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  • Name: Sergey Dorenko ( Sergey Dorenko )
  • Date of birth: 18 October 1959.
  • Age: 57 years
  • Place of birth: Kerch
  • Activity: a Russian journalist, TV and radio presenter, blogger
  • Marital status: married

    Sergei Dorenko: biography

    Well — known television and radio host Sergei Dorenko, whose detractors call mediatelecom, and the fans – a truth-teller, was born in Kerch in the autumn of 1959. He was brought up in the family of a naval pilot Leonid Dorenko and the librarian Tatiana Dorenko.

    Sergei Dorenko
    Sergei Dorenko |

    Through the work of the father, the family often changed their place of residence. Shortly after his son’s birth parents with him moved to Irkutsk, and from there to Omsk. Then in the suburbs. But in grade 1 Sergei went to the town of Nizhny Novgorod (then Gorky region. But it went wrong, and my parents put son in Kerch, where his grandmother lived. Here Dorenko went to 3rd grade.

    The guy was left to himself, the grandmother was not simply a controller and not very closely followed the progress of his grandson. However, Sergey was a good student. He was addicted to reading. The last school where he received a school leaving certificate and gold medal, was in Volgograd. After graduation, Dorenko went to the capital and has applied to several universities, but the priority for him was Financial institution.

    Sergei Dorenko
    Sergei Dorenko |

    Financial failed to do, so he enrolled at the University of peoples ‘ friendship by the faculty of Philology. He decided that soon will be able to transfer to the University, which was aimed initially. But the study at the University, learning foreign languages and living in a Dorm together with Latinos so captured that Dorenko decided not to transfer.

    University he graduated, receiving a diploma in 3 specializations: a teacher of Russian language and translator from Spanish and Portuguese.


    The working career of Sergey Dorenko began in 1982. He went to Angola as a translator from Portuguese. Then returned to Moscow where it was waited by a family. But in the capital he waited for the summons to the army. However, the service was short-lived: double-ported malaria Dorenko served only six months.

    Sergei Dorenko
    Sergei Dorenko |

    In 1985, he began his journalistic activities. After working as an ordinary employee, Sergey was appointed as the editor on television. Soon he was entrusted to lead the program «120 minutes», «Morning», «news» First channel» and «Vesti» on RTR.

    The popularity of Dorenko came after controversial reports about the events of the early 1990s in Lithuania. Career as a journalist was rapidly developed. He was the head of the news broadcast on ORT, a leading news program «Vremya» and a program called «the Program of Sergei Dorenko». During this period, the journalist is gaining rating due to sharp criticism of the authorities. He told the viewers about the property and the capital Yuri Luzhkov. Criticized Anatoly Chubais, Boris Nemtsov and Vladimir Putin.

    In the fall of 1999 Dorenko was appointed Deputy Director General of ORT. But in 2001 he was suspended from all posts in the ORT because of the provocative programs and sharp criticism of the authorities.

    In 2003, he joined the ranks of the Communist party. And in 2004, he began collaborating with «Echo of Moscow». Here he is in the course of 4 years led to the transfer of «separate opinion» and «Turn».

    Sergei Dorenko
    Sergei Dorenko |

    In 2008, Sergei Dorenko left the air of radio «Echo of Moscow»: he was offered the chair of radio station «Russian news service». Here he not only provided overall guidance, but also led a weekday morning information-analytical shows «Rise!».

    In 2012, Sergei left the ranks of the Communist party, making it loud and revealing: he said that he will now send party contributions to the development of Wikipedia, which is much better for the country than the Communists.

    Summer 2013 Dorenko invited again on «Echo of Moscow», which is the transfer of «Reversal». And yet a well-known journalist in the year 2012 was an active and popular blogger. He has his own video blog on YouTube hosting. Sergey enjoys nicknames rasstriga and pastushok.

    Since February 2014 Dorenko appeared on the radio station «Moscow Says». He is now chief editor of «GS».

    Personal life

    Married to Marina Fedorenko Sergei Dorenko had three children. After returning spouses from Angola they have a daughter, Katya. A year later, in 1985, was born the second girl is Ksenia. Only son Dorenko, Prokhor, was born in 1999. But it didn’t save the broken marriage of Sergei and Marina.

    In the life of a well — known television and radio host appeared journalist Julia Slavina. They met at radio station «RSN», where he led the transfer of «Rise!».

    Sergei Dorenko with his wife Julia
    Sergei Dorenko with his wife Julia |

    In 2010 the private life of Sergey Dorenko has appeared in the top story of the yellow journals. Julia Slavina from Sergei gave birth to a daughter Cook. In the summer of 2013 the couple legalized their relationship. At that time they were already grown two little girls: in 2011, a daughter, Faith.


    Sergei Dorenko

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