Because of the father of the family often changed their place of residence. Childhood of the future artist were held in Yalta, but to finish school he had to the Kaliningrad military town.

    Sergey Druzyak
    In childhood |

    After the 8th grade Druziak got 49 litsey, who was famous for his theatrical Studio «Stop.» It is led by a talented coach Boris Benenson. He and his Studio «Stop» gave a start in life the sisters Olga and Tatyana Arntgolts, Artem Tkachenko and many other young stars of Russian cinema.

    Participation in the work of the Studio determined the further path of Sergei Druzyaka. He knew exactly what he wanted to do in the future. So after finishing College, he, along with all the Studio course went to conquer Moscow. Unfortunately, to enter the Metropolitan College theater was not all. Druziak was among those whom Moscow was greeted coldly. But he was not discouraged: he immediately went to Yaroslavl and easily entered the theater Institute.

    Sergey Druzyak
    Early in his career |

    Initially planned to learn from the year and then make a second attempt the conquest of the capital. But training and an abundance of great teachers in Yaroslavl GTI so fascinated the boy that he refused the intentions.

    He received the diploma of the GTI, the artist went to Moscow. Easily entered the Moscow art theater named after M. Gorky.


    A cinematic biography of Sergei Druzyaka began in his school years when he studied in the Studio of «Stop». It was the scenes in films «Scorching summer», «the Children of captain Grant» and «a Senhora».

    Reappear on screen the young actor was able to average courses of the Yaroslavl theatrical school. He was offered a small role of a high-school student in the drama series «Doctor Zhivago» directed by Alexander Proshkin, in the detective series «the Advocate».

    Sergey Druzyak
    In the film | VK

    In 2006, after graduation, Druziak starred in several series, the most striking of which is «Airport», «Detectives» and «Medical mystery».

    But all of these tapes, although he was ranked, brought the novice actor’s popularity. Role in them was too small to get a good look and remember Sergei.

    The real breakthrough came in 2007, when the screens came the remarkable historical detective «18 – 14». 21-year-old Druziak has played a major role in which was able to clearly reveal your talent and be remembered by viewers. He turned to Lyceum of Danzas, the best friend of the poet Alexander Pushkin. Shooting took place in Saint-Petersburg, Tsarskoye Selo, and lasted 3 months. The film was nominated film awards «MTV-Russia».

    Sergey Druzyak
    As Danzas | Oko.ia

    Missing for a long time in Moscow, Sergei Druzyak worried about what can not go on the stage. It was the theater, not the movie, he believes in his creative life main.

    After returning to the capital to Druzyaka received an offer to become the leading children’s program «Let’s draw» on the channel «telerena». Sergei already had the experience of working with children, as part-time work, he often led children’s events. So the actor agreed to the proposal.

    After the detective «18 – 14» cancel followed one another. Another starring role came to the artist along with vivid series «the Kremlin cadets», in which Druziak played Gennady Barnabas is a good – natured country boy who came to the capital to study. Have fun and a little naive Barnabas was a whole army of fans.

    Sergey Druzyak in the series
    In the TV series «the Kremlin cadets» | Wokrout

    The appearance of Sergei Druzyaka Christmas hit Timur Bekmambetov «Christmas Tree» was a triumph. It is no secret that almost all the actors who are fortunate enough to get into the project of the famous Director, become stars. Blockbuster seen by millions of viewers across the country. Not to notice the hero of Druzyaka – poor Kazan student pretending to be rich enough to capture any girl, it was impossible.

    Of the «fresh» films in which the actor appeared, may be called the romance «the Two sisters», the TV series «Capercaillie. «New Again!», «Wake up together?» and «Odnoklassnikiru».

    Sergey Druzyak and Ksenia Sobchak in the series
    In the TV series «Odnoklassnikiru» |

    Sergey Druzyak tried his hand as a Director. He directed a short film «Real eight», which was released in 2013. This 7-minute film about how a girl is going through a divorce. Sergei himself played here dad.

    In 2015 – the second directorial work. This is also the short film «Water». Sergey Druzyak not only acted as the Director and screenwriter of the film, but also played the main role – water Volodya. In this tape was involved is already known to many viewers young Russian actors Ingrid Olerinsky, Daria Khramtsova and Alexander Pugachev.

    Sergey Druzyak in the film
    In the film «Water» |

    In 2016 sitcom «the Counterfeiters». Here fans of the actor saw their pet in one of the main roles.

    The creative biography of Sergei Druzyaka successfully develops not only in cinema, but also on the stage. It is known that the actor is working in several theaters, including «teatr.DOC» «the Chamber stage» theatre «Practice» and «Vedogon theatre».

    Personal life

    The actor believes that he, like each person, has the right not to make the public their private lives. According to unconfirmed information from social networks it is known that the personal life of Sergei Druzyaka is quite successful. While the actor is not married, but «half» he has. Its the name of the artist hide.


    • «Doctor Zhivago»
    • «18 – 14»
    • «The Kremlin cadets»
    • «Christmas tree»
    • «Only you»
    • «The wood-grouse. «New Again!»
    • «The groom»
    • «Redemption»
    • «Ship»
    • «The counterfeiters»


    Sergey Druzyak

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