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  • Name: Sergey Chirkov ( Sergey Chirkov )
  • Date of birth: 2 December 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Novokuybyshevsk, Samara oblast
  • Height: 177
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Sergey Chirkov: a biography

    Sergey Chirkov was born in the city of Novokuybyshevsk in Samara region. But soon after his birth his parents moved to the town of Desnogorsk, which is located in the vicinity of Smolensk. In this city He spent his childhood and left him only at the end of high school in 2000.

    In the small town of Desnogorsk Chirkov could only get a technical specialty at a local College, and he was drawn to a completely different profession. He went to Moscow and the first attempt comes in the most prestigious Russian University – Moscow state University, faculty of arts on a speciality «Theatrical art». But after finishing the first course Sergey Chirkov decides to pay more attention to cinematography. He takes the documents from the Moscow state University and entered the film Institute, which falls in the workshop of Andrey Panin.

    There is a young man too, did not stay more than a year and went to study in GITIS, where his teacher was the honoured art worker of the Russian Federation Sergey Zhenovach. Chirkov graduated from GITIS in 2009. As the examination and dissertations graduate played Nikolai Rostov in the play «Leo Tolstoy. Scene» and Stavrogin in the staging of Dostoevsky’s novel «Demons».

    While studying in a theatrical Institute Sergey about three years actively participated in the performances of the KVN teams, including in the international League.


    On the big screen Sergey Chirkov made his debut in 2002, starring in the sports drama «Black ball». The film has received audience recognition, but critics said the actor, as «magic».

    Then came supporting roles in the TV crime Thriller «the Instructor», the detective series «Theft», crime series «Day of wrath», fantasy, «the Young Wolfhound», detective, «I’m the bodyguard,» war drama, «Second», the melodrama «This evening angels cried», as well as the Central images in the Comedy «Call me Genie» and the Ukrainian Comedy television series «7 days before the wedding.»

    But national fame came to the actor in 2008 after the release of the youth action in the style of cyberpunk «In the game», in which Sergey Chirkov played the main role of the gamer nicknamed a Vampire. The popularity of paintings through the year resulted in a sequel «On game-2. New level», and in 2012 came the series of «Gamers» continues the story of the first two films.

    After the resounding success of Sergey Chirkov is involved in a large number of different projects, mostly focusing on the television series. The next big job became very interested in the role of Pasha Poljanskogo – a teenager pretending to be autistic in the adventure series «the Island of unwanted people». After was a Comedy mini-series «the new planner» and mystical action «angel and Demon».

    Also the actor played a major role gouging Michael in the melodrama «Lie love», the con man Dan in the crime drama «Nika», the groom Elijah in the Comedy «does not happen» and the driver of the Novel Bystrov in the situation Comedy «How I became Russian». Chirkov played many minor episodic roles in a large number of serials, most notable of which was the biographical drama «Orlova and Aleksandrov», melodrama «Lucky ticket» and the fantasy series «the Secret city».

    Now Sergey Chirkov working Manager role on fights without rules Alika in the sports drama «the Wrestler» and also starred in the project «How I became Russian».

    Personal life

    Their romance Sergey Chirkov conceals. It is known that for some time he met with a partner in the film «the game» actress Marina Petrenko. Fans even talk about the wedding, but this information was rumors. He also had a brief relationship with actress Anastasia Stezhko.

    Currently Dating a girl who has nothing to show business.

    Sergey Chirkov is fond of horse riding and dancing. His favorite actor is Jim Carrey, and he sees in that dramatic role even better Comedy.


    • 2002 — Black ball
    • 2005 — Call me Genie
    • 2009 — At play
    • 2011 — Island of unwanted people
    • 2012 — new planner
    • 2013 — angel or demon
    • 2014 — Fool, if you like
    • 2015 — Nika
    • 2015 — it does not happen
    • 2015 How I became Russian


    Sergey Chirkov

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